Vita / Victoria and Natalya Kovaleva (St Petersburg, Russia) from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Vita / Victoria and Natalya Kovaleva (St Petersburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Vita / Victoria and Natalya Kovaleva (St Petersburg, Russia)
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Vita / Victoria and Natalya Kovaleva (St Petersburg, Russia)Hey guys!Heres a little different version of the same ole St. Petersburg "Kovaleva" scam. This one is known as Vita or Victoria and the travel agent is "her" cousin Natalia Kovaleva. She appears on the site. E-mail address is SUNTOUR [] (Good ole cousin Natalias) and VITULYA [] ("Hers"). Here is the contact letter: Here is the letter she asks for the money:Notice the other e-mail address and that the phone wont be fixed until after the money changes hands. Also, there is no offer to call her at her cousins house... hummmm Lets see, if they have an internet connection there... there should be a working phone.Thanks for your site and I will send you more as I find them. And no, the money was never sent. ;)))Tony

Hello,Tony! Im Vita, but my name from passport - Victoria, but everybody around call me so - Vita and I like this short name more too. I was glad to receive your answer to my add. Im single and I havent children yet,but I hope to find my future by net, why not? I believe in this sistem, because my best girlfriend just found by this way her husband, it was about 1 year ago, and she lives now in Italy and really happy. And now I decided to try, I dont like to know man on disco, bar or street and in my around mostly girls, but internet can give me big possobility to choise person, who is really ideal for me. May be is it you? Now I tell some general information about me, so if you continue interest I wait your big letter and, of course, scan picture of you too, Im not looking for penpals, so prefer answer with your photo. Im 25y.o., my birthday 21 of September, enouth tall - 173cm and athletic girl. Im from Russia, one of the biggest city - Saint-Petersburg, I like what you just know my city! I live together with my parents yet. Also I have a brother Victor, but he older than me 15 years, has own family with lovely son Uri 16 y.o. and lives not far away from us. Were very closed and they tace care about me and help me always. I have University degree, medical education, I finished my University 1 year ago, my job is a logopedist, so doctor of speach theraphy for children. I work in a privat hospital for part timetable and have some privat practice. And also in my free time I paint ,even take part in excibitions of young painters here and try to sell my pictures like artist. I like sport and like to visit gym in my free time. Also I like traveling, for me interesting new countries, cultures, people. Im honest, sincere, kind, intelligent, pretty and sweet, with sense of humor. I like art, sport, walks, nature, music, reading, cooking of a different countries. Id like to meet honest, sincere, open-minded, easy-going, intelligent, like travelling and have own opinion always. Also I not believe in long post for nothing and sure what only our meeting show us about our future. I began this new experience for me by net now, cause soon, in begin of June Ill have some holidays by my work and have possibility to meet my destiny in reallity, so write me only if this is interest and possible for you too... Im interest only in serious family-oriented man, not penpals and adventure!!! I hope Ive peaked your interest and youll write me back! You could send me letter by my email -

Dear Tony!Here enouth windy today and everybody try not walk too much, me too, even weekend today, Natalia at work and Im in cousins travelling office too for checking my travell plans to you, we speaking and taking some hot tee with great cake, which I just bought for us by the road to her... I checked my post from her computer and wow... received your great letter again! Im happy what we have possobility to meet and will see each other so soon,this is really positive news! I have been in USA once,but now with you all this so exiting! We could visit even some interesting places,Natalia told me all this should be unbelievable great!!! Now I continue to work,but ...yes I have more free time amd will take my vacation soon! So by my plans I could come to you even for 2 weeks and in days hope suitable for you too- since 9 to 23 of June! Now I was speaking with my cousin, she works in turism many years, in travelling company "Suntour"here (I told you!), so she so kind and will help us organize this meeting. Im so hurry always-this is bad point of me, but I so exiting to come to you you cant imagine, or may be can - cause you too? Now we just checked all details of this trip. At first I need US visa, Natalia just asked her college Katerina and she was so kind to help us too. She will give my documents to consulat here like me inside travell group (this is more easy way), fortunatly it will be not long procedure, but anyway - for reciving this visa necessary wait around 1 week! Travel visa with spesial medical insurens, which they ask in consulat cost - 130 USD. Now Natalia also checked possible flights to you and price of my airticket ,You right better and cheaper New York, but anyway you know all looks so expensive compare with my salory, really! But she choised and booked for me this like she told chip around airtisket, which she could receive with a big travelling sale and discount -so it cost - 560USD (this is ok?-Im not big specialist in all those prices!), this is around tarif by good aircompany with 1 suitable connection even... I send you details: But now the worst part. Natalia tried to account expenses for this trip. It will be totally-690 USD included visa and flight. I appreciate if you take care about, espessialy because I only finished to paint many new pictures for gallery and spent a lot of money for matterials. But anyway I can pay something too, unfortunatly-only 50 USD (so what you should pay is 640USD), hope you not smile but here 80USD is a normal salary so difficult to accumulate big money. I even understand your situation so feel free to decide what is possible for you; if this is not in your forces than we shall find any other solution, my dear. Now, if you decide to help me, about paymant, Natalia reccomend us -"WESTERN UNION"sistem, I never use it, but her travelling - company use always for quik and not dangerous connections nearest time, cause credit card and bank account paymant from abroad enouth dangerous and often not use now in Russia. Also one thing -my national passport now in police, fortunatly I just few days ago began remake my new international passport, cause old one finished by dates of using,but new one necessary for any trip abroad, and now passport will there also few days and I could not go to bank for this transfer... So Natalia will help me,also she has now more free time and bank just in same building with her office...You should transfer money by this sistem to her name: NATALIA KOVALEVA (my cousin). Take care to surname must be exact. Russia, St Petersburg ONLY HAVE TO SPECIFY HER DETAILS AND EXACT AMOUNT IN USD. After sent you should send me CODE NR of transfer and your full data (NAME + SURNAME + ADDRESS), or you could send this details directly to cousins email to work - (for Kovaleva Natalia)... After she will receive here in bank and pay for my visa and airtisket. So I need now 640USD for those expensives and better if you could transfer nearest days, what we have enouth time for visa! I hope this is not difficult for you! I wait your news asap! About transfer and our travell plans you could also write directly to my cousin, she will check your emails since now! So, let me know as soon as you receive this letter. You can write me even today cause later after work I will go to Natalias house to check email from time to time. Hope all will be okay.... I am so emotioned and really wish all okay. Please write me back soon, kisses Vita***PS: Ill take one of my painting for you, so please tell me what you like more-some action, some person, some nature? Ill try to choise best for you! And what about discos in your place, can we go? cause I love dance, especially latino! About our close communication I will wait your call in next week, cause they promised to finish this crazy repair of our phone line at last, or could call you even on this week from cousins office, give me time and phone siuitable for this call, if you cant wait...
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