Marina Esaulova from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Esaulova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Esaulova
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Marina Esaulova / Yutta Umangulova / Tina Dolzsenko / Marina MikhailikHi ... My name is Jack Sladky, Im 50 years old, divorced with 2 beautiful daughters. Im so serious about finding a wonderful, nice wife that I even began to study the language on my own. I started my search in March 2000 and quickly got burnt because I was unfamiliar with the secrets. I guess I was a sucker for all the money grabbers and sexy photo type women ... now a dead giveaway. So Gents, dont go after the ones that are sticking their ass out in the air or showing half their breasts. I can give you a whole list of SCAMMERS and LUGANSK and Kremenchug are full of them.Marina Esaulova - Lugansk, Ukraine. She has ads on which vary her age from 26 - 32. She has colored her hair blond to give herself a different look now. She will come right out and tell you she needs money after the 3rd letter.Yutta Umangulova - St Petersburg. Shell tell you how great you are and wants to meet you. Will send all sorts of photos to include some semi-nudes after 2 - 3 weeks of knowing you. I became serious about meeting her and sent her money for the train ... she stopped writing as soon as she got the money.Tina Dolzsenko - Lugansk. She advertises repeatedly on Absolute Agency at ages 27, 28 and 29. Shell tell you she has no experience in the internet. But as you communicate further with her youll find she is an expert. For example she wrote she never heard of Western Union (I never mentioned anything about Western Union) and asked for directions and how to get money. When I told her that EVERYONE on the internet from Lugansk knows about Western Union she wrote me back and became a VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE INTERNET EXPERT. Dead giveaway.Marina Mikhaelik - Dnepropetrovsk, age 34. Im not sure if shes a scammer or not ... She has blond hair and is very sexy looking. Began to ask for money after the 2nd letter about feeding her daughter and wants you to send her money DIRECT. She said post mail would be ok ... so I challenged her to write me VIA POST ... guess what ... I never heard from her again. She DID give me her phone number but a man answered when I called ...however that could mean it was a shared phone too.Letter follows: There are many more that I unfortunately through the names and letters away ... but there is a GALINA from LUGANSK (dark hair ) who is currently advertising on Absolute Agency. I think Absolute Agency has the highest number of gold diggers, the same ones keep advertising over and over and over again.I think you are doing a great service for us all ... thanks much.Sincerely JACK SLADKY

Dear Jack, Thank you for the reply. I am glad to get to know you better. You wrote a very complete, good letter about your feelings and I am so glad that some day we will have a chance to see each other. Speaking frankly, very soon I will not have money for our correspondence too, because as you know I correspond through Nataly Agency and I pay for every my letter to you and for yours to me. Sending letter is 3 grivnas, receiving letter printed 3 grivnas, translation is 5-10 grivnas, scanning photo is 7 grivnas. 1 USD is 5 grivnas, so you know my situation. Life here is very hard now, Jack, because Ukraine is surviving through huge economical crisis and people are mostly unimployed. I work two jobs but make still 60-70 USD a moth and I live for this money with my daughter with no any support. I try very hard, I am frugal, economical, persistant and patient, I sew, knitt, cook very economically, but its still very hard to survive. Thats why I would ask you about one thing. Could you please to help me with my e-mail expenses? Please, dont feel insult by this my ask, its really up to you. If no, thats okay, then I will give you my postal address and we will correspond by regular mail, okay? It would be much cheaper for me. Here is my addressMarina Mikhailik Naberezhnaya Pobedy 130-1-9 Dnipropetrovsk 49106 Ukraine tel.38-0562-687360 I realize that regular mail here is very slow and unreliable, but indeed, for 8 grivnas I will pay for this my letter to you, I could buy a half of kilo of meat and a pack of milk. I understand, that its probably rude to make such comparation, but its reality, and you cant run away from reality, and I still need to feed my Julia, and take care of her as a good mother. What kind of mother I would be if instead of buying some fruits for my little daughetr I would spend this money for correspondence? I am very sorry, Jack, if its sound too frank, too direct, but its truth. If you were here, you would see everything with your own eyes. I am waiting for your reply. Dear Jack, I wish you a very good day. Very sincerely, Marina.
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