Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)`s photo
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Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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GLAMOUR agency / Alexandra Kasianenco (Lugansk, Ukraine)I am reading a lot on this site about agency AMOUR, which is all true. To the same category belongs in, YES AGAIN, in Lugansk. For a while I communicated with a lady who didnt have any knowledge of English, as she stated. Nevertheless I received letters like this:After the second letter I knew already that these letters were only preparations for the final request: MONEY. But I continued with amusement and pleasure the correspondence until I indeed got this letter on April 12th:Of course I refused to pay any money and after this I didnt receive any letter from this lady who was "so much in love" with me.So readers of this site, be careful with agencies from Lugansk in general, and in particular with GLAMOUR906090 and Mrs. Alexandra Kasianenco. I have a great time when reading this site which should be observed by much more people.Regards from Octopus (Holland) Alfia Magdeeva (Chelyabinsk, Russia) - aka Marina Chumachenko/Vasilisa ShekonogovaAlthough cautious after encountering a few obvious scammers in the past, I was recently successfully scammed by a cunning woman from Chelyabinsk, one Alfia Magdeeva who I found at Kiss. com. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful when I tried to find any information on her while we were corresponding. After searching for any information about her on the Internet later, I found a site members.tripoddotcom/warningwithlove/profiles.htm that devoted a full page to her - including photos and letters, (as well as pages to other scammers) and stated that she had scammed as many as 500 other men. Her other names areVasilisa Schelkonogova Marina Chumachenko As I doubt she paid Tax on any of the money she stole I reported this woman to the Russian Tax Police at agenturadotru/english/dosie/ in the hope they will investigate and hopefully prosecute her for Tax fraud if nothing else. I also reported her to the Moscow Embassies of all English speaking countries, to make sure she never gets a visa to enter these countries.Thank youTerry Amber Marriage Agency (Ukraine)Please inform people that the Amber Marriage Agency ( a scam. I was taken in by them last year through the persona of a beautiful woman named Yulia. They send rather creative letters with only small amounts of personalized content. They attempt to extract money from men by asking for help to pay for translation services, language lessons, and other means. They post personals on other sites to attract men. I originally connected with this agency through a posting they made on Below I provide this agencys contact information and a copy of a few of the correspondences I received from them. Thank you for helping to spread the word on fraudulent companies exploiting innocent people. Amber Marriage Agency Ukraine, Schastie Lenina street, house 26, office 10 tel.(fax)+380 642 550275 (please, inform us in advance about your call) Homepage: E-Mail: office@amber.4mg.comElena Karaseva (Magadan, Russia)This is a scammer from Magadan, Russia - Elena Karaseva. Fits all other stories on your site.JayElena Stamat (Odessa, Ukraine)My name is Louis ( and I met Elena Stamat (Lena) in site We started corresponding frequently. I sent her my letters to I offered her to come to Costa Rica. She then answered she had obtained the visa, and I should send her the money for air tickets. I offered to send not the money but the air tickets. Then her letters became brief and sporadic. At I found she had deleted her original photo and put another ad with a different photo. Mailbox 1763640. Suddenly she sent a letter saying her mother was hit by a car, she urgently needed $200. I sent her $100 through Western Union May 7, Money Transfer Control Number 0373378614. Afterwards she asked for more money for her mothers intensive therapy. Already suspicious, luckily I did not send it. She did not answer my numerous letters, asking her for copy of her passport and visa, which I had to send to my travel agency, Costa Rica Express. The air flight tickets cost $2700.- Today she sent a message saying: "Im not interesting in you any more. I found another man that I love very much." I would appreciate your taking immediate measures in this serious issue and putting this thief on your public records. The money does not worry me, what is indignant is the insult this Elena Stamat is to the Ukrainian women. Following are her letters:Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3Letter 4Letter 5Elena Dmitrieva (Stavropol, Russia)Beware of Elena Dmitrieva of Stavropol, Russia. She wants $1450 to get a visa and ticket. All in 3 weeks. It is impossible for visa to be issued in 3 weeks. Here is the pitch:PS Here she is again. She was ALBINO1245@FREEMAIL.RU. Now she is She is using the same pictures. I was conned by Dmitry Kruchinin and Alena Fedorovskaya. This woman has the feel of their operation. BUYER BEWAREBrad ParkerGalina Kororez (Chernovtsy, Ukraine) - 1This woman contacted me through a newspaper ad - asks for money to go to Kiev to receive visa ($300), afterwards for tickets. Her name is Galina Kozorez, address: Krasnoarmeiskaia str. 99A/28, 58013, Chernovtsy, Ukraine. During the week her phone number is +380-372-590005, Saturdays +380-372-278827 (says its her friends number); email: Hereby is her first letter to me and photos:Galina Kozorez (Chernovtsy, Ukraine) - 2This women is a scammer if she is a women at all ,she used the name Galina Kororez, her address is below, claims no phone when you turn down money request, you will get a virus called gor and ko, do not open it, I played her with three other names and guess what she had the same letter but a different photo for each one ,she claims to live in Chernovtsy Ukraine. I tracked her isp address to Kiev, I called Western Union, she is clever.Lena Shkolnaya (Kiev, Ukraine) - additional infoAdditional info on Lena Shkolnaya: 1st-internationaldotcom/singlesinformation/warning.htmlHer new phone: (380)-44-545-50-23.Her new address: Lena Shkolnaya ul. Raduzhnaya 13-26 Kiev 02218 She is a very convincing actress, and speaks excellent English. Her scams are "send me some visa money and air fair and Ill be right over.", and also a "sick grandmother" scam.Victor Svetlana Glushkova (Yoshkar-Ola)Hi, Im Matthias from Frankfurt/Main. I had an ad at FriendFinder. The girl known on the Black List as Svetlana Glushkova from Yoshkar-Ola or as Svetlana Kashkova was contacting me there. Everything went like you already know from all other letters: not answered questions, living with her mother alone, has no own telephone/ Internet-access, spoke from love after the fourth or fifth mail, asking for money: 500,- DM but said that she has 120,- DM on her own. Asked how much I could pay from the rest (=380,- DM) otherwise she must ask her poor mother for money, etc...But the more she wrote, I was getting more critical, cause she was beginning to speak from love(!) while I was detecting that I (we) couldnt find a way to communicate in an acceptable way cause she didnt really communicate... so I didnt send her money. When she detected that I was getting critical, she said that she cannot visit me anymore because her mother is now diseased... Now after that, I was surfing around and found your website. It was a confirmation to my doubts I had with this girl. Maybe I had been lucky that I could keep cool thoughts, because this girl isnt totally the kind of woman I love (although she is really sweet and beautiful).But I also learned something from this all, and I think now, if the next time my dream-woman would write to me, I would detect if it is real or not, because the key to it is good and warm communication. If you have good communication, you will really know if a person is interested in YOU and not in your money. If you have no good communication, dont send any money.Maybe this girl also didnt know, what someone did with her pics and passport or maybe she did it herself?! I cannot really declaim her, cause she didnt really deceive me, but Im sure she wanted to...Here some pics and a scan of the passport of Svetlana Glushkova (scammer) from Yoshkar-Ola:Previous pageNext page - Updates May 29, 2001, page 2Back to Main IndexClick here to support Black ListLink to the Black ListRussian Brides Cyber Guides navigation bar:Russian women secretsMyths and realityFAQRussian namesRussian women glossaryRussian wivesAbout RussiaRussiaRussian cultureVisiting RussiaRussian visasEnglish-Russian phrase-bookBlack ListBlack List ArchiveDating scamsThe shocking truth about Russian bridesANTI-SCAM GUIDE E-books and articlesBooksArticlesDating Russian womenFiancee visasFREE articlesAdd articleRussian BridesRussian girlsRussian womenRussian ladiesRussian modelsReliable dating servicesServices and PricesToursWomens catalogPersonal listing for menRussian translationIndividual searchAdmin:About usContact usCustomer supportAffiliate programSite mapLinksAdd URLPress roomCopyright ? Russian Brides Cyber Guide, 1999-2005. All rights reserved.No portion of this site may be reproduced without written permission from the author. Feel free to link to. The use of this site implies your agreement with: Privacy Policy and Terms of UseDating fraud: scam artists from Russia/Ukraine/BelarusA:hover {color: #FF00FF} Are you going to send money to somebody you met on the Internet?Then rather invest $24.95 in the Anti-Scam Guide firstRussian Brides Cyber GuideHow to choose only HONEST SINCERE GIRLS? How to make sure I dont pick up a scammer?Click hereThanks to God for people like You. You make it all worthwhile! You help a lot of people, thank you again! 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Dear sir, We have printed, translated and delivered your message to your Lady. Well be glad to provide you our service. We wish you all the best. We work day and night 7 days a week without holidays and days-off. Best regards, post-manager Alexandra Kasianenco Hello dear Ben! I am so happy to receive your letter. Excuse me please that I didnt answered you last days. I got the flue, so I had to stay in bed these days. But I am well now, and I with great joy want to write to you! All my thoughts was about your letter, your reflections about life....I very liked to read your long letter. You are really wise man!!! And I like very much your thoughts about your relations with sons. When I was reading your letter I was lost in thought....Of course, without authority the adults are not able to bring up child. The foundation for real authority- is our own life, job, behavior. The adults must to understand, what are on the childrens heart and soul, they must to take part in their children life as a close person, as a friend. And than the adults authority will be indisputable. It is very necessary to have more real attention to children. And of course, it is necessary to have a serious interest to childish tricks:), to have more participation for their games. Your sons maybe consider you the best father over the world!!! Because you are their friend and it is very important thing. The child must be happy with parents! And there is a very important for sons to have their father as a close friend!!! I understood from your letter, that you are very happy person! I feel so, because you have wonderful sons, an interesting job, you know what you have from your life, and you are able to make all people near you happy. and even me you made happy! All these days I was not able to write to you but I have been thinking about you. Ben! You have brought sense to my life to everything that I do know. Since you have come into my life it has changed!!! You are such an interesting personality and it is so pleasant to communicate with you!!! Omar Hayam said "Its better to be alone then next to anybody who ever comes" You are so far a way from me; you have your morning coffee and start deepen into your problems and business,but Im here and I feel so lonely. Sorry. I think that the most difficult thing in this life is to begin something. Everything has its"start" and " finish" and both start and finish dont come easy. Its difficult and terrible to imagine the" start", its hard and painful to forget the "finish." But we are still alive and we must improve ourselves, we must move ahead. Dont you think so? Dear Ben! I very want to receive your next letter. Please dont forget to think about me. Your Alena

Dear Mr.Ben The day before Easter we are able to give your girl Alena Phetisova with couriers servises these kind of surprises: holiday paskha small-20$ middle-30$ big-40$ Easter basket(pie, painted eggs, chocolate candies) small-70$ middle-90$ big-110$ Bunch of flowers(roses-30$, orchids-40$)We prefer the moneys remittance in Western Union on the name of post-manager Alexandra Kasianenko, Lugansk city bank AVAL.Best regards, post-manager Alexandra Kasianenco

Hello dear Jess! Your letter was sweet & interesting. I feel myself happy because of the fact that such sociable & easy-going man liked me & decided to start a correspondence with me. First of all let me tell you about myself. I like Life very much. I enjoy every minute of it & become very happy when my close persons feel the same. I like active life. I mean, I like to do almost everything what exists in the world. I like to wake up in the morning & do morning exercises. I like to run early in the morning when everybody sleeps (except nature, which presents me its swish & tender smells & voices). In such minutes among birds singing & trees rustle I have a feeling that I am the only person on this Earth. But this feeling disappeared quite quickly as the morning turns into bright day. Very often the day brings me meetings with my close friends & interesting plans connected with the job. But especially I enjoy weekends. Just in these days I can do almost everything what I want & what I like to do. I enjoy nature very much. Thats why its always a special day for me when I & my friends have a picnic somewhere in the forest or near the river. If the weather is fine nobody cant draw me out from the river. I adore swimming. I enjoy parties too. I feel myself especially happy when its me who organize it. I know for granted that my friends will enjoy themselves dancing, talking, making fun. I like to travel very much. Theres a proverb: "so many countries so many customs" & I know that every country as its own culture, traditions, habits. They are different & very interesting. Id to know about different countries as much as possible. You know me better now, dont you? I hope that you like my letter and I also hope that you will write me back in nearest time. I speak both Russian and Ukrainian. They are much a like. I want to receive an answer from you so much. I kiss you. Yours, YuliaDear Jesse! We will be happy to see you among our clients and help you and your lady with the correspondence. You can transfer money to our currency invoice intermediary Bank: SWIFT Code: ALFARUMM Alfa-Bank, Moscow Beneficiarys Bank: Acc. 30112840000000000060 IMTB, Moscow Beneficiary: Acc. 9747-3640-2270 Beneficiary name: Agency MPlease, send the copy of the payment assignment to the name of the director of the agency. We would like to clean something up. Would you like to receive your letter translated by our interpreter to Russian back? Will you be able to read it in Cyrillic? We send you your picture. Wish best regards Director of Amber Marriage Agency Kudryavceva Tamara

Greetings my love jay.I called in the American embassy, they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, she (it) is valid during 90 days. She (it) costs (stands) 220 dollars, but I now do not have such money. If you can, have gone them to me through Western Union, the address of branch: AVANGARD BANK 48A, YAKUTSKAYA STR. MAGADAN RUSSIA 685000 Elena KarasevaWhen you will send money you necessarily write ten numbers of a remittance. I am very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet are necessary money, but money it only a paper, the main thing that we shall meet you. We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon shall meet. I called to the uncle to Vladivostok and it (he) has told that can make to me the ticket at a discount, but for this purpose it is necessary to know where the international airport nearest to you. Still I talked to my girlfriend which works in travel agency and she (it) has told me that visa B-2 the best variant that to us you to meet. She (it) speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss that as we shall live further. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, it (he) has very much liked me also I want to tell it (him) to you. To me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take me on hands, we go to you home. At you at home we go at once in a bedroom and you start to undress me, our hearts are beaten synchronously, we are passionately kissed also you start to learn (teach) me to all pleasures of sex. I to love you and I start to understand that love this such strong feeling, I am glad that I could to test it (him) due to you.With love forever yours Elena.

I want to say that the day when I will fly can be between 21-25 of this month. And I vant to visit to you for one month because tourist visa is only for one month. And if everything will be OK between us I will be stay with you forever. Love Elena.

Hi, honey. Its great that you help me fly to you ! Your feelings to me is so beautiful and deeply. You are my dream. I cant wait our meet. Now is late. I am tired and very much I want to sleep. But my dreams will be gentle and perfect because I fall asleep with a gentle idea on you, lover. Of course I tell my parents best regards form you. Tomorrow I shall come to tourist firm and shall try find out ticket cost. My daddy tell me that he have a friend who work with VISA. He tell that tourist VISA will costs $160 and it need 2 weeks to do she, but if we pay additional $50 he can make VISA only in 3 days. I was at post office and was known that it is dangerous to send expensive things by post mail because it disappear very often. Woman that work there told me that is only safe to send money. I do not know how much it will be cost because I do not know what is the nearest international airport from you. My love to you became only much stronger and deeply. Kiss you and wish you sweet dreams. Now I must go in my warm bed under a down blanket to dream of our speed meeting in sleep. I write you tomorrow. Very very much love you. Your sweet Princess.

Hi honey. I was in Western Union office and they told me what is needed to send money. They told me that you will be needed my name - Elena, surname - Stamat, my address: Ukraine, town - Odessa (zip 56003), street - Sobornaya 17, apt.47.For get money I need to give them Money Transfer Control Number. I was dream of you at last night. I will try to send to you more my photos. Your sweet Princess. P.S I forget to tell you - I love you.

Hi dear. It would be more easy for me if you will send me tickets. But people at post office told that it dangerous to send it by post it can disappear. And all letters that going abroad is checking at customs and some of people that work at customs steal very offtern. And oure government do nothing because it corruption. I do not know can I trust bank and Western Union or not. I had had ask some people , some of my friends and they told me that there is no one happen that Western Union steal money. I know that Western Union transfer is expensive but I think It is the one safe way to send money on tiskets by Western Union and by tiskets there. I do not know in past that it is so diffidult to leave my country. Of course I will teach you russian but it is wery difficult. Maybe you will have not enouth pover to learn it?:) :) :) (Im joking). About the trip, I feel happy and scared it same time,(happy more than scare) Miss you. Love. Elena.

Hi dear Sorry that I did not answer so long. There is big grief there. A car hit my ma and now hi is in the hospital in the critical condition. We with the father do not know what do. The Doctor give us a list that we needed to buy and said that all this needed to buy immediately. Hospitals in out country poor and there is nothing there, no even bandages and beds linen. The Doctor has said that he helps all than can, but he can not to buy it itself. If we does not buy all that he said in time, he said that ma die, I not know that I then shall do, my ma the most best person in my lifes. I in such mad condition that I seem that this dream. This can not be. My ma can die on my eyes. We with the father already have spent all money which we had for this. Sold and pawned all that have been able. And we needed near 200US$ more and we do not know from where we can have it. Sorry that I put you in my own problems but there is no anybody from who can help me. my condition in very terrible. Yours Elena

Hello dear, I called you today. But you havent picked up a phone! I was so sad. Check your answering machine I tryied to leave a massage for you. I dont know if I made it. Whats up? Are you ok? I have find out a lot of things today. I was at Stavropol Intur (turist firm) the told that they can form documents for California for me. Firm will do all for 3 weeks (visa, tickets...) All will cost 1450$. They told that it would be easy because California is region for rest where a lot of foreigners go. So I can come to visit you. You know to be true I would like to visit you at first... I want to see the place where I will live, people how they behave themselves. Krasnodar is very dirty city. I dont like it. It is our first meeting it must be in a romantic place!!! May be Europe? So its up to you to decide. Wait your answer! Kiss you many times

Hello Mike. Please write me to another address. The matter is that last one have problems with mail delivery. Please mail to: I saw your photos and you look like a very interesting man. You are strong and handsome man. First of all I want to tell you that the age doesnt worry me. Its very important that I like the man himself and our interests be the same. Now I want to tell you something about myself to give you a bit imagination about me. I am 23 years old. My birthday is on the 10 of May. Last year I have finished University. Now I work as an accountant at the building company. My English is not very good but I do my best in translating. I dont have computer at home I type from the computer club situated not far from my house. I dont have a family now. My mother died many years ago and father was killed in Chechnya two years ago. He was a soldier. My father was raised in the orphanage that is why he had no relatives. After the death of my mother her relatives forget about us. So now I live alone and earn for living myself. I am very family oriented woman. I want to build a family based on love and understanding. I love children and want to have my own in future. I love nature, I love mountains, hikes, picnics. My dream is to visit Paris. I dont know why but this city attract me greatly. I hope my dream will come true somewhen. A man I am looking for must be faithfulness, care and tender. I think that man must be the head in the family because they are more practical in life. I like quick minded man, as my father were, who know what he want and how to reach it. My father is a prototype of my husband for me. I will give all I have for the happiness of my family and especial children. Here are some pictures of me. I would greatly like to see more yours. If you havent changed you mind to type with me I wait your reply. Sincerely Inna

Hi, dear Mike! My name is Galya. I am from Ukraine. I`ve read your advertisement and decided to write to you. I want to find a real soul friend and a husband, with whom I can spend nights with candles and music. I think you can be the real one for me. I am 35. I have green eyes and long middle dark hair. I am 160cm and 54 kg. I send you my photos, and if you want to be at first pen-friends with me, I`ll send you my photo by post. I have a higher education and I am a teacher by proffesion. I would like to find a real soul friend and husband. If you like me, you can write me, I `ll be waiting. My photo is the computer is not the best one, because I have no enough possibilitty in the computer. I will be very thankfull for your photo. I want to meet a devoted and honest man, who would love me, treat me with respect. I wish to have a stable and happy family with a good-natured reliable man who is able to appreciate not only materialism but also romantic love. From my side Ill do my best to be a good woman, affectionate, careful, creating warm and hearted atmosphere in family . Im optimistic and I try to fill my life not to have time for sadness and not to be bothered by everyday routine. . Happiness to me means to feel love, care for and to give back the same wonderful emotions. I see the family as a fortress that should provide shelter from the lifes problems, troubles and stress. Normally I try to be very positive and find joy in little facts of life: lovely day full of sunshine, and enjoyable chat with a friend, an interesting book or a movie, a telephone call from the family, a blooming flower in the backyard. I dont find it difficult to ignore minor problems and inconveniences of everyday life. But there are things that really hurt me: lies, rudeness, lack of attention and understanding - and I do my best to avoid them in relations with friends and especially with special person. My email Get your star from the sky! If I am not your real star, then I wish you to find her. Be happy! My best regards to you. Galya.

I am happy to have you, and thanks for your understanding. It is difficult to correspond with somebody, who speaks another language and lives in another country, how correctly to explain own thoughts, and don`t hurt you. It is reall very difficult. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, but I cann`t express them correctly. I know how to say them in my language and to our people, but I don`t know how to say it correctly in your language and to you. But I want you to be always very honest with me, and if you don`t understand something, then ask me twice, but don`t do the wrong decision, please. It is better, when you send your photod by post, I`ll be very glad.My address:Galina Kozorez Krasnoarmeiskaiastr. 99A/28 59013 Chernovtsy UkraineI`ve spoken to the Internet service, and they tell me, that you have to send money to me by Western Union, and then I have to come there and to pay it alone. Our Internet system is not so developed as in your country, and they cant receive payments on the account of their bank from another country. It is connected with our taxes somewhere, I cant explain it correctly. I know your looking for a wife, but you think about your children too. It is good, now I understand you better, you can take care of people, and it is very important for me. I`ll have only you, when we`ll fall in love and when we`ll live together in your country, and it is important for me, when you`ll take care of me. Write me when you are going to give your papers for your visa, I am waiting. It would be nice, when we`ll spend sometimes alone in Kiev, in order better to understand each other. Only you and me, and then we could visit my town, my friends and relatives. With love, Galina

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