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Often women accused of fraud by you, are asked to remove information about them from our site. They write about "error", about "the clause" etc. We guarantee that information about them will be removed from the site, only at your disposal, when your money will be returned to you by the russian scammer.
So, we need your real-life email address, by which we can contact you. We will provide it to this "scammer" to discuss the procedure for returning your money to you. If you provide a fake address (or will not respond), we will have to delete information about this scammer (at its request) as unconfirmed. It's a pity. Therefore, it is also necessary to attach to the report you are creating, maybe scans of documents confirming your expenses (money transfers, tickets paid by you, etc.).
Have you come across a Russian scammer online? Please add him (with this scam report form) to our largest and constantly updated database of Russian scammers. Our database of Russian scammers (people who make a profit in the Internet on somebodys happiness or unhappiness) is based on the experience of people like you, people who decided to commit their fate to decent online marriage agencies. It is based on communication with those who are looking for their second halves. Help others make sure their correspondents are not Russian scammers! Lets make our life happier!
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