Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia) from Irkutsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia)`s photo
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Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia)
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Zinaida (Petrova?) (Tymen, Russia)A few days ago a woman named "Zinaida" answered an ad I have on the site oneandonly.com. I am 43, a single father and have a 12 year old daughter who lives with me, and I cannot afford to be scammed. She says she is 27 and looks 19 in the pictures. She also does not address me by my first name in her responses. Thank you Sincerely, JamesLetter 1Letter 2:Letter 3Previous pageNext pageBack to Main IndexTo send your own story, please click hereClick here to support Black ListLink to the Black ListRussian Brides Cyber Guides navigation bar:Russian women secretsMyths and realityFAQRussian namesRussian women glossaryRussian wivesAbout RussiaRussiaRussian cultureVisiting RussiaRussian visasEnglish-Russian phrase-bookBlack ListBlack List ArchiveDating scamsThe shocking truth about Russian bridesANTI-SCAM GUIDE E-books and articlesBooksArticlesDating Russian womenFiancee visasFREE articlesAdd articleRussian BridesRussian girlsRussian womenRussian ladiesRussian modelsReliable dating servicesServices and PricesToursWomens catalogPersonal listing for menRussian translationIndividual searchAdmin:About usContact usCustomer supportAffiliate programSite mapLinksAdd URLPress roomCopyright Russian Brides Cyber Guide, 1999-2005. All rights reserved.No portion of this site may be reproduced without written permission from the author. Feel free to link to. The use of this site implies your agreement with: Privacy Policy and Terms of UseGirl from Russia contacted you? - See if its not a SCAMA:hover {color: #FF00FF} Are you going to send money to somebody you met on the Internet?Then rather invest $24.95 in the Anti-Scam Guide firstRussian Brides Cyber GuideHow to choose only HONEST SINCERE GIRLS? How to make sure I dont pick up a scammer?Click hereI posted a message on here recently about how I managed to avoid being scammed. I have read many stories of men being scammed, it must be a way of making easy money in the former Soviet Union. Who can blame them when men (particularly in the US it seems) are prepared to wire large amounts of cash to total strangers - not knowing if the women on the photos are models, or whether they are writing to women or men! I think we need to take a reality pill. Someone in Canada wrote that $50 a month was not much to spend. If so, why not give it to charity instead of wasting it on someone who may be conning 20 men into sending her $50 each month? This website deserves great credit for warning men of the pitfalls associated with so-called Russian brides. To send money up front is a risk approaching extreme folly, and the old saying about some people having "more money than sense" rings true. Perhaps the lesson from all this is to look closer to home for love! Steven, England Advertisement AdvertisementBlack List - page 28: UPDATESSeptember 22, 2001To send your own story, please click hereClick here to support Black ListLink to the Black ListAnasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia)Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) - 1Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) - 2Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) - 3Ekaterina Vladimirorvna Neznaiko ( Katya ) (Chisinau, Moldova) Elena Volodina

Hi. I found your profile here and decided to write to you. You are really seem to be a very interesting man. Id want to write with you by Internet.Im really simple girl. Im looking for good, serious intentions but Ihave no success yet. Im not very beautyful but I think that Im looking not bad. I thinkthat the sole in any man is more important than his out state. I like everything unusual thats why I decided to write to you. I hope that you dont angry for me because of mine impudent. I hope that youll answer for this respondence. Ill send you my photo if you want. So you can send me your answer to my new e-mail : zina2001pet1@pochtamt.ru

Hello my respondent. Im really glad that you answered to me for my letter. I think that you are very intelligent man according to your letter. I really like that you are interested in me and knowing more about me. Now Ill tell you about me, my life, my parents. As I said I am very simple girl but "with spice" as my mom said. My name is Zinaida. It is very rare name here in Russia. How do you like it, by the way? My moms name is Irina and dads is Andrey. I love them very much!!! We live very amicable family. Im alone child in our family. I have no sisters nor brothers and I dont like this but my parents decided to have only one child in family. They love me so much... Sometimes I regret that Im alone in family but not very often. I am almost 28 years now - my birthday is on the 15th of September. I like my birthdays and do you like yours? By the way when does your birthday will be? Its really interesting to me! Some words about place I live here. As you understood Im from Russia. I live in the city of Tyumen. Its really good city. I was born here and I love my native city very much! It is not very far from Moscow. The time difference is two hours from it. Our city is not small but I already have despaired to search the person for life. Its population is about 600 thousand people. It is very beautiful and old ( born in 16 century). I like my city. I like to go for a walks on its streets, to visit museums. We with the girlfriends often visit cinemas and we look various films. I had some problems with my previous guys and now I decided to find somebody through the Internet. As you may be heard here in Russia it is a big problem that people especially men are drinking too much alcohol. I hate this! So I was advised to write to somebody through Internet by my best girlfriend Marina. She works at the agency of acquaintances. She advised me to use this adress at Internet. I was sympathized by your profile, so I decided to write to you!!! You may ask if I wrote so much far from Russia but I always dreamed to visit USA. Who knows - may be someday Ill come to it!!! I like your country! I heard so much about it. It seems here to be a land of dream. America... So much of romantice in this word!!! I hope that you dont consider me too naivety. I understand that its not everything good there but I love your country nevertheless! I hope that you can understand my letters not very bad because Im not so great in English. I learned it in school and in university. But I had not much practice so I use sometimes translation programs. If you dont understand please say it to me - Ill try to write better. I have no computer at home - its too expensive for our family to have it. But I have a computer at my boss cabinet. He let me to use it for my needs of Internet. He is good and I think that we are in good intentions. I work at cafe as manager. I earn pretty few money but I think that it is enough for me. I think that I am very happy but sometimes I feel too lonely. As you see I have very serious intentions to find my only best man through Internet. I hope that you are not bored with my story and will answer for my letter. If you are not against Ill ask some questions. I am very interested to know more about you. I want to know who are you, where do you work, may be something about your hobbies. Please tell me about your family, about place you live at now... About place where you was born. I really want to learn more about you. You may also ask me what you want - Ill try to answer for all of your questions! So Ill finish... Ill impatiently wait for your answer. I think that your letter will be very interesting. Your new friend from so far Russia - Zinaida.p.s. I attached my photo. Please say me what do you think about Im looking like.

Hi my friend. I like your letter very much! I was not sure that you will write me back because you understood that Im so far from you! Im really glad!!! I can only say that you are so good respondent! Your letter was so warm that I decided to write back quite in time I got to the computer. Some words about the weather here in our dear city. Is it really interesting for you? As you understand the autumn is coming here and the weather is the same. Its enough cold already - about 15 degrees Celsium. I dont know how much by Farengeit it will be? The leaves at trees are almost yellow and red. I see - the autumn is coming already! The sun was very cold today. Very windy! Thats good that there was not rainy. I think that the rain is a very bored thing.But sometimes the rain brings calmness to me. Do you like the rain? I like summer raining but not autumn! Nevertheless autumn is a really great time I think! It is the time of poetry. I hope that you have heard about famous Boldin Autumns of our famous writer Aleksander Pushkin? I love all poems of him from those period! Im too romantic person - thats not the best of me but its my nature! Are you romantic person? You know Im speaking too much about myself but Im really glad to receive your answer for my letter! You seem to be so great person. Im so glad that I found you! Ill try to tell you as much as you want about my current life. Its not various - work - home work, and weekends. That is all! I think that I live a very bored life! Our city is old and we with girlfriends often visit our museums. But most of all I prefer to visit cinemas. I love to see different movies (I heard films are called such in USA - Im right?). But especially I like to see melodramas - is it right word - Im not sure. A month ago I was so impressed by movie "Pearl Harbour". This is the film about history of your country. About how your heroic ancestors got a part in a war against fascism. I hate this word but this is the history of our country too! Did you hear about this movie? So Id love to tell you some words about my favourites... I love to dance. You know - I often go to discos and I love to do this! I have so good mood there - I can dance until the same mourning of the next day! Thats really my hobby! Else I like sport very much. I love to go to the pool. I swim not bad so I spend much time there. My favourites... I like pop music a little, but mostly - classic. It gives me a very calm mood. I became so calm and self-assured that it seemed to me that I am so far from Earth...You know I like green colour - it seemed to me to be very calm color... As you see I tell much about myself. If I didnt answered for all your questions please recall me all of them - Ill try to answer! In turn Id want to ask some questions about your favourites: your favourite color, hobbies, food. What is your favourite music? Movies? And else... Please dont be angry for me if I will write to you not every day. I have much work here - so Im very busy sometimes. Often my boss send me to business trips. So do not lose me if I will not write during several days. Ill wait for your answer. I consider that we know more about each other with every letter.Ill think of you. Zinaida. P.S. If you want you can give me your phone number. Id love to call you and to hear your voice. I cant save your letters here - so if I missed your phone number please repeat it for me!

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