Ekaterina Neznaiko from Chisinau, Moldova a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Neznaiko the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekaterina Neznaiko
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Chisinau, Moldova
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Ekaterina Vladimirorvna Neznaiko ( Katya ) (Chisinau, Moldova) My name is Kenneth, Im a white male/ 43 years old from America and I met a women from Chisinau, Moldova on the web site called "Kiss.com" around the end of March 2001. ( through e-mail only ) Her and I hit it off from my first e-mail to her.... the same day I joined Kiss.com. Anyway, after I started writing to her-Katya, she asked me for money to help out with the e-mails, pictures & translations so I sent her $100 dollars because we were already talking about meeting with talks of marriage. Well, we were in a serious relationship. She said I could stay in her apartment with her during my 2-1/2 week visit. A month went by and she ask me for more money, I sent her another $100 dollars, month after month. By now, I had bought my airline tickets (for Sept 29, 2001 ) and was getting all the paper work together for my visit and she was very happy. We both couldnt wait until we were into each other arms. Everyday, I received e-mail about her love and loyalty to me and she would wait forever. About 6 weeks before Im to travel to see her, I spoke with her on the phone about love but the next day, she sent me a dear john letter. She told me about a old boyfriend she ran into from Israel that she hadnt seen in 13 years and they wanted to get married now. She told me that they didnt have the money back then but now, she wants to marry him. Smells like a scam too me. [Some fishy tell-tells about our relationship:]1. She liked me before I sent her my picture.2. It took about 3-1/2 months before I could get her on the phone.3. She called me darling on the phone but would never say my name.4. Repeating herself many times in her e-mails too me. (looked like copies) 5. Every time I would send her $100 dollars, she would talk about remodeling her mothers place, next time It would be her apartment and outside hallway. So the place would look good for me. 6. I sent her flowers, and I paid the service to send a photographer to take photos. I received the photos and she was standing with 2 older gentlemen which was Ok but they were looking at the camera and she was looking towards another camera man and not at mine. Afterwards, I found her on the web site called, "Absolute Agency" which she posted herself in March of 2001. I thought this was OK because I met her in March 2001 on "Kiss.com" but she up-dated her profile at the end of June 2001. We were already in a serious relationship during this time when I was sending her $100 dollars a month so why was she up-dating her profile on another web site? [ Web sites she is on: ] 1. Kiss.com 2. Absolute Agency Dating 3. Beautiful Russian Women Agency 4. American Singles.com No telling how many web sites she is posted on, I only found 4 while trying to find me someone else.Lets look at it like this guys, if you walk into a bar with a beautiful looking women. Every male in the place is going to spot her plus, the band, the DJ, the bartender...even the women know how good she looks so why would you put yourself in a lot of web sites while you could do It in one? Is she looking for love or money? I have copies of all the letters.... Ekaterina Vladimirorvna Neznaiko (Katya ), Moskovsky Pr. 14/1 apt. # 185 Chisinau, Moldova I also wanted to mention this unusual event during our correspondence. While I was receiving e-mails with photos, one time, I went to open up Katyas photos with e-mail and a virus tried to inter my computer and wipe out my files. About a month before this happened, my computer froze up so I went and had my anti-protection beefed up because I lost all her photos. Anyway, when I tried to open up her mail, a flashing "VIRUS ALERT" popped up on my screen warning me about a virus. I then isolated the virus and destroyed the files which was puzzling too me. After confronting her about this virus, she said that the company was sorry and that some guy most of sent them a virus and they didnt catch it before It was sent to me so please except our apology. I asked her to please re-send me the 2 photos that I lost when my computer froze up and she couldnt remember what pictures she sent to me.( She sent me two photos I never seen before ) We were already talking about marriage and It wasnt like I had these 2 pictures along time yet so why couldnt she remember? One time, I open up her e-mail with pictures and she said, "heres my swimsuit photos you asked me to send you." Wow!! I liked them a lot but I never asked her to send them too me. Please guys, make sure that you have a good "anti-protection" program installed on your computer so that you dont receive a virus that could wipe out your computer files. Someone just might be trying to erase her letters and pictures on your computer so that you cant prove your being scammed. Make sure that you make copies of your letters right when you receive them.
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