Ania Miagkaya from Sverdlovsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ania Miagkaya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ania Miagkaya
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Anja Mjagkaya (Sverdlovsk, Lugansk Region, Ukraine) This "woman" is one of the most astute scammers of the many Ive met. I am Louis Ducoudray, architect, beach hotel owner in Costa Rica, early 50s. I met Anja at her ID: D327693. Just in her second letter she was madly in love with me. She said she was studying design at the University. I inmediately became suspicious, since I have experience with scammers. But I followed her game and invited her to come to Costa Rica. Here is an excerpt from her second letter: Visas for Costa Rica are given at the Consulate In Moscow after booking an appointment and are instantly given. I sent her $50 by Western Union which she requested for writing.I received the following information from AdultSingles: Anjas reply July 2:Four days later, July 6 she requested more money for emails. This is an excerpt of her letter: Then she requested money for international passport to come to Costa Rica: I contacted lawyer Michael Muinov from background checks. Here are his 2 replies: July 16 and July 9. I did not mention Muinov to her, but I told her the Russian Ambassador In Costa Rica could not find her address. BASIC BACKGROUND CHECK RESULTSIn one of my letters I told her, just to test her reaction, a friend of mine had been scammed and that I deeply disliked scammers. After that, she invented this letter: After this letter, I wrote her several others insisting her to reply and never heard from her again. Attached are some of her photos. I would greatly appreciate your publishing this report for the benefit of all. Thanks, Louis Ducoudray

If you are Id love to start this voyage full of love and passion. Well be the greatest couple in Costa Rica. Ive found the about the visa and was told that its made during about three weeks. I hope it will be no problem with it. It would be great to speak over the phone with you, but can you please call me on Sunday the 24th of June on 8 p.m. my time? Tel.38 0642 497837. I hope so,With tender kisses. Anja.

I will give you some information about how our agency works. Our service is absolutely free for women. You may look through our database. And a lady may write letters to a person. She writes letters through our agency. She doesnt have to pay for it.

I have got the money. Thank you very much for your help with the correspondence. I paid for the service. They charge me $4 a letter

You see, Louis, we write each others letters and I even didnt notice how the money youve sent were spent to pay for the service:( But I need to pay again for them. Will you help me?

I need the international passport. Its made during a week, and no problem with it. But what worry me it is its price. It costs $100. I really cant pay such sum

Dear Mr Louis Ducoudray,Sorry for delay, but I was working by your request. Ive a lot of requests now, so excuse me.. Ive re-checking the person named Anja Mjagkaya, dob july 8, 1978. Unfortunately, she is not real. Sverdlovsk is the small town in the Ukraine. Address "ap29 building 60A Proletariata, DonBassa Block" is UNREAL. This person is not present, so she cant be a design student at the University.Sincerely, Michael Muinov

Something is wrong here. I cant find person named Anja Mjagkaya, dob 07/08/78 in Sverdlovsk (Ukraine) Her home address "ap29 building 60A Proletariata, DonBassa Block" is UNREAL. Probably, She is UNREAL person. I think, she is a scam artist. Her phone number 380 642 497837 belongs to male named M.Sokolkov, living by address str. Kalugina 11-16, Lugansk, Ukraine. So "she" is from Lugansk city not Sverdlovsk.. I advise you do not contact with her.Sincerely, Michael

Dear Louis! I will tell you the truth now. I was ready to come to you, but some weeks ago Ive met my acquaintance, former classmate. She told me the horrible story, which happened to her. She corresponded with the man from Germany for some months and he invited her to come there. Everything was alright between them when they corresponded and he even "fell in love with her", as he has written. He helped her with passport, visa and sent the tickets. But when she came there he sold her to the brothel, like a slave and made her to work as a prostitute. After a week she managed to run away from there, applied to the Russian embassy and finally came home. Maybe thats why Ive told you that I am in Sverdlovsk. I have a Granny in Lugansk and I spoke from the tell of my friend. As for the address, I am amazed even more than you, because its really mine and I do not know why the Russian council has told you about such a strange thing with it.
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