Natasha Oserdnikova (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) from Tashkent a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natasha Oserdnikova (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natasha Oserdnikova (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
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Natasha Oserdnikova (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)Dear Sir/Madam, This letter concerns a scam by a girl advertised on your web site. The girl has advertised on a few sites. Three photographs, claimed to be of her, are attached. I found the advertisement for "Natasha" at the site of a dating agency in January 2001. Natashas letter claimed that she was the Uzbek/Russian representative of the Spanish firm NeuroCor. I found NeuroCors web site neurocordotcom/ and contacted the firm. The firm told me that they did not have a representative in either Uzbekistan or Russia. So I assumed that the advertisement was a hoax, and I did not contact the girl at that time. In July 2001, I was browsing on the internet again and saw that Natashas advertisement was still there. According to the ad, her birthday was July 16th. I decided to call her on her birthday. The name and address I had been given in January were as follows.Natalia Osyerdnikova Tansikbayeva-2 10-65 Tashkent Uzbekistan 700179I also checked with international directory inquiries, asking about the telephone number for the name and address above. I was given the same telephone number as had been given to me by the agency. I called the telephone number, but was told that Natalia/Natasha had moved. The person that I spoke with identified herself as Natashas sister Christina. She said that Natasha might be there later that day or perhaps the next day. I kept calling back, and on July 17th I was given a telephone number for Natasha. I called that number the same day. A girl answered the phone and identified herself as Natasha. At first she seemed quite cool towards me. Soon she warmed up, though, and we had a very nice conversation. It was really good--her and I seemed to be very compatible. I told her that I would e-mail her some photographs of myself, etc. I sent the e-mail the next day, also describing myself much further. On July 23rd, I telephoned again. She said that she had received my e-mail and that she was happy with it. She said that she liked everything about me, though she had no comments about any particular aspects--none. We talked for about an hour. Frankly, I was smitten. She seemed so wonderful! And she seemed to be almost in love with me. Yet, thinking about it afterwards, there were some strange things.We also agreed that her and I should meet. She was very resistant to my coming to Uzbekistan, though. She said that there was nothing there. Also, she wanted to visit me to see what her potentially-future country might be like. This seemed reasonable. She had mentioned before that she had received many letters from men in America, but that she did not want to live in America. (I found this strange: if it was true, why did she not say so in her original letter to the web site?) I live in England; so that was good. She said that she had a special "very high" visa that allowed her to get into any country. I have never heard of such a visa. She said that she had this visa because she was a cardiologist. She could use this visa for travelling only if the travel was for work--not if the travel was for vacation/pleasure. Then she said that if I got her the airplane ticket, the authorities would know that her travel was not for work. So she said that I should send her the money for the ticket and that she would then purchase the ticket herself.She also told me that she had vacation from August 1st to September 1st. The implicit message was that if she was going to visit, it had to be soon.By this time, I was pretty sure it was a scam. But I telephoned again on July 25th and also on the 28th. From some of her comments, it seemed very unlikely that she was actually a doctor, as she had claimed to be. Natasha also mentioned that she, and her father, worked as cardiologists at the Second Tashkent State Medical Academy (TASHMI II). A Russian friend kindly called TASHMI II for me (+ 998 71 2 469648), and asked about a cardiologist named "Oserdnikova/Oserdnikov". My friend was told that they had never heard of anyone by that name. (This reminded me again of NeuroCor.) Later, Natasha changed her story, saying that she actually was employed at the Thoracic Surgery hospital. My friend kindly called this hospital as well (+ 998 71 2 772605), with the same result as before. I told Natasha that I wanted my consulate, in Tashkent, to check her visa. She happily agreed to this, and I gave her the consulates address and telephone number. Natasha, though, did not visit the consulate. And she claimed that she had tried phoning them but the line was always engaged. Plainly, it is all a scam. Natasha gave me details of the bank to which she wanted the air fare transferred (USD 1300, she claimed, plus extras). These are listed below. Bank name: National Bank for Foreign Economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan Branch name: S.Rakhimov Account number: 20206840399961500000 Account name: OSERDNIKOVA NATALYA Bank address: Republic of Uzbekistan. Tashkent. 54. S.Kalanov Str. SWIFT: NBFA UZ 2XI have written a letter to the bank, to notify them of what the account is being used for. I also spoke with my consulate about charging Natasha with attempted fraud. My consul informed me, however, that under Uzbek law, there is no such crime--there is only the crime of fraud. Since I did not lose any money, the Uzbek authorities would apparently be unwilling to investigate.Sincerely, Doug
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