Elena Kruglova (Tyumen, Russia) from Tyumen a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Kruglova (Tyumen, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Kruglova (Tyumen, Russia)
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Elena Kruglova (Tyumen, Russia)Im a divorced 49 yr old white guy in Montana. I posted a personal ad on KISS.com and received a response from Elena within a week. She attached the picture dated 7/14/01. Being a rookie at both the Internet and online dating, I was flattered that a young, attractive woman would respond. Her profile on Kiss.com was no longer available and when I tried to email her there-the box was full. However, I continued the correspondence, making very clear my conservative Christian beliefs. The responses I received were in some cases, carbon copies of those posted by both Jon and Pyrosyrus. Ill do my best to put them in order in the body of this message and attach all the pictures. I began to become suspicious when I noticed that the pictures were obviously taken professionally and had #s [eg, 4 .jpg]-where does a poor Siberian waitress get money for many professional pictures? I became curious enough to download a tracer program and ran both the email address headers the messages had come from. They both ended up coming from somewhere near Frankfort, Germany!? Anyway, I thought Id have a little fun w and noncommittally asked how she got to Germany and who her photographer was... Funny thing is, I got a followup email a few days later from the same [2nd] email address elenakrugl@pisem.net with a different pose in the same wet Russian-lettered T-shirt. I had sent my phone # along about the 4th email, fortunately with a PO Box # rather than my street address. I received a 30 second phone machine message this past Sunday 8/5/01 from a very sexy-sounding Elena from Russia delivered in very good but heavily-accented English-I only wish I had been able to take the call in person. It does make me a little uneasy knowing that I was dumb enough to give out my phone # like that. NOTES: Only reason she sent me an email in Russian that I can figure out is that I went to the Pravda site, copied and pasted a few paragraphs from the headlines and sent it to her in my 3rd letter. I have no idea either what I sent or what she wrote back in Russian... Notice in # 8 the dramatic change in English usage, even though she claims she wrote the poem..#9-here it is-the bite for $ 270.00 for the visa-good thing I am financially challenged at the moment- The final note is this-DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO ANYONE YOU MEET THIS WAY UNTIL YOU KNOW IT IS NOT A SCAM....this is the voice of experience speaking. Letter 2Letter 5
I like to sing more. I am very glad to receive your letter. I hope that you can understand my letters. Today At us solar weather and it is very wonderful. I today worked and had The conflict to my boss. It (he) has shouted at me and I was upset, I all day went With bad mood. But it that at me is pleasure in life it is yours The letters. I have not written to you. I have dog it (him) call Sharik. Yesterday with me there was a unpleasant case. I went for a walk in the evening with the dog Sharik and to me any unfamiliar people stuck. I have cried, but nobody Has come to the aid. Only mine correct Sharik was threw over them. They were frightened and Have escaped. I have gone home and has told to all parents, they have begun to calm me But I all night could not fall asleep, I was in a shock. Today I went in church and only there to me became quiet. I the christian and always I go in church. Our churches very beautiful, walls and ceilings ??????????????? by icons, candles everywhere cost (stand). In church so quietly and there I always I find a peace of mind. To me to like to listen as sing songs, as ??????? read Prays. I love your letters, when I read them I feel as we approach. We are Far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue. Though I already thought, that It is absolutely enough of dialogue through the Internet not to understand each other more strongly. What you think of it? I would like to see you not only on a photo. But I not I know as it probably, because we very much far apart. You to me ???????????? And I think that our attitudes (relations) can be deeper. I do not know as to explain It is by words. I simply feel it. Yours ???????? do (make) my mood high. To me It becomes joyful on soul. I want to ask you to write to me your address, I am possible I shall write to you the letter. I I do not remember you wrote whether or not, I can not keep your letters, because them can To read somebody another. My address Russia, 625024, city of Tumen, street Kirov 34-10. But I think that it is not necessary to write to me because can To steal The letter, and would not be desirable for me that ??????? knew about that about what we with you we think. I I hope you me understand. I shall wait your letters and I hope that you will write to me soon. I think that Sometime we shall meet you. I would like to arrive to America, to meet With you to look as you live. I want it because I begin to understand that Between us ??????????????? something greater than friendship to me ?????????? that this feeling Trust each other, me ?????????? that is love, you seem that to me too Feel it. I wait for your answer, it is very important to me to know that you think of that that I have written To you. Your friend Elena.

Hi my friend Dean.I am glad that you have answered to me. I did not think that it will be so soon. Well believe me I is glad to this. I want to tell you about myself. My growth 168 Centimeter, weight of 57 kgs. I was born on August 10 1974, in perfect family of two fond each other people of my father and mine The mothers. I live in city Tyumen. I love the city. My city is in the middle The Siberian woods. On January 1, 2000 number of the constant population of Tyumen Has made 556 Thousand the man. The area of territory of Tyumen makes 235 sq. kms. Now at us summer. Around there is a lot of greens, this most perfect Time in our edge (territory). But as against one summer (years) at us very severe winter. But as we To live in Siberia we to this for a long time already have got used. My favourite season is spring, When the nature again wakes up after winter dream, and all begins to blossom. Now at us the summer, is perfect it is time. Earlier I studied at university, and Has received good formation (education). But unfortunately I did not need my formation (education) yet. Now I To work the waiter in small restaurant. I to love to conduct a healthy image of life. Each day I rise early in morning and I carry out morning jog. I to not drink alcohol And to not smoke a cigarette. Summer I very (very much) to love float river, and winter I to go in Pool. And in general I to love to support a healthy image of life. It very much helps In life, also supports my figure. Though I live in this city I to not meet yet to myself of the friend. As that I read the newspaper Also has seen the announcement, that is possible to get acquainted with the man through the Internet, and I Has decided (solved) to try. Fortunately I at work have computer, and I have asked The directors to take advantage of him (it). And it (he) has permitted (solved) me to use him (it) no more than one Hour per day. I liked your structure and I have decided (solved) to write to you. When I wrote You I did not think at all that you will answer to me to me. I am very glad to receive your letter. Write to me about itself. I wait for your following letter.Yours the friend from Russia Elena

Hi my dear friend Dean!I am very glad to receive your letter. Your letters heat my soul. Today is bad weather since morning, blows a strong cold wind. Mood is bad and only hope that I shall see your letter warms me in this day. I want to tell you about my childhood a little. I was born on 10, August, 1974. Mom and father loved me very much but brought up me rather strictly. But I am grateful them for this. I had many friends and we played with them in a court yard of our house. Thats were carefree years, we lived and did not have those problems which have appeared when I has grown. I studied at school good and perfectly. I always remember my first teacher. She had opened for us a door into knowledge and due to her I can freely communicate with the people. I am indefinitely grateful to her for that feeling of human kindness that she has imparted to all of us. As I grew my point of view varied. I opened for myself much from that I did not know earlier. There were also tragical moments in my childhood. Once we with the parents were on a beach and I saw as the boy has sunk. He bathed at the large waves, large wave has covered him and he could not come up, has choked and has gone on bottom. My father has rushed to the sea behind him, has pulled him out, but he already could not be helped, he was already dead. It was made for me such a great impression and cried for several days. It was a very pity situation. Even now, after many years, he is dreamed to me. Our boys were cheerful, they offended us sometimes, but made it not for evil. And we dont strongly took offence for them with girlfriends. But our boys, as well as all mans population of Russia, have begun to drink, to smoke. Many of them have begun to steal and then have got in prison. But I dont condemn them because this is our Russian reality of life. And we are still friends with them and sometimes we meet, talk, listen to music. I like various kinds of music. When Im in good mood I listen dancing music and when I am sad I like to listen to slow music, especially classic...It seems to me that with each letter between us grows something greater than friendship. We begin more to trust to each other, we becoming more frank. Do you agree with me? I think that our souls approach. Ill stop at this romantic note and go to lie down to sleep.Your close friend Elena.
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