Scam check russian girl or report about online dating. Our anti-scam services.

  • Our main anti-scam service is providing free information on individuals whose names, photo, and addresses may have been used by Russian scammer.
  • We also provide feedback on online dating agencies and websites featuring Russian women. It's also free.

  Here is some more important information:
Before you use our anti-scam services, it is important to note a few things. First, we are not a police, or FBI, or the Court.
  A scam report on an individual appearing on our website does not constitute any proof of his or her guilt whatsoever. We are a public forum, where visitors to our website are free to submit reports on scammers, and in most cases they are published without investigation.Secondly, scammers often use pictures stolen from dating websites. What it leads to, is that an honest Russian woman may have an absolutely genuine profile on some dating site, and then a scammer steals her photo and posts fake profiles all over the Internet with her pictures. After he scams a couple of guys, "she" gets on our romance scammers list, however it's not really her, it's her pictures, used in a fake profile. Now imagine a guy who is corresponding with the real woman, and he now sees her photo in our scammers lists. It is rare, but it does happen. If you suspect you are that guy, there are several things you can do. Ask her for additional photo, check her email address, whether it is also blacklisted in our database of russian romance scammers, or request a consultation from us.

A lot of user's request additional information about their Russian women acquaintances. Now we can provide a background scam check on your russian lady or ukrainian lady, potential Russian bride, partner, internet friend, date, or potential mate. For $120 You can also order a scam check for a person from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia or Georgia. We will dig through public records and answer all those nagging questions you may have about your Russian internet date.

  If you have some info about the girl, and you need more information about this Russian girl (you need more photo, her social activity, etc), you can order this, from us. We will make report (inclusive: what written about this girl on russian social networks, maybe this girl already has a husband, where was stolen photos) about this person (possibly a date scammer) for $65 only.

Here is some useful information:

If a document occurs in the Ukrainian databases of invalid documents?
On-Line information reports from State Registers of Russia
About passport of Belarus Is she the Belarusian scammer?

Fraud report to the Ukrainian police To report fraud item.
Fraud report to the Russian police To report fraud item.
Electronic circulation to the police of Belarus To report fraud item.

  We can check (for $10) bank account of girl. Maybe the real city where the bank is located, is different from the city where the girl lives? To make a business inquiry from Support page

  After this, you can make control of process in Embassy of the state (where the fraudster lives) in your country.
  We can submit your statement about the Russian dating scammer to the police (in russian language) on your behalf (for $93). We do not know what exactly will happen after this (under Section threatens them "shall be punishable by a fine from fifty to one hundred non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or correctional labor for a term of one to two years, or restriction of liberty for a term of up to five years, or imprisonment for a term of up to three years"), but we hope that the dating scammer will have a big problems. Perhaps (due to corruption) they will be able to pay off by paying the investigator about $ 5,000. No bad too, sensitive for a Russian scammer. Smile for Russian scammer