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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Donbass Center
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Donbass Translation Center (Mariupol, Ukraine). The girl I thought I was writing was named Lena but I am quite sure that there was no girl. Just a bunch of scammers posing as one using the front of a fake translation agency called the "DONBASS TRANSLATION CENTER". The scam seems to be run by a guy named Victor Apov with support from another named Dmitriy Sorochan. I found the "scam bait" through the Absolute Agency web site at profile ID A828075. I also found a different profile there with a different picture but the exact same description at A997105. Both were gone last time I looked, but Ive seen them go before only to return a little later. The description they use starts off like this: Here is the second letter I received - about a week after the first one: "Hello,my dearest ,my darling ,my sweet !!! I am still a little in shock that I believed such rubbish. They even made a blunder by mentioning kids I never said I had but she covered in the next letter when I mentioned it by blaming the translators. After a few letters "she" suggested that I ask the Donbass people about paying for her to take English classes. They said it would cost $275 a month and I eventually sent them $225 thru Western Union after making what I thought was a cautious move at the time by having her pay $50 of it at least at first. But since it was the Agency that was fake it didnt matter much. They just got a little less out of me. Thankfully before I sent anymore payments I started catching on. And my fears were confirmed when I found this site again and started reading through some of the other scam reports. So I was prepared when they decided to up the stakes a bit by claiming her father had a heart attack, it would cost $1200, and she and her family had only been able to collect $430 so far. Yeah right! I responded with a nice angry little email to Apov laced with some choice insults and that was that. To help keep the slimy bastard using anyone elses love-blinded heart I attached a few pictures of the images they recently used. Also below is some of the info Victor mailed me about his so-called Donbass agency. A guy from Philadelphia, USA

"I am Lena. I live in Mariupol, with my mother, father, sister and grandmother. I love my relatives and my sister the best. I feel that once I should to leave my family and to find my own husband. I like reading and watching TV and I have a lot of interests. I have a little kitten. It is very puffy. Now I feel that my heart is waiting love and I decided to find you myself." If I had paid any attention to this black list before starting to write her I never would had been scammed for all the usual "symptoms" were there and easy to spot. She was in love by the second letter. She suddenly got very sick. Etc.

At last I write a letter to you,I am happy because when I write for you I feel that you are near to me that you are not at the other continent but just have gone to other city ,this way of communication will make me crazy some day. I have not written you so long I beg you to forgive me .I was down in hospital with my kidneys .They say that I must have been caught a cold and got the complication ,So I was ill with nephritis .To say true the pain was AWFUL and IMPOSSIBLE ,I could not even stand up, even move, even cry, even whisper. I was that night at home alone and woke up in the midnight because I felt unbearable pain in the lower part of my back I lied in this position till my mother came after work in the morning. I have just lost my strength with that pain and did not feel anything, I weakened .Next three days I was in hospital and I do not remember anything .But when I woke up the only thing I thought was YOU. My dear I was afraid that you will take offence on me that I do not reply ,I was afraid to lose my only friend ,I was afraid that you can find another girl ,you are so nice and cute ,you are so generous and open ,so this would be easy for you .I am sorry but I really could not answer you .If you remember my last letter it was gloomy because that day I felt myself badly yet. I hope ,I really hope that you will answer me because I need you .I am crazy that I felt in love with a man whom I even have never seen but this is true I believe that my sincere declaration wont repulse you. I need you ,I feel that I want to be near to you all the time, every hour, every minute...I am sure you can give what I need ,your respect, your tender, your care ,your attention, your kisses, your eyes.... I hope I am forgiven and that you are not still angry. So I am waiting for your SOON reply ,please dont break my heart and write to me with any reply!!!! Here I stop ,my dear !!!!! I send you the most affectionate kiss that I can !!! My regards to your children if they know about me something. I wish you all the best and I keep hope that you will write me back. Yours and only yours Lena!!!!" Nephritis and kidney problems?

Dear !You are welcome!Thank you very much for your attention and your interest in our lady Lena. She is very interested in you and she wants to continue the communication with you. So, if you want to help to share the charges with her you are welcome and it is very kind from your part. If you are interested in our service and prices, please see: attachment. There you can find the information about the educational service and the prices. As for the web site, we do not have it, as the plurality of our clients are Ukrainians and they do not need to look up in the internet to find out about us. They visit us and we propose them our range of services. To our foreign clients we can propose the same service and the same prices. Many Russian and Ukrainian people visit our Center from the children till the elderly people and we are trying to help them all the time. And the presence of the web site does not mean anything for our local people as unfortunately, internet is not widely used in our country. Because of the law living level.Awaiting your comments,Respectfully yours,APOV VICTOR. Dear !You are welcome!Thank you very much for your kind attention and your interest in Lena. I know how much she is interested in you too. If you want to pay the part of the total cost for Lenas English courses, you are welcome. I know how much she wants to study English. Michael, you are write, to use the via Western Union transfer it is enough to indicate the country, town and the name of receiver, not more. You know that Lenas full name is Slepova Lena. I am sorry to inform you, but for the present moment our credit card is unavailable, so you can transfer on our currency account, if you prefer do not send money Western Union. Following your proposal, I let you know the details of our currency account, where you can transfer money. S.W.I.F.T.: COSBUAUK DON SAVINGS BANK OF UKRAIN/KYIV DONETSK REGION OSB N 5403 ACCOUNT NUMBER US2-218 RECEIVER: SOROCHAN DMITRIY And I am applying you the transit accounts: So, you may transfer through the one of them: COUNTRY BANK NAME AND CURRENCY ACCOUNT NUMBER S.W.I.F.T LOCATION USA BAVKERS TRUST COMPANY USD 04-095-334 BKTR US 33 NEW YORK, New York USA THE CHASE MANHATTAN USD 001-1-194057 CHAS US 33 BANK N.A. New York USA CITIBANK N.A., USD 36128911 CITI US 33 New York USA AMERICAN EXPRESS BANK, USD 731919 AEIB US 33 Ltd, New York If it is necessary for you to indicate the name of receiver, please indicate my assistant Mr DMITRIY SOROCHAN.
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