Pasha Samohvalov (Kherson) from Kherson a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Pasha Samohvalov (Kherson) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Pasha Samohvalov (Kherson)
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Pasha Samohvalov (Kherson)Hello, I saw this ladies picture at and at a few other sites. We exchange 3 letters, the first two were about she was in Ukraine (previously she had said Russia in her e700 ad) this is her letters and pictures. 1st letter (at this time she had not received my picture) Letter 2Finally the scam letter What I did was tell her about my Russian and Ukrainian friends of which two are doctors and to get the phone number of the hospital and the name of the doctor, she never responded to this. My friends in Ukraine live near the city her mom does and do not think she is real. Pasha is a males name (short form of Pavel, or Pavlo). I am lucky to have friends in Ukraine and Russia, that are looking out for me. I just hope American men realize that even though there are scammers there are also real women out there too. I have found a real one, but was introduced when I visited some of my friends. Know I am helping some of my Colorado friends and what to avoid. Your site is very useful.Michael Here are "her" pictures.

Hello Michael, I was very happy when received your letter and can see your pics You are very pretty young man. You like me. You have beautiful eyes and nice smile. Thanks for a compliment about me English. I am glad that has liked you I shall tell to you a little about myself. I was born on Ukraine in city Kherson. In Kherson has remained to live my lonely mother, my father has died three years back. I finished high school and course of Graphics Design. Now it is my work and I live in Nikolaev city. I always dream to leave to live in America, i not was there never but I know what is it perfect country, to find there love and to create the good supplied family. It is my primary dream. My second dream leave this country, it is a very dangerous place. I not want that my children has lives here. As I. I hope you are understand me. I would like to spend romantic evenings with my love. To be engaged in the house to bring up children. And you what at you of dream, than you are engaged in life that can offer to the future wife. Please tell to me it. Hope from you messages soon. Kiss you... P.S. Sorry but I not have many pics of me. I dont have scanner that make them. -- Best regards, Pasha

Hello Michael, Hi You want to know something more about me... Ok..I write English well but I speak English bad. Now I search teacher who will teach me English. I like cooking. I like watching TV I like since fiction, comedian, Films and films about love. But the most of all I like nature forest, sea. I love to travel but I have never been abroad. (I have no passport yet to travel to other countries.) I do not put make-up on every day. But Im tray to wearing beautifully each day. My favorite color lipstick is red. By the way if you tried to walk by streets of our city, you may think that around you occur a showing the photo-models. We such here - we always tortured will be dressed beautifully, in spite of the mood and presence or absence of the money. Else you will be surprised that majority of the people is gloomy, but if somebody smile you - he(she) does not in false and him really pleasantly talk with you. I likes pets, so if you will not against, I should like to have it. My loved color is blue and red. Blue is beautiful color, this is color of the sky, this is color of ea water. This is color most of all around us. With meal I do not have possibility to choose. I likes a potatoes (fried or boiled), I likes fish, else I likes crabs and cancers. I have no brothers or sisters. My father was died 3 years ego. In my parents(ma and grandparents) I appreciate most of all kindness and their labor. I live alone in dormitory in Nikolaev and I have no my own phone. Im student in Nikolaev pedagogical university. But my study is not interesting. Nikolaev is not big (There is no international air port there, the most closer air port only in Kiev (Capital of Ukraine) - is 500 km from Nikolaev.) Im work in little firm. I use computer at work. (My boss doesnt like when I use computer for my own. I finished my work and I have few minutes to write and send this letters.) I have no ICQ because I cant use internet much. I work in fashion model studio but it is provincial studio maybe some times I will work in famous fashion studios. (It is my dream) I have no boyfriend. All my boyfriends hat I have want only sex from me. But relation between man and woman, love is very serious for me. The most important for my - is family and good relation between people. I want a serious relationship and for this I can to move to you, to move out from my country. Its not problem that you older than me. I begin to like you much, I hope that after time we will meet and we will be happy together. Your letter raise my mood. miss you. -- Best regards, Pasha

Hi dear. Sorry that I did not answer so long. There is big grief there. A car hit my mum and now hi is in the hospital in the critical condition. I do not know what do. The Doctor give me a list that my needed to buy and said that all this needed to buy immediately. Hospitals in out country poor and there is nothing there, no even bandages and beds linen. The Doctor has said that he helps all than can, but he can not to buy it itself. If I does not buy all that he said in time, he said that ma die, I not know that I then shall do, my ma the most best person in my lifes. I in such mad condition that I seem that this dream. This can not be. My mum can die on my eyes. I already have spent all money which I had for this. Sold and pawned all that have been able. And we needed near 200US$ more and we do not know from where we can have it. I understand that we with you practically do not know each other. We far away from each other in different countries, but I ask you to help me. In the bank I have known that Western Union as fast way to send money. You will be needed my addressPasha Samohvalov Lenin str. 77 Kherson UkraineI will be only need to give Money Transfer Control Number them. Sorry that I put you in my own problems but there is no anybody from who I can ask help. But I needed money immediately. I not even can promise that I will be able to return you a money back. Sorry If I has written something not in right order, my condition in very terrible. Your Pasha. Love With love , Your Pasha
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