Anasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia) from Irkutsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia)
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Anasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia) This is my story about falling in love with the non-existent. And paying for it. Anastasia Vetrova contacted me on June 13, 2001. We have many conversations, and many emails. Then on July 26 I proposed marriage. She accepts. I went out to look at her profile, and it was erased. I thought this a message of a dedicated spirit. So I closed my profile, too. Ironically this was the same day she was blacklisted at this website, and I had no idea at the time that this site existed. Turned out, that was why the profile was closed. Bad carma, huh ? Murphys perfect timing. Also, you might notice that at that same time the green solid base line dissappears from the email text. And although the emails are pasted, and you cant see the subject field, it was this same time her subject field changed "Hi my liked friend John", or "Hi my love John" to simply "anastasia" from then on. The English suddenly improved, too. Like coming from a different person using different software. I noticed these changes, but didnt take them as warning signs. My heart was like a butterfly.Another warning signal I ignored is that Anastasias profile never had a picture posted. I wasnt thinking fraud, I figured she just never got around to it. Now Ive suspected it was so that the criminals could respond to different respondents with modified letters, and different pics. Another warning sign I recall, she said in profile her hair was black. All women are proud of and careful to describe themselves personally, and i should have been suspicious. Anastasia said she loves animals. I got the idea that she could bring her dog, Poboral, with her to remind her of Russia. When looking on the US customs website, I discovered that if Poboral had anything wrong with him they didnt like, they would either export or destroy Poboral. So I sent Anastasia, the animal lover, the news and told her we must decide to leave Poboral in Russia. And Anastasia, the animal lover, made no mention of the subject in her next email. Another warning signal missed. And the big one, the zinger that was right in my face.Anastasia originally told me her Uncle operated a travel agency in Vladivostok, and would sell her the normally $1200 ticket for $890 (very convenient, as Western Union only allows max $899 wire transfers every 30 days to Russia) I didnt pick that up either. Here is the zinger. Anastasia, in Irkutsk. Uncle in Vladivostok. I email Anastasia, ask her to give me the name of her uncle and the name of his travel agency so I could wire the plane ticket directly to him. Her reply, "Mine the Uncle lives at us now". Now why would a man operating a probably prosperous travel agency throw all his stuff in a suitcase travel thousands of miles to live with poor relatives in Irkutsk ??? Guess what guys, in a lonely heart, love is an overpowering emotion. I think I now understand why battered women stay with abusive husbands. Its not all fear, its a matter of not wanting to give up hope. You look past the beating in hopes the future will be brighter. You dont see what youre looking at, because love is blind. I never even worried about all of Anastasias "terminological inexactitudes" In mid August I wired $250 for the visa. On August 23, I wired $600 toward the ticket to Anastasia. Now Im up to $850, near the limit. I dont want to wait for Anastasia. her visa may be active now, and the clock is ticking. I enlisted my friend Tammy, our purchasing agent to wire the remaining $290 on August 29. She agreed. Thursday morning, Anastasia emailed, confused she hadnt been able to pick up the wire. But I had emailed Wednesday noon that the wire would be coming from Tammy. Thursday afternoon Tammy and I both emailed Anastasia, and gave Tammys full name and address . At this time, we suspect nothing. I work 10 hour 4 day weeks, so sometimes I shoot the bull with Tammy from home to the shop on Friday afternoon, if she isnt busy. Tammy , interested in Russian cuisine, suggested I jump out into my search engine to look for a cookbook, a welcoming gift for Anastasia. I found one, ordered it. Then a brainstorm. A Russian-English translation dictionary. She cant run home from shopping to use the online translators every time she doesnt understand a word. So I searched. Thats when I noticed Elenas site here. So I went in , looked around. Saw the positive and negative myths, that Russian women arent super-woman nor are they dumpster-divers. I liked her attitude, so decided to email her, thank her for such a fine site, and relay my success story Not 20 minutes later, "John it is a fraud" and she pointed to the blacklist. Although the villains had cashed $850 of my money, they didnt receive the email about Tammys data to pick up the wire for $290, until about 7:30 PM Friday Irkutsk time. After banks closed. We stopped the wire transfer. Elenas warning saved the last part of a terrible fraud.Remember, guys, I wasnt taken in by a Russian woman. I was taken in by criminals. About the pictures, I cant prove one way or another, but I feel that the girl whos pics these villains sent me, is an innocent and kind lady, who has no idea her pics are being used in such a way. Indeed, she may be just as much a victim of this fraud as I am. Even after I found out it was all a scam, her pics are still displayed with pride on my toolbox at the machine shop where I work. I will not remove them. Maybe you know how I feel. My wish for the scoundrels who perpetrated this scandal, is that they take my money, buy 100 cases of Vodka, go on such a major bender that they all die of alcohol poisoning. John C. RichardsonA letterLetter for request for money
Hi my love John!!!! I am very glad to your letter!!! How your day? I have good day, because I Has received your letter!!! I can not tell by words as I want to see you!! I I want to touch you!!! I dream of it! Your dream concerning ours Meetings very good!! You the very romantic man, I always dreamed that mine The favourite man will be romantic. Me a little is a pity that we still so far friend from The friend, but I know that we soon shall meet. I saw dream about that as you meet Me at the airport. I also see descent downwards on a gangway you. You stand with colours. With By huge bouquet of roses! You take me on hands and kiss me!!! Unfortunately in this The moment I have woken up...I do not think, that the trip to you will be such road. The visa costs240 $, mine a uncle has told, that he can help me. he to agree and me the ticket will sell with the discount. The ticket costs 1200 $, but me will sell it for 890 $, the uncle speaks, that it is the good price. I shall wait for your answerAnastasia

Hi my love John! I am very glad to your letter!!! How your day? At me all is good! I constantly think of you! I love your letters! I dream concerning ours Meetings!!!! I called in agency , they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, it is valid during 90 days. Visa costs 240 The American dollars, But I now do not have such money. I am sad, because it is for me By serious obstacle. I have found the man capable to love me - and I I can not To see it, because I have no money necessary to arrive to you. Unless It not a sad history?? Lovely, If you want to help us to meet, send them to me through Western Union, it is very reliable and fast system. I send you the data : The address of branch: Russia, INKASBANK , 58 SOVETSKAYA STREET, IRKUTSK, Anastasia Vetrova When you will send money you necessarily write ten figures of a remittance.(MTCN- money transfer control number) I Is very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet Are necessary money, but money it only paper, main that we shall meet with By you. Why in the world all depends on money? I think that money is most Main in life. I think, main are the people, which you love, and people, Which love you. Money is a paper, and the human relations remain For ever! We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon Lets meet. I called to a uncle in Vladivostok and he has told that can make to me The ticket with the discount, but for this purpose is necessary to know where nearest to you The international airport. Still I talked to my girlfriend which works in travel agency and She has told me that the visa B-2 the best variant that to us with you to meet. She speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss that as we shall live Further. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, it very much has liked me also I want To tell him to you. Me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take Me on hands, we go to you home. At you at home we go at once in a bedroom and you Begin to undress me, our hearts are beaten synchronously, we are passionately kissed and You begin to teach me to all pleasures of sex. I need in you, I want To feel your breath. I want to feel your kiss on my lips. We lay close to the friend The friend to speak love to each other, caress each other. I study yours Beautiful Eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend. I shall kiss You Breast, neck, everywhere. You also pay with your sensitive gentle lips. I Love you very much. I want to hear your beautiful vote. I want to speak love to You. We now have a rain. The rain brings love. The love prospers in it Weather. It - very romantic atmosphere I to love you and I begin to understand that love this such Strong feeling, I am glad That I could test it due to you. About love always yours Anastasia
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