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Is Galina Alexsandrova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Galina Alexsandrova
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Galina Nikolaevna Alexsandrova.
I also was scammed by someone named Galina (Galia) Alexsandrova who claimed to be from Kirov, Russia, but actually lives in nearby Yoshkar-Ola. *She* found me on FriendFinder and succeeded in taking over $1000 of my money before I realized that it was a scam. Here are the clues that should have raised my suspicions:
1. She changed her email address after her first message from to, claiming that her old email account was working badly.
2. Her first message contained someone elses full name (a Westerner), making it appear as though my name and a few sentences had been added to an existing message.
3. She never gave specific details about her life, claiming that she lived with her "mum" and that her father had left her at the age of 3 (sound familiar?)
4. She consistently relied on her "mum" for advice and described very realistic conversations with her and also her grandmother (sound familiar?)
5. She was incredibly beautiful and as I later found out, had sent me a photograph from when she was much younger.
6. She knew more about the workings of Western Union than I did.
7. She already had a passport, which was very surprising for someone who was so poor and lived so deep in Russia (Kirov).
8. She claimed to have an aunt who worked for an airline in Moscow and who could get tickets for her at a discount, even though I wanted to buy them myself (sound familiar?)
9. She required $350 for her visa application because she claimed to be using the services of a firm in Kirov (sound familiar?)
10. She did not own a phone.
11. She very quickly proclaimed her love for me and included poetry, which she claimed to have written for me, in several of her messages (sound familiar?)
I finally became quite suspicious after she insisted that she required "insurance" before she would come to America. She promised that she would somehow pay it back to me after she arrived, but never explained how. Then she declared a deadline date for the "insurance" payment, after which her visa application would be delayed by several months.
That deadline seemed to "stretch" further and further out, at which point she would only reply to my messages when I indicated that I might be sending her the money (which of course, I never did).
One of her photos showed Stockholm harbor and the Swedish Royal Palace in the background. Although, she claimed to have never been outside of Russia and that the photo had been taken in Kirov. The last picture I received showed her sitting in front of a modern personal computer with a nice stereo and a large collection of CDs by her side. She had earlier claimed to only have access to a computer at work or the Internet Cafe. By the way, she declined when I suggested she sell her PC and stereo to pay for the "insurance".
I slowly began trying to get her to reveal more information about herself. She vehemently refused to send me a scanned copy of her I.D. and did not want me sending any money directly to her apartment. I found a picture of someone named "Galina" in the Euroladies and European Connections dating services who was identical in age and appearance and occupation (a psychologist-teacher), but lived nearby in Cheboksary. I notified the US Embassy in Moscow that someone by her name may be attempting to get a visa to enter the United States. I also indicated that anyone using my name on their application was likely doing so under fraudulent circumstances. Here is the false address in Kirov that she gave me: Factually her passport is registered at a different address: this is the address she wrote down on the Western Union receipt: She may also go by the name Ekaterina and mention a friend who is very sick from cancer (does that also sound familiar?) Finally, I was able to track *her* emails back to a phone number in Yoshkar-Ola that is registered under the name Evgeny Borisov, Building 21, Apt. 39, Antsiferova Street, Yoshkar-Ola. The phone number she uses to access the Internet is (+7-8362) 72-89-08. Dan, USA
PS Those are the pictures that she sent me
PS: The unbelievable end of the storyFinally, after posting my story on this website, I received a message from "Galina" several weeks later stating that "she" was returning $1000 of my money, in the hope that I would remove all references to her and Evgeny Borisov from this site. Lo and behold, almost in disbelief I actually did receive the $1000 from Western Union that "she" had sent back to me. Apparently, she or Evgeny did not like having their names, addresses, phone numbers, and even photographs displayed in this Blacklist for everyone to see. This should encourage anyone who has been the victim of a scammer to reveal as much information as possible about the individuals who are behind the scam. The Blacklist works! And soon there will be nowhere at all for these "predators" to hide. Dan

Galina Alexsandrova House 65 Apartment 81 Puskina Street Kirov, Russia 450000

Galina Nekolaevna Alexsandrova Building 32, Apt. 90 Ekalova Street Yoshkar-Ola, Russia 424028
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