Alena Fedorovskaya from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Alena Fedorovskaya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alena Fedorovskaya
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Unlike the other letters, I did not get scammed by these people despite numerous contacts...because I ran across the first article on this girl/agency just before I was planning to finance her trip. I thank those responsible for sponsoring this Blacklist Website. It ended up saving me from financial loss, personal humiliation, and depression. Now I wish to help prevent the same thing. I first wrote to Alena/organization in mid February 2001. I got some letters back with photos, they would catch me on line around midnight and instant message me, and they even called me on 3 occasions. About a week after corresponding, the agency wanted me to send $1850 to fly her to America. They had a deadline of about three days. As I was scrambling around trying to come up with the money, I typed in Ekaterinburg on my screen and was surfing trying to see if the agency was listed. Thats when I stumbled onto the Blacklist Web Site and luckily scrolled down far enough to read the article on Alena and her agency. I got the e-address of the author (as luck had it, he lived only 20 minutes from me), met him and saw with my own eyes his Western Union receipts. Knowing they were a scam now, I stretched out the correspondence for another week in an effort to compile as much information on them that I could. My correspondence then became a series of questions confronting them about the article just to see how they would respond. I have to admit, they put on a seemingly convincing show, but I never lost sight they were a scam because I would always remind myself of those Western Union receipts I saw. They gave me two references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. I e-mailed both addresses and got responses from them. I called one on the phone and got an answering machine using the matching reference name, but I did not leave a message or attempt to call anymore. Those reference names with e-mail and phone numbers are as follows: William Boyer Riverside, CA (the phone bill read Ontario, CA) Tel: 909-395-4602 e-mail: Timothy Felton Los Angeles, CA Tel: 213-918-0142 e-mail: Both references claim that the agency was legit, but how did I know who was on the other end responding to my e-mail? The organization broke things off with me when they realized I wasnt going to send them any money. About mid-March Alenas picture popped up again on love@aol and this time she was 21yrs. old as opposed to 22Yrs. old. This was an opportunity to gather up more information and tie up their time and resources, so I wrote to them agian and switched my screen name. Sure enough, they took the bait and started writing back to me with even more photos. Her birthday this time is Sept. 5th as opposed to Nov. 30th and now she works in a music store as opposed to a flower shop. As of this writing 4-4-01 they have not responded to me for a week now and I feel they have become disinterested. I am still trying to maintain contact with them. The web site address of the agency they gave me is (Check it out! Its the most bogus thing Ive ever seen!) The telephone number of the agency they gave me is 7-3432-45-22-00. I am setting up an e-mail address () and wish anyone who has had contact with this person/agency/organization to write to me and fill me in on the details. I wish to find the girl in the picture to determine if she has any knowledge her photos are being used. I wish to recover any money for the victims who have gotten scammed. I wish to locate the person/persons operating this scam and have them shut down and/or prosecuted. If we all pool our resources and information together, I think we can make some things happen. In the meantime, keep scanning the personals looking for her picture to pop up again; if you find it, make contact under a different screen name to tie up their time and resources and prevent someone else from getting scammed. We oughta make this person the Poster Child for Russian Marriage Scams! I will leave you with all my complete library of her pictures and please contact me. Thank you. Kevin

NOTE: the email address has been deactivated by the owner after 2 years, please do not use it
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