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Scam check by name! Is she a Russian Scammer?

 At this page of our resource devoted to the Russian scammers that we know of you can try to determine if your correspondent is a Russian scammer by typing in his name and comparing (scam check) it with the names which are in our constantly updated database of Russian scammers. (If you have come across a Russian scammer, you can add him/her to our database of Russian scammers at page) for scam check.

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Ofella Ayazova
Okoulowa Elena Nikolaevna
Oksana Chukhlebova
Oksana (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Oksana (Samara, Russia) ruslana
Oksana (Saratov, Russia)
Oksana Bachura
Oksana Bocharnikova (Kharkov)
Oksana Bocharnikova (Ukraine)
Oksana Bocharnykova (Lviv, Ukraine)
Oksana Bondarenko
Oksana Demina
Oksana Demina (Cheboksary, Russia)
Oksana Demina (Cheboksary, Russia)
Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia)
Oksana Joyner
Oksana Kabanova/Galya (Cheboksary, Russia)
Oksana Kovaleva
Oksana Krasina
Oksana Krasnitskaya (Kharkov, Ukraine
Oksana Kuvalddina
Oksana Maksimova
Oksana Mamasheva (Penza, Russia)
oksana milovidova
Oksana Oksina
Oksana Panaseiko
Oksana Pirogova
Oksana Pirogova (Magadan, Russia)
Oksana Rudenko
Oksana Rudenko
Oksana Rudenko
Oksana Rudenko(Sveta_77, Svetlana_r, rudenko2, Svetlana455, "9800"Svetlana), Lugansk
Oksana Rybakova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Oksana Rybakova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Oksana Rybakova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Oksana Savenkova
Oksana solnyshko
Oksana Stolyarenko
Oksana Stolyarenko & Paradise of Angels (Kiev, Ukraine)
Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia)
Oksana Veselskaya (Lugansk International marriage agency)/Nataly Sokolova
Oksana Zakharycheva
Oksana Zhadan
Oksana Zhadan
Oksana/Masha Kuklina (Surgut, Russia)
Olena ( (Kiev Ukraine)
Olena Slepova
Olena Slepova
Olena Yanovichkiev, Ukraine
Olesya (Lesya) Grigoryeva (Yoshkar Ola / Volzhsk) & Western Union
Olesya 363 (Chita, Russia)
Olesya Blashenko (Nikolaev, Ukraine)
olesya golovina
Olesya Griorgeva
Olesya Ignatenko (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Olesya Iwanowa
Olesya Kirilowa
Olesya Kobtsev
Olesya Koshkarova
Olesya Medeva (Simferopol, Ukraine)
Olesya Plesko (Belaya Cerkov, Ukraine)
Olesya Zetlaeva
Olga (Olya) Boiko (Donezk, Ukraine
Olga (Ulanovsk, Russia)
Olga Akpulatova (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Akpulatova (Kemerovo, Russia)
Olga Akpulatova (Magadan, Russia)
Olga Aksinina
Olga and others - ads on Excite
Olga Bagaeva (St Petersburg, Russia)
Olga Belonosova
Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine)
Olga Boiko (Donezk, Ukraine)
Olga Bondar
Olga Boukhtiyarova
Olga Bourylova
Olga Boyko (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Olga Boyko (Odessa, Ukraine)
Olga Cherepanova (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Chernyata
Olga Chichkun
Olga Davydenko
Olga Davydova
Olga Dmitrieva
Olga Efremova
Olga Embasinova
Olga Ermakova
Olga Eroslanoiva
Olga Fedotova
Olga Fedotova
Olga Fedotova
Olga Fedotova (Kemerovo, Russia)
Olga Fedotova (Novosibirsk Russia)
Olga Fedotova (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Olga Fedotova (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Olga Gonchar
Olga Gretskih
Olga Halturina (Ulan-Ude, Russia)
Olga Isaeva
Olga Kalinina
Olga Kazanceva (Novosibirsk, Russia)
olga kirillova
Olga Kiseleva
olga komelina
Olga Koshechka (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Olga Kovaleva
Olga Kravtseva
Olga Kropotova
Olga Lebedina
Olga Leschinskaya
Olga Lutanova (Vitebsk, Belarus)
Olga Lyamina
Olga Lyamina
Olga Makedonskiy
Olga Maksimova
Olga Malinina
Olga Mamaeva
Olga Maslokova
Olga Megerevskaya/Irina Knyazeva (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Olga Meteleva (Vladimir, Russia)
Olga Milaya
Olga Mosunova
Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Olga Murzina
Olga Nalivayskaya (Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine)
Olga Naumova
Olga Naumova
Olga Naumova (Kemerovo,Russia)
Olga Nickolaevna Balabanova
Olga Nikolaevna Kush
Olga Nikolainva
Olga Nizovtseva (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
Olga Oleneva
Olga Oleneva
Olga Oleneva
Olga Oleneva (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Olenka
Olga Orehova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Olga Orehova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Olga Orlamova
Olga Pechena Pavlovna
Olga Peskowa
Olga Petrenko (Kiev, Ukraine)
Olga Petuhova
Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Raskina
Olga Remizova (Lolina) from St. Petersburg
Olga Romashka
Olga Romashka
Olga Sedova
Olga Selezneva
Olga Sivenko (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Olga Sivkova
Olga Sivkova (Magnitogorsk, Russia)
Olga Slesarenko
olga smirnova
Olga Solodkova
Olga Solodkova
Olga Solodkova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Olga Solovyova (Makeevka, Ukraine)
olga sorokina
Olga Sutyagina
Olga Tihonova
Olga Toktasheva
Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Toktasheva/Krasnoyarsk/Russia
Olga Trifonova
Olga Tupitsina
Olga Varlamova
Olga Verstakova
Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ Russia
Olga Vlasova (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Xopova
Olga Yamba
Olga Yamba
Olga Yureva (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Yureva (Kemerovo, Russia)
Olga Yurieva
Olga Yurieva (Kazan, Russia)
Olga Yurieva (Kazan, Russia) - 2
Olga Yurieva (Kazan, Russia) - 3
Olga Yurieva (Russia)
Olga Zolotareva
Olga_ Anatolevana_Tokareva
Olga(Olechka) Belousova/Zinaida Petrova (Russia)
Olga/Olya Cherepanova (Cheboksary, Russia)
Olha Stetsurina
Olya (Cheboksary, Russia)
Olya (Novocheboksarsk Russia)
Olya (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
Olya 355 Severyanochka Agency
Olya Artemieva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
Olya Artemieva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
Olya Gritsenko/Bagira Agency (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Olya Gritsenko/Bagira Agency (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Olya Gushina (Tumen, Russia)
Olya or Olga
Olya P, (Cheboksary, Russia)
Olya Sergeeva
Olya Sergeeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia)
Onycheva, Elena
Oxana Curdiucova
Oxana Curdiucova
Oxana Curdiucova
Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest, Belarus)
Oxana Curdiucova (Brest, Belarus)
Oxana Curdiucova (Kobryn, Belarus)
Oxana Curdiuova (Belarus)
Oxana Curdjukova (Belarus) - updates
  You can check your party by typing in either the first letter of the name or the whole name and then pressing “search”. Scam check.

  Unlike other Rusian antiscam sites we give individuals and agencies listed on our website a chance to dispute their placement here. You can add your rebuttal to any posting about you or any other profiles. You are also welcome to contact us and dispute any posting. We will require some proof in order to remove a posting.
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