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Scam check by city! Is she a Russian Scammer?

 At this page of our resource devoted to the Russian scammers that we know of you can try to determine if your correspondent is a Russian scammer by typing in the name of his city (scam check by city) and comparing it with the cities which are in our co-
nstantly updated database of Russian scammers. (If you have come across a Russian scammer, you can add him/her to our database of Russian scammers at page).

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Ufa ( Natalya Smirnova (Ufa, Russia) )
Ufa ( Lilia Bikmuhametowa )
Ufa ( Juliya Petrova aka Natalya Smirnova (Ufa Russia) )
Ufa ( Natalya/Yulia Smirnova (Ufa, Russia) )
ufa ( regina Davletbaeva )
Ufa ( Olga Sutyagina )
Ufa ( Anna Shatskaya )
Ufa ( Olga Tupitsina )
Ufa ( Svetlana Medvedeva )
Ufa ( Mariya Polezhaeva )
Ufa, Russia (Sterlitamak) ( Anna Morozenko )
Uhta ( Maria/ Marina (Uhta, Russia) )
Ukraine ( Julia Shulga )
Ukraine ( Yana Zharova )
Ukraine ( Oksana Oksina )
Ukraine ( Alina Uliska )
Ukraine, Zaporozhye ( Anna Tolchek )
Uktha-Moscow ( Nadezhda Frolushcina Sergeyevna )
Ulan Ude ( Nataliya Petrova / Albina Alexandrova (Ulan Ude, Russia) )
Ulan Ude ( Ylia Kopilova (Ulan Ude, Russia) )
Ulan-Ude ( Yila Kopilova (Ulan-Ude, Russia) )
Ulan-Ude ( Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ Russia )
Ulanovsk ( Olga (Ulanovsk, Russia) )
Uljanovsk ( Kristina Kuznetsova )
Ulyanovsk ( Ylia Kopilova (Ulan-Ude) )
Ulyanovsk ( Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia) )
Ulyanovsk ( Natalia Makarevich )
Ulyanovsk ( Darya Balahnicheva )
Ulyanovsk ( Ekaterina Guryanova )
unknown ( natalya unknown )
unknown ( Oksana )
Unknown ( Tanya )
unknown ( Anzhela )
Uren ( Tatyana )
Urmary ( Anastasia )
Urzhum ( Svetlana Evdokimova )
Usinsk ( Regina Ershova )
usman ( Marina Bastrakova )
Ustyuzhna ( Katia, Katya, Katusha )
Uzhgorod, Ukraine ( Aleksandra Petrova )
  You can check your party by typing in either the first letter of the city or the name of the city and then pressing “search”. Scam check.
  Unlike other Rusian antiscam sites we give individuals and agencies listed on our website a chance to dispute their placement here. You can add your rebuttal to any posting about you or any other profiles. You are also welcome to contact us and dispute any posting. We will require some proof in order to remove a posting.
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