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Is Alevtina Akpaeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alevtina Akpaeva
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Alya (Alevtina) Akpaeva, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. I am a single, white American male, 44, living in a large Midwestern city. I contacted this 33 year old, single woman, after joining the Absolute Agency dating service, in January 2001. We began a steady correspondence by email and spoke on the phone several times. After a couple of months we began to make plans for her to visit the US. After getting to know and trust her over a three month period of time, I sent her a total of $1,300.00 for travel and visa expenses. After I sent her the final portion of these travel monies, I did not hear from her again for over five weeks. I finally did hear back from her again and she told me that she had been out of town taking care of her sick grandmother, who had died, and that she had to spend $500.00 of the travel money I had sent to her, on medicine for her grandmother. We spent another month, emailing back and forth, after which I offered to replace the $500.00 she had had to spend on her grandmother, so that she could finally make the trip to the US. Once she received this money from me, she never wrote me again. However, I did soon after, see her same picture and description, posted with the Absolute Agency, under the name "Kit".I sent her money a total of four times, by Western Union, using her full name.The Absolute Agency totally ignored my first letter, informing them of this scammer, (see letter below), and when I sent them a follow-up letter, they blew me off completely.Signed, WW Letter to the agency:Letter 1 (from Alya)Letter 2 (money request)
Hello, my dearest! Thank you very much for your letter and your call. I really like it. I have a feeling that from each your call you know much to understand each other. I think, that I can used to your English and now can understand you , maybe rather badly, but I think, it is a great progress for both of us:). I really miss you thins week. I miss you tender voice on the phone. Every evening I read your letter and each time I find something new in it. It is like talking to you every night. I really want to talk to you for all the night, I think, it will be very interesting for you too. You are a very interesting person. I am very happy that we found each other to be together. Well, as last I wrote the letter to Natasha the other day. Still waiting for her answer. I am so anxious about it. But what if she wont answer me at all? Maybe, I should write her a more letter? What do you think? Thank you very much for your compliments about me, You do praise me. Thanks God, I dont cough any more(touch the wood):)! I can understand your worries about the time we are to separate. I see that you think about it a lot. But to tell the truth , I think more about our first meet, how our eyes will see each other for the first time. I think, it will be something special! I think, I slept well tonight. When I woke up my mother told me that I was smiling. I am sure I watched something nice, maybe you? But now dont remember it unfortunately, otherwise I would write you in detail my dream. I think, it would be very interesting for both of us. By the way, what dreams do you watch? Have you ever watched me in your dreams? I totally agree with you about the time for me to come to you. I checked my timetable and found the same. So, we agree upon this that the first two weeks of June will be perfect for both of us. Really looking forward to it. I went to the tour agency to ask them about everything. So, they told me that now is the calm or quiet time for them, people dont want to go out to have a rest. So, if we do everything now they promised me to arrange everything very quickly and without any problems. And if we delay now, foe example, in the middle of April or May, there will be crowds of people and it wont be very well. I was suggested to come to them as soon as my international passport is ready , take the money and sign the contract with them about their services and the money I will pay the for it. So, my passport will be ready this Friday. If you send me the money the end of this week or the beginning of the next week I will go to them and start the boll rolling, as they say. Now about the money, I have checked up the cost of the tickets, you know two way tickets are much more cheaper than one way! The told me that that is the policy of American Government. So, two way ticket with dinner there , the medical support, the consul pay, The money for Visa, and for services of the agency. So, in general I will need about $700. Thank you very much for the explanation. I imagined it that way too. Yes, you were right, the first letter came to me on the birthday, but I got it only two days later. I was very happy about it, and at that time I thought that it was the Gods sign. I still think so. I want you to be my teacher of English and other things. OH, yes, you will be my HERO! (You are already)! I really love gardening. My garden is very far from me, I have to cover a long distance to get to it. But it is more kitchen Garden as we call it here, but still I managed to put some flowerbeds in it. And answering your question, my favorite flowers are white roses and blue daisywheels. And what about you? Yes, you are right, I prefer tea and mineral water. I have flied before when I was a child. But now I dont remember it:(! And, to answer you last question I would say, an early bird catches the world. And, thank you very much for your sayings. I put them all into my dairy. I will keep it! As always, waiting for your letter and your call With much love and tender Alya

Gentlemen,I have been robbed by one of your clients. Beginning in January of this year I began writing to a lady who called herself Alya. Her profile, since deleted from your records, was: A592629. She lives in Yoshkar -Ola, Russia, and the address she gave me is: Russia, Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Stroiteley 19-20, Alya Akpaeva Alevtina. After having sent her a final $500 out of a total of nearly $2000 for travel expenses, I have not heard anything back from her for 2 weeks now. However, I see that you now have a new profile listing, for Kit A875179, which includes a picture of this same woman "Alya", who I have been writing to for the past 5 months. And the description she gives of herself is the same as that which was given in the January profile for Alya A592629. I hope that you are running a lawful service and that my very bad experience is an exception. I would hope too, that you will immediately remove this profile for Kit A875179, before she steals from anyone else. And I hope that you will contact this person and let her know that you are aware of her illegal actions. Lastly, I would ask that, if possible, you will bring legal action against her. I will cooperate with you in this matter in any way possible, which would include, if you wish, sending you all of the pictures she has sent me so that you can see how many other profiles she has listed with your agency. In addition, I can send you copies of all letters I have received from her. Again, I do hope that you are running a legitimate service and that you will take my charges seriously. I expect to hear back from you soon, and I will be happy to provide you with any further information that you need.

Hello, dear W! Thank you very much for your letter. I like it very much. I like your profile with photo as well. You have a very nice face. I see that we have many things in common. As you do I like to travel very much, to meet different people, to admire different places, to be in touch with nature. Id like to tell you something about me too, for you to know me closer. I live in a small town in the middle of Russia. It is absolutely green in summer and now it is white and covered with iced white snow. I love my town indeed, but Id like to travel to some other beautiful countries. Tell me about the place you live in. Do you like it? How does it look? What weather do you have now? Do you have winter now too? I like very much to receive guests and to make picnics with them. Now when the weather is rather cold and there is much snow everywhere. I like to walk in the parks and to admire the fresh winter air. Have you ever been to Russia? If no, do you want to come here? Id like to be your guide and to show you my country in such a way that you love it forever. I like to read good books when I have free time, I like to listen to the music. In general, I must say that I love all those small but important things that all normal people must like. I like when the sun shines and dont like when it is very cold and there is nobody to warm me. I like smile people around me and dont like when someone is hurt and I am unable to help him. I like it when there is a man whom I love and to know that he is happy with me, I dont like to be alone for a long time. As you do. I like to cuddle and kiss in front of the fireplace. It is so romantic!!! I think, we have a big chance to become closer. I want it with all my heart. Id like to know a little bit more about you, your family, your dreams and hopes in life. Please, send me some of your photos. With best regards Alya
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