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Is Elena Plusnina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Plusnina
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ME2000@chel.surnet.ru Alyonalis@chat.ru VasilisaPlus@chat.ru Ianian_baxter@hotmail.com
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Elena Plusnina ore Vasilisa Shelkonogova (Chelyabinsk/Kopeisk) It all started with an answer to my personals ad from an email address ME2000@chel.surnet.ru as a response to my ad on Excite Classifieds:Here she is: She also gave another email address: Alyonalis@chat.ruHer details: She was born in Kopeisk, also spelled as Kopeysk and Kopejsk. It is a small city on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk. She was living at her parents and was thinking of renting a flat in Chelyabinsk. She works for an office supplies wholesaler named "LHC Trading" in Chelyabinsk and it appears to be a sales management job. They sell pens, pensils (sic) and other office supplies. She would bus an hour to work, and an hour back every day.She sent a photo of her family and her:Elena writes pretty good English, interspersed with smiles ;-))), and has a good vocabulary of colloquial English. When queried, she said she and her brother went to a school which taught English. After further querying she stated it was a universal language of business - and I could agree that this would make sense. It is hard to make sense of this considering the the area has been closed to western scrutiny until recently - because of the tank and weapons factories. It was not that closed though, I am finding lots of information on the area.So my concern and compassion overruled my common sense - who would not want out of that? She seemed intelligent, was certainly pretty and was charming.I write a lot. I do not expect anyone to keep up with me typing - I have been programming since I was 13 - and I type 80wpm without touch-typing. Certainly a lady whose English is a second language would not be able to keep up. But... She did not answer certain questions about her family, her answers were terse and sometimes it was like she was confused with who she was talking to. I know the signs - I talked to a number of people answering my ad at a time - and my emails were confused and disjointed as well as terse. Then emails stopped for a while.One day after a prolonged email silence, I received the following email from VasilisaPlus@chat.ru: Ian! I am afraid my mail account is not working ;-( Do not reply to this mail - I use my coworkers account - I would not get the reply.What she did ask is if I loved her. Since her birthday was soon, I thought of sending her something - a bit romantic, but also some things we had in common. She liked BB King, movies like Speed, though a lot of Tom Hanks as an actor, and so on. So I sent a package to the address she gave:454021 Russia Chelyabinsk-21 Yaschick-18477 Elena PlusninaHow was I supposed to know Yaschick meant "Postoffice Box"? This is the true test though, she should have given a street address and did not. During this time I learned a lot about online translators, Russian people, attitudes and lifestyles and immigration law. There were a great many things that simply did not make sense, and I asked Elena about them. Some things I got answers for, others I did not. The reasons for me not getting replies? There were many believable ones, but no improvement in our communications happened, even after I managed to get an email account on Chat.ru.Needless to say, if the package was delivered, it was delivered to a mailroom and signed for by someone else - not Elena. I have a Fedex package tracked and apparently delivered after much work - I even managed to pay the taxes and duty.The only time I was approached about money - I had finally gotten frustrated and asked her why she would have no telephone and what it would take to hook it up. She stated it would take a deposit of $200 approximately. I was ready to send it to her, but the fact that the Fedex parcel was such a problem worried me. I had sent her $100 before Christmas and $200 for New Years - I wanted her to have a good time because I was convinced she and I would be together in the next year. Of course, she had never answered my question about getting a passport, but she had not trouble getting the money I wired via Western Union to pay for the duty and taxes.So I was getting frustrated. I needed another view on it and posted an email to the RW list. A reply came back:We communicated and as it turns out, he was corresponding with Vasilisa, supposedly her co-worker. So I got more curious and found a web page with my Elena under the name Vasilisa all over it and the search began in earnest.So I thought I would pass this information on in the hopes of drying up their list of available men - I mean income. Personally, it doesnt matter much to me - the money never counted - but the principle does. The key is the mailing address. According to reports on Vasilisas scam, the address does not exist.Ianian_baxter@hotmail.com

Hello!! How are the things there? ;-))) I respond to your ads on classifieds. My name Elena, I am 22 but will be 23 in a couple of months. I live very far from you - in Kopeisk, little city in the middle of Russia! I placed my ad too but nobody writes me because the ad did not appear - so I started looking through ads too. I like your photo and what you wrote, you can see my photo here: alyonalis.chat.ru - I cannot send it with this mail here ;-( Write to me if you like the photo!

Wow Ian....Im having the EXACT same experience...it was almost eerie reading your post....communicate with me in private as Id like to know if were corresponding with the same woman!
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