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Some interesting information about Russia, where Russian girls are so unhappy. The salary is only about $ 700 per month. BUT:
  Fast and cheap internet ($ 5-12 per month, unlimit, 300Mbit/s)
  The share of homeowners at 90% - almost no one pays rent. Utility costs about $47 per month.
  In big cities almost every single institution (stores, restaurants) works 24/7, high level of service.
  A huge country with indescribable natural beauties.
  Beautiful and well-groomed girls.
  All public services can be received and paid digitally.
  Quick appointment with doctors (you will get to a specialist in a few hours, and this is not about ambulance).
  Cheap gasoline, gas, electricity compared to Europe. But it was only liric info about Russia from Google.
  So. We are a free information scam check resource for those who are in search for their special Russian woman.
Feel free to use our website to get information on the person you are corresponding with, or have received a message from. Is she really a pretty Russian girl interested in you, or is this a scammer?
  Scam check!
  If you know about a scammer who is not yet on our website - please report about russian scammer. Sharing the information by other members makes our website possible.
You can to write letter for us.
  Our website is for those who are ready to continue their communication with their love in far and snow-clad Russia. Your love may be a Russian scammer who created his image from pieces of behavior of real beautiful Russian women, from classical literature and pieces of films. Scamcheck. In fact, a Russian scammer is quite an informed “bachelor hunter”, because to be a scammer is very profitable nowadays. The Internet is a great means of communication as well as a perfect place where a scammer catches his victim. The scale of the fraud leads to the thought that it is almost legal. There are whole firms, fully staffed, which make scamming a flourishing business. There are a lot of fake marriage agencies which help the community of scammers look official and form a closed society where scammers have an opportunity to carry out their shady dealings having all the necessary equipment and not being distracted.
  According to Vladimir Basov, Head of International Crime Division of Interpol in Russia, in 2006 Russia-based marriage and dating scams cost their international victims overall 15 million Euro.
  That is the oficial figure, the real numbers may be bigger.
  You may not be gullible enough to send $2000 to a person you never met who pretends to be a beautiful Russian girl who suddenly fell in love with you. However scammers spoil it for everyone, making meeting Russian women online more difficult and less pleasant than it should be.
  With our website and your help we hope to make it a little safer and easier. We can update our database of scammers.
  While scamming is illegal and Russian scammers regularly get in jail, yet we believe that the police alone will not be able to put an end to it. The information, education, and sheer economics will.
  You see, scammers operate on economies of scale. They know for example that on average, out of 1000 guys contacted, 5 will eventually fall for it and send say, $5000 combined. Of course there is a cost involved in contacting and corresponding with these 1000 guys, that's their bottom line. And the "yield" is falling rapidly, since guys looking for Russian bride become more and more informed. The more educated and informed you are about Russian scammers, the less profits they get, and as soon as their "yield" falls below their bottom line, scamming will become simply economically not viable, and will stop by itself. This is about our online scam check resource.
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