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Be sure to include the first and second name, city of scammer on your scam report. Scammers in order to get money in a bank or mail, are forced to truthfully indicate this data. In many countries, the ex-USSR (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, etc.), to obtain a phone number, a person must provide a passport or ID card. Therefore, if you know the scammer’s mobile number, it will help to personalize it.

Without this data, adding information does not make sense. And we can not publish your scam report about scammer.

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Your scam report about russian girl (scammer). Send scammer's full name (in whose name the money was sent), eMail (for our communication), scammer's city (where did the money go), phone number of scammer (without +) or Skype, WhatsApp etc username (if you have), damage (should look like 1500 - only numbers without commas or points) and your information about your party. If you have scammers Bank Account, this is very importent information about Russian Dating scammer. Knowing the Bank Account, the Police are very easy to find a real person. Usually this is 20 and more symbols and looks like: "Beneficiary's Acc No.: RU40817840814094003486" or like: "IBAN UA408179782120940033874026745". The more detailed information you provide, the more likely we are to publish your scam report about russian scammer.
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