Oxana Curdiucova from Brest a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oxana Curdiucova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oxana Curdiucova
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bestwoman7@hotmail.com bel_tour_brest@hotmail.com
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Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest) - 2I wish your web site was much more accessible 2 months ago when I tried to find any information on disreputable Russian Marriage Agencies. Believe me I looked and found nothing to confirm the red flags going up. So I believed the lie. The heart will go to great lengths in faith or the need to find love. My cost is $1700.00 ! ! to Oxana Curdiucova a.k.a. "bestwoman" bestwoman7@hotmail.com Another benefactor of my foolishness is Bel Tour Brest Manager Vassile Bondarev. "bel_tour_brest" bel_tour_brest@hotmail.com Im filing reports with Western Union and the FBI today. As well as adding to your list that I needed to find but somehow didnt. Our correspondence started last Nov.with regular exchanges of letters and she sent a photo with almost every letter. The woman in the photo on your web site is a different Oxana Curdiucova, included with this e-mail are several photos of the Oxana I thought I knew or rather WANTED to believe in. We talked on the phone twice. She called me from the post office because she didnt have a phone that I could call her at. One of the pictures she sent she was standing with a phone in her hand! She stated her profession was a doctor She knew enough to talk about my diabetes. There was the typical (now I find out!) unanswered questions. I thought it was because of difficulty in translating languages, which is funny because she wrote fairly well and spoke well enough on the phone. My foolishness must be supreme because I sent $100.00 for phone calls and didnt get any... I proceeded despite my intuitive misgivings to send the rest of the money she asked for $500. for a visa (by the way they are almost free here and cost little in other counties Im now told) My ultimate insanity was to rush to sending the rest requested for airfare here to Seattle, Wa. $1200.00 !! Ironically the posting I found today was from a guy here in Seattle too. He received the same letter I did from Bel Tour, except the managers name was different, Vassile Bondarev. The only reason I stumbled across your web site today is I was having trouble getting more information about her flight. I thought it unusual for them to tell me not to worry TWICE. As I went down your listings there in black and white Oxana Curdiucova, my blood ran cold but I still didnt want not believe until Bel Tour was allied with her and this scam. Needless to say Im pretty upset about my disregard to my intuition. A hard expensive lesson. I hope this saves someone the expense and heartache I have today. Tony

Dear Mr. Tony, Lady Oxana payed all the trip. The all documents will be ready 15 April. We inform you about time arrival. Here is the total cost of the trip and the full information: 1. Tourist visa for 3 months. The law of the republic of Belarus let unmarried lady younger 45 leave the country only with tourist visa. The price of it is 600$ USA. 2. Medical insurance is 85$ USA. 3. All the documents and certificates (connected with the immigration), which required after coming to the USA. The needed documents cost 200$ USA. 4. Passport -100$ USA. 5. We book the tickets to the both ends. (Its the most important point in getting visa with the departure and arrival dates). Well book the tickets for the line SU N323 Aeroflot airline. SU N329 Departure Moscow Arrival Seattle, Washington 12:40:00---12:55:00. The arrival in Seattle, Washington at the time that in the USA. The cost of return tickets 951$ USA. The return ticket has open date of departure. The all price is 1936 $USA. The travel agency gives 100% guarantee, to make all for Lady Oxana trip. According to our Law the travel agency BEL_TOUR_BREST is responsible in the organization of tourists outside Belarus. The travel agency BEL_TOUR_BREST is responsible to prepare all the documents, visa, and took tickets for Lady Oxana. Sincerely yours Chief Manager Bondarev Vassile. We are glad to service you respectfully.---------------------------------Mr. Tony, We have prepared all the documents the trip for Lady Oxana: now, we are arranging the Visa for 3 months. Its a difficult possess, and the Visa will be ready on the 14-15 of April. When well book the tickets and well inform you about the date of her arrival and her flight. Now, the most important is the Visa. Dont worry well do everything in time. Lady Oxana will come to the USA on the 15 of April. Well inform you about everything. Additional information. According to the law of the Republic of Belarus, a person who leaves the country should have 700$ USA on them. Contact, please, Lady Oxana and discuss that with her in order to avoid any problems at the custom office. Well arrange everything in time. Well bring lady to the airport and well help her to fly to the USA. Shell be safe please, dont worry. Sincerely, Vassile Bondarev. -----------------------------------
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Date: 2016-08-12 | Name: dica | Email: hidden
i want to see most of them in jail

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