Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia)
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Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) - 1My name is Dan, single father of 2 boys, 37 years old, engineer/singer/songwriter. I met Anna through She emailed me first, usually a dead giveaway. Here is her first letter after the initial "write to me at on my kiss account mailbox.LetterThen we wrote back and forth, the same old story, a few lines in the beginning or end that addressed my letters and the usual canned letter for the main body. I had also been almost scammed by Natasha Kushinova (she is all over this blacklist) but I caught on to her game when she asked for $350 for a visa and I know they are $60 at the US Consulate in Ekaterinburg. Anyway, the letters sounded so familiar so I went to look for Natashas to compare, but I had deleted them. So I decided to search for Russian dating agencies and found your site and the letters are all the same. She did not get around to asking for money, I didnt wait long enough before calling her on her game. Here is a copy of my last letter to her that compares her letter to one taken off this site:Hi Anna,Thank you for your letter and picture. I really enjoyed it. However I couldnt help but feel I had read it before. I went to check if it was similar to what Natasha had sent and realized I had deleted her mail. But I did find the letter. It was posted on an internet site which exposes scam artists. Written by someone else to another man. I wonder, is there a package you buy that gets you started in this business? One with links to dating services and canned letters? Oh well, like I said thank you for the pics, they will be posted on the blacklist. :o) Have a nice day! DanPS. here is a copy of the other letter. You guys really should try a little originality, it might help in the scam. Her letter:I thought it was at least a nice touch that she had acknowledged the tragedy in New York. She then responded to my letter with this:Responding letter Here are the pics she sent. I havent seen her on this blacklist or any of the sites Ive linked to from here so maybe we are catching this one early and can put an end to her career quick. Viva le Resistance! lol Lets put these scam artists out of business. I am not sure I will pursue any other Russian women after these two but I do like a friend that I have from Russia. Maybe there are more sincere girls like her out there. Incidentally, she came here as a political refugee a few years ago and unfortunately is already taken by my friends brother. Hope this helps someone, Dan

Hi my american friend!I am very glad that you have answered to me. I liked your profile and I have decide to write to you. I was attracted with that that you have written about yourselves. I live in Russia in city of Omsk. It very much far from Moscow. Its about 2500kms. I shall tell to you about myself. I was born in my city 16 september 1973 year. My growth 165 centimeters, weight 54 kgs. To me 27 years old. I was never married. I have education of barber and higher education on a speciality marketing. But now I work in firm and I sell cosmetics. I earn about 2300 roubles per one month. It approximately 80 American dollars. It not so it is a lot of for life. I have no children. At me expressive green eyes, I think that you will estimate my sight on a photo. I love to be engaged in sports. I frequently go in hall and play in volleyball and I like pool. I love to hold myself in the healthy form. I do not smoke and not I drink alcohol. I consider that it gives youth beauty and health. Do you agree With me? I very much love to prepare meal. Mine favourite meal - salads. My favourite colors are blue and white. I like many kinds of music, rocknroll, country, dance music, classic, jazz. I am very Cheerful women, I like jokes and smiles. I search for the man with which I could lead(carry out) all life. My intentions very much Serious. I very much hope to meet the good man to lead(carry out) with his Life. I very much want to create strong family. In the future I want to have children. I think one or two. I want to find the kind honour and favourite man. I hope that my photo was pleasant to you. I very much ask you to send me your photos. I think that appearance not most important, but it is very interesting to me to see yours Photo. I now live with the mom. I has told her, that today me has come letter from The man from america. She has told that it well, but It is impossible to trust the people at once. We should know each other better. We should pass Long way that in the end we shall understand together whether or not. But I think that we Lets shall well. I shall help you to study about me. I do not have native brothers And sisters. I have the grandfather and grandmother in village Senkino and aunt in Moscow. I not so well speak on English. But I now learn English on rates preparations. I can talk English. I think that you can understand all mine The letters. If something to you will not be understandable, write to me about it. I sometimes shall be To use the program of translation for translation of some word collocations. Your letters will help me to learn your language better. I have no the home computer Because it is very expensive for me. I shall write to you from my work. I shall tell to you about the city. I was born and has grown here. I shall ask to send you a map of an arrangement of my city. I never was outside my country but I had girlfriend from university She has got acquainted through agency with the man from northern America 3 years ago and has married in America. I now precisely do not know where she lives. Life in Russia little bit heavy. The population of our city about 1300000 people. The winter here very coldly happens even -35?. Duration of the shortest day about 6 hours. I like the city. To me to like to go for a walk on its streets, To visit museums. We in city have theatres, museums, house of culture. We with the girlfriends Frequently we visit cinemas and we look various films. I love lyrical films and Comedies. Most of all to me to like when there comes spring. On streets water flows and children play in the street, sing birds, the sun shines and Heats. A nature anew born and I feel that begin new life. My girlfriend from my work has advised me to look for the man through Internet. I badly understand the computer but my girlfriend has helped me to find liked to me The man. And I have written to you. I did not expect that you will answer to me because I have written one letter. I thought that it simply joke. I find map of our city. You can see it in attachment of my letter. I hope that we with you well learn each other and the computer can will help us To learn each other it is better. I want to know more concerning you. Tell me about Your habits, friends. Tell to me where you live. That you love is.I love Russian kitchen, Mexican Italian. Sometimes with the girlfriends we go Is in McDonalds. Tell to me that you think of Russia. I shall wait for your answer.Your friend from Russia Anna.

Hi my frend Michael.I very much love to read your letters, and they deliver me many pleasures. ... ... You probably think, that I the most serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and man of sympathy. At the given moment my feelings to YOU already, that it is more than friendly.... ...Today I have received from us for wages of work. To you it will be probable ridiculous, but I have made forty dollars. Well good we shall not speak concerning problems, which raise on our way. ... ...Today I shall visit church, and about me will ask about us. Be healthy and in the good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart.... ...Recently has found east treatise of love and would like it (it)((him)) to you to read - Three sources have propensities of the man: the reason of soul a body. The propensity of souls receives friendship. The propensity of opinion receives respect (attitude)((relation)). The propensity of a body (body) receives desire. The communication (connection) of three propensities receives love. I shall wait your letter. A kiss Natalia. - Scary isnt it? lol.Bye

Hi Dan! (Here is the original part -> I had week-end in my house where I cleaned it. I can not write to you in days off because I write from place of job. Sometimes I have no access to the Internet even from a place of job therefore I shall come now in Internet - cafe and Ill write to you every day. The attack of the terrorists has carried away life of the peace people. I think that these people will answer before the god for evil which they have caused. I bring the sincere condolences to all American people. I sympathize all people which now try to help. It is very a pity, I nothing can make, but I shall go today to church to put a candle for all people who has suffered from this evil attack of f...ed (sorry I cant said another) terrorists. (then canned -> I like to read yours letters and they deliver to me a lot of pleasures. Your letters heat my soul. .... You probably think that I the very serious woman, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the maybe future husband and loving man. At the given moment my feelings to you Dan already more than friendly.... ...Today I have received from us at job wages. To you probably will be ridiculous but I had made forty dollars per 3 weeks. Well good we shall not speak about problems which rise on our way.......Today I shall visit church and I shall be asked for us. Be healthy and in a good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart... ... Recently has found east love treatise and would like to you to read - three sources have inclinations of the man: soul reason and body. An inclination of souls derive friendship. Aninclination of mind derive respect. An inclination of a body derive desire. The connection of three inclinations derives love. I shall wait for your letter.P.S. I want to ask you to write me your address (sorry if I missed it). My address is 644077,russia,Omsk,Kirov str.,18-7. A kissAnna.

My dear Dan.Just wanted to say that Im joke with you. Im so sorry it was not serious. I find the letter in internet and send you. I badly know english, and I just wanted to know about life in other country. You must know that the name I said you not real, I write it myself. Please forgive me.
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