Oxana Curdiucova from Vitebsk, Belarus a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oxana Curdiucova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Is she the russian scammer? All known names (aliases) of this scammer, which we have!
Oxana Curdiucova
Is she the russian scammer? We known where she lives!
Vitebsk, Belarus
Is she the russian scammer? All known e'mail of this scammer, which we have!
swtsuns@yahoo.com swtsuns@hotbox.ru.
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Is she the russian scammer? For receive your money, she used this Bank Account
No info
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Iryna Hryhoryeva - Bel Tour (Brest) - 3. I am a recent victim of a scammer from Vitebsk, Belarus. This scam has happened to me within the last month (March 2007). After reading the blacklist information, I have found she fits the group listed under Special Warning on Page 11. This woman is very skilled and I was very stupid. And I found this web site one month too late. She sent pictures regularly until I had a collection of several. She even sent pictures of Vitebsk.
The name she used was Iryna Hryhoryeva 3rd Asina St. 3/10 Vitebsk 210000 Belarus
I found her picture listed in the blacklist area under the name Irina Zherava. I responded to her ad in Love@aol. I find now she is listed with an ad in love@aol entitled Im Tired of Games. I have written AOL about her.
The first E-mail address she used was swtsuns@yahoo.com.
After her first six letters she began using swtsuns@hotbox.ru.
This E-mail address she used the duration of time she corresponded with me. She wrote most weekdays....not all. She never wrote on weekends, claiming that the computer club was overrun with kids playing computer games on the weekend. Many times on Friday she would write a two or three liner wishing me a good weekend. Monday through Thursday letters were long and romantic.
This led into possibilities of meeting, talk about money, visas, tours etc. The same game as the other people listed. At the bottom of all her E-mails appeared Virtual Land Internet / Computer Club Games, Internet, Fun...vilanddotnet She says she is a teacher of Russian Language and Literature at the Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute. She said she also went to school there for her bachelors and masters degrees.
She used the Aunt who is a Dean at the same university trick on me. She was going to come along with a student tour group. Looking back I cant believe I didnt see through it. I was very suspicious but chose to ignore the warning signs because her letters were so warm and open. Individually written with great care. She is good at this scam.
She said she has recently moved and does not have a phone. I asked her two or three times for a phone conversation. She always promised to work it out but never did. After I sent the money, she wrote back immediately. This is when I truly believed she was for real.
She wrote steadily for a few days, then sporadically and then stopped. She was to arrive in Chicago (looking back I had mentioned Chicago in an earlier letter to her) the 22nd of March. She wrote up to the 20th of March and on that day told me that her visa was approved but that the tour was postponed for two weeks until April 5. She wrote two more letters after that and then they stopped. Below are notes I made from her many letters to me.
Age-Height-Weight Born February 15, 1976, 169 cm tall (56 ??") 53 kg weight (117 pounds). Mother Elena is a primary school teacher Father Konstantin is an engineer. Brother Andrew is 14 years old and is a secondary school student, wants to become a computer programmer. Grandparents live 30 km from Vitebsk, they have three grandsons and Iryna is the only granddaughter.
She studied English in secondary school and university. She said that without a computer-translator and dictionary, she would never be able to write to me. Says her spoken English is not good. She describes herself as sociable, easy-going, sincere, reliable, faithful. She wants security. Needs a man who is always ready to help, support, and calm her. Calls herself a very honest and faithful person. Says her worse characteristic is that she is too sensitive. Says she has been hurt, she tends to believe everything she is told.
Hobbies are: Travel, meeting new people (has traveled the former USSR, Poland, and Germany). Loves music Rock/pop/reggae/classical. Brian Adams/Ricky Martin/Madonna/Queen/REM/Mozart/Bach are her favorites. Favorite actors are Julia Roberts/Bruce Willis. Favorite movie is Pretty Woman. Favorite TV shows are Discovery Channel and National Geographic.
Thinks Western Union will take one day and says all I need is first and last name.
Her pictures are forwarded to you. M.M. Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest) - 11. I am writing you in regards to my situation with a lady who lives is Russia. I have been writing to her for a year now, and it seems she wants to come to visit on a 3 month visa. She lives in Brest, and has been writing me constantly! She has stated though Bel tour , that she has a US visa ( after I paid for it of course)! I have attached the letter from them and her passport. As You stated that it is very hard for a young lady to get a visa, I am wondering is this a common practice for a agency to get this visa and can I call the embassy in Minsk to find out if this is a legit passport? She has stated after a year now, that she would need 500 dollars to show customs as she is leaving the country at the airport! I have attached the letter from the agency and etc. I would really like your input on this if you can be so kind! Can she get a visa, so easily? Does this copy look legit? Please any input would be nice to hear and thank you very much! I would like to believe her and these documents, but I thought I would write you on this!
Dear Mr. Robert Duncan. We inform you that:
1.The all documents is ready. I send you copy visa for Lady Oxana Curdiucova.
2. Well book the tickets for the line SU N323 Airflot airline. SU N323 Departer Moscow Arrival Seattle, Washington 22.12.2007 12:40:00 12:55:00 the arrival in Seattle, Washington at the time that in the USA. Please, meet lady Oxana in the Seattle, Washington 22.12.2007
Chief manager Alena Halas. Thank you. I wish you Happy Christmas!!!
2. Dear Elena, thank you for your quick response to my letter! I was able to contact the embassy in Minsk and ask about this visa! They said it was false! They stated the same as you said about her placing her picture on it and scanning it! I wrote her back telling her that I got in touch with someone at the Embassy who investigates fraud and sent him the picture! I will attached one for you also! The gentleman at the embassy ran the passport by issue date and birthday and told me that the only visa issued for that birthday belonged to a man! Whew! I have not heard from her since I wrote that letter yesterday ! I wonder why!!!! Robert

Notes: I had to place warning signs over the picture to ensure it would not cause more fraud
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