Larisa Sorenko from Kremenchug, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Larisa Sorenko the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Larisa Sorenko
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Kremenchug, Ukraine
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Larisa Sorenko (Dyrty) If not for my finding this BLACKLIST I would have become another victim of a woman whom I found mentioned three times on this site. The first time I saw reference to her on this site I thought; Gee, this guy just isnt giving the poor girl a break! The second time I saw her name mentioned I thought; Whoa, what did this guy do to her to deserve this!. The third time? Hey, shes attractive, and makes you feels like you are the one. She cries that all these guys who write to her are cheaters, treacherous, untrue, and how happy shes finally found you! Sounding familiar. She then tells you how words are meaningless, actions are genuine. So, she says, if you want to show your seriousness in me your actions to pay for my internet-cafe fees would be proof of your seriousness. This is from her first letter to me. Hey, shes already convinced me that Im the one for her, and that her internet-cafe fees couldnt be more per month than one date with a western woman, unless you took her to McDonalds and rented a movie, so I mailed her a letter agreeing to do so. After I mailed the letter, I realized I was about to break the golden rule stipulated by most reputable marriage agencies, Inform them when a lady requests money! I then began my search and found this website. You can imagine my reaction when her name was mentioned three times. Her name; Larisa Sorenko, at least thats what this site listed her last name as. But the service I used to contact her, which I wont mention until I hear back from them concerning my letter of concern, had her listed as Larisa Dyrty. But the e-mail was identical,, and the pictures were definitely of her. As you can see by the pictures she sent me of her daughter, and the pictures she sent to the other gentlemen, her daughter appears to be at least two years older in the more recent photos. Guess shes been at it quite some time. Now I know her game, or at least I suspect her game, so when she e-mails me the second letter, which I have provided her, I compare it to the second letter sent into this website by the same gentlemen who sent her other photos. You will notice the last two paragraphs, with the exception of the name, are identical. Verbatim! Now I know the scam. But according to western due process I give her a chance. Rather than agreeing to a Western Union arrangement, I politely tell her that both my accountant and banker tell me such an arrangement is not an option under the circumstances. But would she please send me the e-mail address of her Internet-Cafe and I would arrange to pay for all her correspondence to me. Or if this was not possible, I asked her to send me information on the local branch of a major bank which had a USA corresponding bank and I would open an account there and make payment from that account. As my sister is a bank manager and deals regularly with both domestic and foreign wire transfers I knew the procedure was, and is, possible, and explained what I needed in simple terms to Larisa. Unlike the other gentlemen who received nasty letters from her because of their reluctance to pay her internet fees, I simply have not received anything from her. Guess she, or whoever maintains her e-mail account, does not know how to respond to a legitimate offer. Its been a week and no response. Think Ill get one? Think I hope I get one? Actually, I hope I do receive another e-mail from her, fight fire with fire. I will continually request additional, pertinent information from her until she can no longer afford to use her service, or she finally realizes Im not an easy mark. I also paid and registered with Kiss--Com to investigate her profiles further after seeing reference to her using this service on this site. I found her on Kiss with four different profiles. Between Kiss and the other agency, this woman has used variances in her first name, Nika or Larisa, her last name, Dyrty or Sorenko, her marital status, divorced or widowed, her home town, Poltava or Kremenchug, her education level, university or technical school, her flat address, and other variables. I e-mailed Kiss and explained to them the situation, and to their credit they responded immediately, thanked me, and removed all four of the profiles I pointed out to them. Im still waiting for a reply from the other site. If agencies such as Kiss are not informed of such unscrupulous activities it is hard to blame them for the fraudulent actions of a few of their members. To eliminate all Russian and Ukranian ladies from their site would be unjust to the innocent. In my opinion, anyone who feels a need to send money to a lady whom they are certain is genuine, with sincere interests in them, then they should consider opening a bank account in the ladies home town. The process can take approximately three weeks, as signed documents need to be snail mailed, but if youre looking at a lifetime with her whats three weeks? Also, this account can name you and her as beneficiary and you can make it a non-cash account, meaning, any transfer of funds must be done directly to the receiving party and you then have records of the expenses to examine for yourself. You can also set it up to require your authorization to make any transfer whatsoever. Basically, you can add most any by-law to the account you feel necessary or comfortable with. If the lady does not agree to these terms, which I feel are quite generous since you have not actually met her physically, then perhaps her intentions are not sincere at all. Anyway, this is the second letter I received from Larisa, or Nika, or whomever. Also I might add, none of my specific questions were ever answered, as seems to be the case with most scammers; (I still smile at myself realizing she knew exactly what I wanted to hear. She made me forget one of my philosophies; Dont believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see!) John Doe, USA Caveat Emptor!PS The following information is what Ive found concerning opening bank accounts; For Ukrainian list of corresponding foreign banks; bramadotcom/diaspora/credit, it lists several options. Also, Ellips Bank of Nizhny Novgorod ellipsbankdotcom offers online applications for new accounts. I cannot comment on the credibility of either site, and as you may already know, my sister does tell me it is illegal to take Russian or Ukrainian currency out of the country, it must be first converted to a foreign currency. People who consider opening an account should use discretion and the assistance of their own personal bank, and make sure the bank they deal with in Russia or Ukraine does have a US corresponding Bank affiliate. Wire transfers of funds to Russian and Ukrainian banks is, according to my sister, quite common.
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