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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Lyli Marriage Agency
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Lyli Marriage Agency (Lisichansk, Ukraine); and Natalya (Lisichansk) aka Elena (Stahanov, Ukraine)I am a 46-year old CPA, divorced Caucasian in Los Angeles, California -- no children and have no contact, legal or otherwise with my ex-wife. I have been using the internet for about one year to try to find a good woman to have a long-term relationship with, eventually leading to marriage. In searching AbsoluteAgency I came upon the beautiful Natalya from Lisichansk, Ukraine. We exchanged two very warm e-mails. Almost immediately, I received e-mail from Lyli Marriage Agency asking for money to continue my correspondence with Natalya. Being too trusting at the time, I sent $105 via Western Union to Lyli Marriage Agencys Svetlana Baymut and I never heard from Natalya again! I copied the e-mails leading up to my "gotcha"!Besides involving at least "Natalya", Lisichansk, Ukraine, [aka Elena, Stahanov, Ukraine], the scam appears to directly involve Lyli Marriage Agency, Lisichansk, Ukraine and its manager Svetlana Baymut Lyli explained that Natalya had been badly injured/crippled in a street brawl, but I discovered the apparent lies and wrote them as follows to which I never received a response!Letter from Agency 1 Letter to agencyLetter from agency 2From: Lyli To: Ron Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 1:01 AM Subject: Re: Natalya id046 in hospitalPrevious pageNext pageBack to Main IndexTo send your own story, please click hereClick here to support Black ListLink to the Black ListRussian Brides Cyber Guides navigation bar:Russian women secretsMyths and realityFAQRussian namesRussian women glossaryRussian wivesAbout RussiaRussiaRussian cultureVisiting RussiaRussian visasEnglish-Russian phrase-bookBlack ListBlack List ArchiveDating scamsThe shocking truth about Russian bridesANTI-SCAM GUIDE E-books and articlesBooksArticlesDating Russian womenFiancee visasFREE articlesAdd articleRussian BridesRussian girlsRussian womenRussian ladiesRussian modelsReliable dating servicesServices and PricesToursWomens catalogPersonal listing for menRussian translationIndividual searchAdmin:About usContact usCustomer supportAffiliate programSite mapLinksAdd URLPress roomCopyright ???? Russian Brides Cyber Guide, 1999-2005. All rights reserved.No portion of this site may be reproduced without written permission from the author. Feel free to link to. The use of this site implies your agreement with: Privacy Policy and Terms of UseAffiliate programRussian brides scams - from Russia with fraudA:hover {color: #FF00FF} Are you going to send money to somebody you met on the Internet?Then rather invest $24.95 in the Anti-Scam Guide firstRussian Brides Cyber GuideHow to choose only HONEST SINCERE GIRLS? How to make sure I dont pick up a scammer?Click hereElena: Partially due to caution, partly due to not believing the hype, I have never utilized a romance site. I just did not feel that any site I visited gave an unbiased picture or were much more than scams. How does one tell the difference? Your site is so substantially different that I have taken the time to e-mail you. I am impressed with your straight-forward and informative site. The "blacklist" section combined with your personalized feelings found in "myths" is excellent. One theme comes through... you have to work at it... maybe a labor of love... but work just the same. Yours is the only site that I have visited that provides feedback and serious, down-to-earth, advice.Best of Luck Bruce U.S.A. Advertisement AdvertisementBlack List - page 23: UPDATESAugust 9, 2001 - page 2To send your own story, please click hereClick here to support Black ListLink to the Black ListMaksimova Ksenia (Oksana) Mihailovna (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia) - now back as NatalyaMarina Klimova (Tyumen, Russia)Natalia (Natasha) Drokova (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)Natalia Donchenko (Lugansk, Ukraine)Natalia Komarova (Magadan, Russia)Natalia Komarova (Magadan, Russia) - 2Natalya Jitinkina (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia)Natalya Jitinkina (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia) - 2Natalya Jitinkina (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia) - 3Natasha (Natalya) Jitinkina (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia) - 4

Dear Lyli Manager, Today I received a general e-mail from Adult Singles in which one of the advertised ladies is "Elena" at Profile Code D351266, and the date of entry is July 9, 2001 Her photograph is identical to your "Natalya" id046. But, Elena is listed as being in the city of Stahanov, Ukraine, whereas Natalya is supposed to be in Lisichansk, Ukraine. Also, Elena is listed as being 173 cm, whereas Natalya is listed as being 168 cm. Elena is listed as weight of 54 kg, whereas Natalya is listed as weight 50 kg. If Natalya be hospitalized, then how could she be listed within the last two days in another city, with a different name and different physical measurements? Please explain. Sincerely, Ron, USA

Dear Sir Ron, Our Lady Natalya is very much interested in you. To keep up your correspondence with her you have to become our client and create your account at our Agency. We would be happy to have you among our clients and provide you with our serveces. We are happy to assist you in your communication and create most benevolent circumstances for you to be happy in love.Sincerely, LYLI manager. OUR SERVICE & PRICE How to open the account?You just have to transfer money into Ukraine on the name of Baymut Svetlana and will be able can receive them in the nearest department of the bank Western Union.You have to write on your money Western Union transfer form:Ukraine, for Baymut SvetlanaIn order to find the location of the nearest bank to you please look at the page: westernunion.comNotify us about your payment by E-mail :You Name: You Surname: Money Transfer Control Namber: Pay to: Baymut Svetlana amount:Send money online now. Western Union.R The fastest way to send money worldwide.SMPlease, send the copy of the payment assignment to the name of the director of the agencyE-mail services The first letter for you is free of charge.The cost of 1 letter for your lady - 6$ The cost of 1 letter written by your lady to you - 6$Attention: we have the system of discounts if you order at once several letters10 letters - 55$ 15 letters - 80$ 20 letters - 105$ 30 letters - 160$ 50 letters - 240$We consider one page to be one letter. If you write two pages it is counted as two letters. And so on. If you want to correspond with more that one lady you are just to establish one account to pay for the services of all your ladies. You only have to inform us the names of your ladies. Printing your photo & scanning the photo of your lady - 7$The present for your ladyIt is well known that the way to the womans heart comes through the attention & care from the mans side. Dont forget that just a small present that you can make for your lady can change her opinion about you in the best party. Be sure - she will remember your present all her life.lowers (11 roses) - 35$ Perfume - 50$ The collection of cosmetics - 60$ Langerie - 110$ Champagne or wine -25$ Box of chocolates - 15$ A cake - 25$ Greeting card to your lady - 10$ The order of congratulation for your lady through the radio - 20$ The order of congratulation for your lady through the newspaper - 20$ Teddy Bear (small) - 25$ / (big) - 50$You can also present your lady with a season ticket to a beauty saloon, health center or gym for 80$ a months 2 times a week. This present will definitely make her happy and will let her feel a real woman.The services for you (transport services)1. The services of the guide/translator - 7$/hr 2. Our interpreter will meet you in Kiev and escort you to Lisichansk - 150$ 3. Our interpreter will meet you in Donetsk and escort you to Lisichansk - 50$ 4. A room in the hotel for you to stay with 3 meals a day - 85$ 5. The rent of a flat for one day - 25$ 6. The guard for one day - 12$The membership in our agency:If you want us to help you to find the lady of your dreams (according to your tastes, interest) you can become our number. The membership cost is 100$ a months or 500$ a year.Other services1. Advanced video - 150$ 2. The advertisement in the popular Ukrainian newspapers and magazines: 10$ - single advertisement 40$ - 5 advertisement weekly 3. Language courses for your lady. We can offer you and your lady various language courses : Express-courses/ English/French/German - 1 month, 4 times a week for 3 hours - 300$ Advanced English/French/German courses - 3 months, 3 times a week for 2 hour s - 450$We are always happy to cooperate with you & we will consider all your suggestions.Best regards, Lyli General Director. _____________________________ Lyli Marriage Agency <<< Sovetskaya srteet 60 Lisichansk Luganskaya oblast Ukraine

From: Ron To: Lyli Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 6:10 AM Subject: Natalya id046 in hospitalDear Lyli Manager; I am sorry to hear that Natalya (id046) is in the hospital and I wish her a speedy recorvery from whatever affliction she has. It would be helpful to know exactly what she was hospitalized for and why the doctors expect her to be there for one month, which, in my experience is quite a long time to be hospitalized. Could you inquire on my behalf as I would worry less if I knew more of what was going on.Most sincerely, Ron

Dear Sir,Natalya got messed up in a street fight. It was a mere occasion. But the consequences are terrible indeed. She was pushed into a shopping window, which crashed and the falling upper part of the window cut her ankles off. So, you understand that situation is very difficult for her and not only in physical regard. Its very depressing for a beautiful young girl to become handicapped in the beginning of the best part of her life. Anyway, we all hope that doctors will invent something to make things better. Thank you for your concern and not running away in a difficult situation. If you help Natalya to get through this ,she will appreciate.Sincerely, LYLI manager. __________________________ Lyli Marriage Agency <<< Sovetskaya srteet 60 Lisichansk Luganskaya oblast Ukraine

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