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Scam check by name! Is she a Russian Scammer?

 At this page of our resource devoted to the Russian scammers that we know of you can try to determine if your correspondent is a Russian scammer by typing in his name and comparing (scam check) it with the names which are in our constantly updated database of Russian scammers. (If you have come across a Russian scammer, you can add him/her to our database of Russian scammers at page) for scam check.

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Absolute Agency/Svetlana "Mila" Popovich (Ukraine)
Adelina Sannikova
Agency Inamorata
Agency Nadin (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Agency SOCRAT: Margarita Mihalskaya, Irina, Angelina
Agency: Ukrainian Tours
Aiesha Mohamed
Aisha Azard
Albina Hakimova
Albina Shahudinova (Pevek, Russia)
Albina Zalyalutdinova
aleksandra abramova
Aleksandra Andreeva
Aleksandra Ivanovna Petrova
Aleksandra Petrova
Aleksandra Ponomareva
Aleksandra Raat
Aleksandra Sokolova
Aleksey Chekhonin
Alena Federovskaya/Olga
Alena Fedorouskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Alena Fedorovskaya
Alena Fedorovskaya
Alena Fedorovskaya
Alena Fedorovskaya
Alena Fedorovskaya
Alena Fedorovskaya - Katya
Alena Fedorovskaya - Yalena
Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Alena Fedorovskaya (Russia)
Alena Fedorovskaya/ Kathy/ Kissska
Alena Fomina
Alena Halas
Alena Halas (Brest) - 2
Alena Hliatsevich
Alena Kalanina
alena kidalasheva
Alena Krasnova
Alena Mameva
Alena Romanuk
Alena Shishkova
Alena Varlamova
Alena Zenkowa
Alenochka (Odessa)
Alenochka (Odessa) - 1
Alentina Kalugin
Alesya Semanchuk (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Alevtina Akpaeva
Alevtina Denisenko
Alevtina Vladimirovna Bushmeleva
Alexandra Bondarenko/Elena Abramova (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Alexandra Kotegova
Alfia Magdeeva
ali mohseni
Alina (Kiev, Ukraine)
Alina Gorokhovich
Alina Horbach (Горбач)
Alina Iuzlenko
Alina Kuzima
Alina Lipakova
Alina Minkasheva
Alina Morozova
Alina Muravya
Alina Nemykina
Alina Nikifirova
Alina Plusavenko
Alina Sveay
Alina Uliska
Alina Uzhuntseva
Aliya Orlova
Alla Babchinskaya (Odessa, Ukraine)
Alla Babchinskaya/Yana (Odessa/Kramatorsk, Ukraine)
Alla Belokoz
Alla Bilous
Alla Klintsova
Alla Pushkina
Alya Aleksandrova (Omsk,Russia)
Alya Stinson
Alyona (Ukraine)
Alyona Dinkova (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Alyona Leonova
Alyonushca konukova
Amina Polianina
Amour of Ukraine now trading as Interchance at
Anasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia)
Anastaisya Valerevna Vostrikova
Anastasia Anastasiana
Anastasia Dunnaeva
Anastasia Fedorova/Nastya (Syktyvkar, Russia)
anastasia ger
Anastasia Krasnikova
Anastasia Liuberanska
Anastasia Nastya Ditiatieva
Anastasia Olenevskaya
Anastasia Olenevskaya/North Brides - Russian Ladies Personals
Anastasia Osipova
Anastasia Samoilova
Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)
Anastasia Stolyarova
Anastasia Vetrova
Anastasiia Domnina
Anastasiia Romanova
Anastasiya ??
Anastasiya Anisimova
Anastasiya Batuhtina
Anastasiya Gaylkyna
Anastasiya Kazanceva
Anastasiya Koirjawina
Anastasiya Kuzminova
Anastasiya Matveeva
Anastasiya Medwedeiva
Anastasiya Nastena
Anastasiya Osipova (Tver, Russia)
Anastasiya Pavlova
Anastasiya Petrova
Anastasiya Pujdagonova
Anastasiya Roulko
Anastasiya Samoilova
Anastasiya Sidorkina
Anastasiya Surinock
Anastasiya Svintsova
anastasiya volodarskaja
Anastasiya Vygovskaya
Anastasiya/Nastya Grigorieva (Vladimir, Russia)
Anastasya Osipova
Anastasyia Verlatova
Anastasyia Zagainova
Andreya (Angel Agency Kyrgyzstan )
Andreya Kulakov - Lubov Agency
Anelia (Nelly Vasilievna) Sakalyuk
Angel Agency
Angel Agency/LyudmilaK/Andrey Kulakov (Bishkek, Krygyzstan
Angelika Filippova
Angelika Filippova (Ternopil, Ukraine)
Angelina Shevko
Angelinna Pavlova (Kiev, Ukraine)
Ania Miagkaya
Anifa Musliovska
Anita Agency (Odessa, Ukraine)
Anita agency (Odessa,Ukraine)
Anita Dating Agency (Odessa, Ukraine)
Anita Vasileva
Anjela (Kherson, Ukraine)
Anjela Oleynik (Kherson, Ukraine
Anjela Oleynik (Kherson, Ukraine)
Anjela Oleynik (Kherson, Ukraine) - 2
Anjela Oleynik alias Anna Galotenko
Anjela Oleynik and other scammers
Anna 424000
Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva (Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia)
Anna Andreevna
Anna Avdeenko
Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia)
Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia)
Anna Avdeenko/Tatyana (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Anna Belarus
Anna Bespalova
Anna Chernova (Bishkek, Kyrghyz Republic)
Anna Chernuha/Chernykh (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Anna Chertkova (Kramatorsk, Ukraine)
Anna Chuprkova
Anna Churakova (Barnaul, Russia)
Anna Churakova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Anna Churakova (Tomsk, Russia)
Anna Cream
Anna Demchenko
Anna Eresko
Anna Fedorova
Anna Garanina Vladimirovna/Natasha Kuvshinova (Russia)
Anna Ischenko
Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
Anna Kalina
Anna Konina
Anna Kopylova
Anna Kosarewa
Anna Kovalchuk
Anna Lonely
Anna matveeva
Anna Molchanova
Anna Molchanova (Volgograd, Russia)
Anna Molchanova Russia
Anna Morozenko
Anna Moskvina
Anna Muraweva
Anna Nazarova
Anna Nizbudna
Anna Nuta
Anna Olegovna
Anna Pariy
Anna Parkhomenko or Kalashnikova
Anna Permyakova
Anna Rak (Barnaul, Russia)
Anna Shatskaya
Anna Stepanenko
Anna Suetina (Novodvinsk, Russia)
Anna Suhovirskaya (Kherson, Ukraine)
Anna Sweet
Anna Tolchek
Anna Turma
Anna Tyrina
Anna Unknown
Anna Verakina
Anna Werecina
Anna Yarovikova
Anna Zalicheva
Anna Zhulina (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Anna Zlatousova
Anna Zvonkova
Antaris Dating Agency (Ukraine)
Anva Mariya
Anya Alekseeva
Anya Molgan
Anya Saksonova
Anzhela Garanina
Anzhela Novik
Anzhela Priemova
Anzhela Priemova
Anzhelika Pegasina
Anzhelika Zhuravleva
Aquarius_Travel Ukraine Grigory Orlov Inna Litvinova.
arina krasnova
Asen Asenova
Asgaut Bakke
Azalia Onarmatova
  You can check your party by typing in either the first letter of the name or the whole name and then pressing “search”. Scam check.

  Unlike other Rusian antiscam sites we give individuals and agencies listed on our website a chance to dispute their placement here. You can add your rebuttal to any posting about you or any other profiles. You are also welcome to contact us and dispute any posting. We will require some proof in order to remove a posting.
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