Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia) from Magadan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia)`s photo
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Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia)
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Oksana Ivanova (Nizhnevartosk, Russia)I am a single professional, age forty-four. I was originally contacted by Oksana through FriendFinder. She immediately asked me to write her directly at oksana@inbox.ru. During the course of our correspondence she says she moved from Norilsk to Nizhnevartosk to take a cooking position at a restaurant called "Lagoon." She fell in love with me in letter number five. She drilled home the importance of trust and honesty. She called me one night at three a.m. but my voice mail picked it up. Her aliases on this site are Elena Karaseva and Oksana Petrova, both from Magadan, Russia. I became suspicious when she would turn the subject to the sexual every time she asked me for money. Her pictures were also more revealing. She was definitely baiting me. I told her I would wire the plain ticket via Western Union along with the visa money but I would only pay for the ticket with a credit card.. She stressed the importance of getting the visa money immediately. She wrote me one more letter stressing the importance of trust and honesty! I never heard from her again.Sincerely, Brian.Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3
Hi my love Brian. I am very glad to your letter!!! How your day? At me all is good! I constantly think of you! I very much miss on you! I dream concerning ours Meetings!!!! I called in embassy, they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, it is valid during 90 days. it costs 240 The American dollars, But I now do not have such money. I am sad, because it is for me By serious obstacle. I have found the man capable to love me - and I I can not To see him, because I have no money necessary to arrive to you. Unless It not a sad history?? Lovely, If you want to help us to meet, send them to me through Western Union, it is very reliable and fast system. I send you the data: The address of branch: ALFA BANK 11 PROSPEKT POBEDY NIZHNEVARTOVSK RUSSIA 663300 Oksana IvanovaWhen you will send money you necessarily write ten figures of a remittance (MTCN). I Is very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet Are necessary money, but money it only paper, main that we shall meet with By you. Why in the world all depends on money? I think, that money is most Main in life. I think, main are the people, which you love, and people, Which love you. Money is a paper, and the human relations remain For ever! We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon Lets meet. I called to the aunt in Moscow and she has told, that can make to me The ticket with the discount, but for this purpose is necessary to know where nearest to you The international airport. Still I talked to my girlfriend, which works in travel agency and She has told me, that the visa B-2 the best variant, that to us with you to meet. She speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss, how we shall live Further. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, it very much has liked me also I want To tell it to you. Me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take Me on hands, we go to you home. At you at home we go at once in a bedroom and you Begin to undress me, our hearts are beaten synchronously, we are passionately kissed and You begin to learn me to all pleasures of sex. I need in you, I want To feel your breath. I want to feel your kiss on my lips. We lay close to the friend The friend to speak love to each other, caress each other. I study yours Beautiful Eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend. I shall kiss You Breast, neck, everywhere. You also pay with your sensitive gentle lips. I Love you very much. I want to hear your beautiful vote. I want to speak love to You. We now have a rain. The rain brings love. The love prospers in it Weather. It - very romantic atmosphere I to love you and I begin to understand that love this such Strong feeling, I am glad That I could test him due to you . I enjoyed your letter! This remarkable letter! My heart is filled with a heat! About love yours is eternal Oksana

Hi my Brian! I have received your letter, it of full sincere heat and sympathy to me. I think, that For that time, that we with you are copied we very much were pulled together and between us The feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you Has borrowed(occupied) a place in my heart. At work I became slightly absent-minded also my girlfriends Speak that I am in love. Yes I love you!!!!!. I think that we Should meet, we should see each other, look in eyes, because Through the Internet the emotions and difficultly are lost to understand each other. We became frank with By you and I think, that you want to find out about my sexual experience. In Russia all The men dream only to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I do not want To be given back to the first passer that he has taken pleasure. Love it something More than, it is given to the man to learn happiness in this life, and The men represent her only as sex. I think, that it is not correct also I I hope that you with me agree. I the virgin. I protect the virginity for this purpose unique(sole), with which I shall feel Favourite. I shall be with him completely both body and soul. We together learn all depths Pleasures. Our passion will be poured out for limits and we shall be To enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. Today at me by day off and we with the girlfriend went for a walk on city, went shopping I Waited for the moment that you will write to me the letter and I have waited it. I feel that ours Hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important to me to know you share my ideas.The thank for congratulations, is very pleasant for me! You the very spiritual man, I believe. It is very good, as in the world there is a lot of injustice and rage. It is good, that someone cares of soul. In that photo near to me my best girlfriend. I saw your photos, it is very beautiful! You love to go by a ski? I never went from such large I had quiet trip up to Nizhnevartovsk. All in the order. It approximately in 1000 Kilometers from Norilsk. If to go by train, the way proceeds 1 day. I Well has reached. In Nizhnevartovsk mine lives the grandfather. His name Stepan. he was very much Is glad to meet Me! he lives one. The grandmother has died 4 years back. The grandfather has a dog, it The sheep-dog. His name too Tuzik, as well as my dog. He very strong. I shall work Here in restaurant with the name "Lagoon". Me have told, that it is very good Restaurant. The very good cooks there work, and me is to that to learn at them. I I shall not be lonely in this city. I have here friends, truth I very much for a long time not Saw them. We with the parents for a long time did not go to the grandfather. It is expensive. Be, I in the morning have gone on work and unexpectedly she has met the girlfriend Has told, that she in marriage and works in travel agency. I am very glad, That at her all is good. I liked in this restaurant, boss kind, collective Very good. It was pleasant here to me. I can write to you the letters. Here is The Internet - centre, it near. Weather here is warmer, in general, to me here It is pleasant.:)) Forever Yours Oksana

Hi my love Brian!!! How your day? At me all is good. I was praised by the senior cooks, they speak, that I make the large successes. Tomorrow I go in agency to find out about cost of the visa. Still I shall call my aunt, which works At the international airport in Moscow, she works the cashier and can find out how many There is a ticket aboard the plane. I try to find out maximal about that how to arrive to To you and to meet you, I have not enough patience to wait for it The light moment in our life, I want faster to meet you, that To jump to you on a neck, to kiss you in lips, to look to you in eyes and to tell To you I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! When you far I feel myself lonely, you are necessary to me. The ideas on our speed meeting heat to me soul, they support me when at me Bad mood, also make me happy. My girlfriends too have noticed that I Began to look happier and cheerful, they speak that too wanted To leave for America, but they already have which boys they love. I am happy That I have you. I have written a poem for you:Well take a walk together near the ocean shore, and Ill kiss your naked body as you cry with tears of joy... While I hold you close to me and keep you from the cold, well whispher to each other little secrets left untold... Your busom so inviting as I beg for your embrace, its warmth is so exciting while tears of pleasure run my face... And as you lay upon me I can look into your eyes, like a gateway into heaven as the moon begins to rise... We make love to each other like the world will never end, we passionately kiss one another while time just seems to bend... I love you so so so so much!!!!!! And I want you!!!!I hope it to you it is pleasant, I have enclosed in these lines all love to you. My love boils as a volcano woken by the god Eros, it tries to escape Outside, but does not find an output(exit) in absence you. I wait for our meeting, as young The schoolgirl of the first appointment in life. I think that I am similar on Julliett, Which waits for meeting with beloved. But I hope that at us with you all Will be at all so is sad as at them.I shall be glad to arrive to you, after ending training my boss will give me holiday! It would be simply wonderful!!! Your love Oksana
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