Galina Kislitsina (Magnitogorsk, Russia) from Magnitogorsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Galina Kislitsina (Magnitogorsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Galina Kislitsina (Magnitogorsk, Russia)
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Galina Kislitsina (Magnitogorsk, Russia)I had received a letter from a person named Galina Kislitsina who wrote to me, from a personal ad that i had placed at You will be able to see how quickly she became "IN LOVE" with me & could not live without me! I am a sceptic by nature, and so I wrote her to see what she would do next. She went from being not so well off, a 27yrs of age...yea right, to sending me a picture half dressed. She said she did not know how to use the computer very well, but somehow sent an MP3 of her voice??? I might add she called once at 5:30 in the morning! Here are her pics, so any guys out there BEWARE!!! I was lucky & caught on before I was sucked in! P.S.-attachments being sent. Thanks, KB Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3 Letter 4 and Letter 5 Letter 6
Hi my love Kary! Im very glad to see and to read your perfect letter. Your letters warm me and give me energy for all day. I have said to my mom, that I love you very strongly. I dont know why its occurs but its the truth. I very strongly love you and I cant live without you. A little coldly in Magnitogorsk now, but your letters warm me. I very much miss here without you and I want to see you soon. Im very pleased, that you want it also. Yesterday my mom was a little unwell. I went to the doctor and he has given me medicines for the mom. I think, that she will be all right. She approves my choice of you now and considers you as the good man. She says to you HI! I very much wants, that you will write me soon. And even more strongly I want, that our meeting was held sooner. Im wait this moment. Sometimes, when I lie down to sleep, I think about you. Im happy and I smile. I open my eyes and I see, that you are not present with me.

Hi! It is very pleasant that you have answered my letter. Recently I was in the Internet and casually has gone to I has decided to try to write you because I liked your profile. I want to know about you more. Summer in Russia now. The birds are singing, sun becomes higher on the sky. My mood rises because I like summer. I have got used to live cheerfully because if I there will be crying I shall be sad and will not be smiles on my face. Its bad because to smile it is necessary always. I want to find my unique man which will be with me all my life. Im afraid to choose incorrectly. I write you also because I know that american males very kind, cheerful, honour. And they do good things for the females. I very much want to know English language in perfection. I know English language already but not excellent. I visit English lessons now for increase of a level of my English. In my opinion, I do headway (successes). Smile... Please say to me about it. OK? Its important for me. Im very seriously think about it. Our correspondence is not joke for me. Its serious. Please say to me what is it for you? I live in Magnitogorsk town with my mum. For a long time we havent a complete family. My father has left from our family very much long ago and I do not remember him absolutely. He lives in the other city and never comes to us. Probably, I do not want, that he has arrived, because he so much years did not come to us. I think, that he is not very good man. I have told to my mum, that I have written the letter to American man (to you) and he has answered to my letter. She was surprised and has said that not strongly trusts. I do not know, whether we shall meet sometime or not. I think that all the same we shall understand each other. Very well that you want to learn me better because I want to learn you too. I shall help you to learn me better. I never was married and I do not have children. Ive birthday on September 15 1974. How you see, Im 27 years old and I want to find the worthy man for me. I still badly understand how the computer works but I try to learn it. It is very interesting. I work now as the accountant in small firm. We have business in manufacturing (fabrication) of metal doors for apartments (flats) and entrances. In correspondence with you, sometimes I shall write with the help of a translation program. But I think, that it will be not often. Basically I will write without it help. I has finished financial university and pedagogical institute. I think that we shall understand each other and then we can see each other. I very much like to prepare meal. My liked dish is meat made on the French recipe and the russian pelmeni. I would be very pleased if you tried my dishes and my kitchen. Smile... I have very many recipes for preparation of food. I very much like flowers. My favorite flowers is red roses. Im very pity, that I havent phone at home and I cant call you. But probably I nevertheless shall can try to do it once. I want to hear yours voice. Smile... I have access in the Internet only on my job. Here is present computer and I can write to you the letter five days per one week except for Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I can go to Internet-cafe and pay for Internet. But its expensive for me. When I have free time I like to listen the music and to dance. I listen different types of music. I want to create the happy family! It should be friendly. I had boyfriend long ago, but our relations was not serious. Also, unfortunately I do not have any brothers and sisters. Many people in Russia have brothers and sisters, but I have not. And Im a little lonely. I am going to search for other job, because I have not enough salary. I think that I can find other job. But here there is a computer and I can write you my ideas (thoughts). Sometimes I so would like to leave somewhere in other city because I was never in other countries and I very much Would like to see all other cities! But I do not have friends in other cities. I very much hope that we shall be the friends at first, and then there can be, that we shall solve something. Write to me your thoughts about it. I think that I shall be the good mother for my future children. I shall try to create strong healthy family. I never drink and I do not smoke. I care of my health. I very much wait for your answer. If you find that my words are interesting please write to me your answer and what you wish during the future. Your friend Galya.

Hi! Im glad to receive your new letter, Kary. Thank you for your words. I see, that you have become interested in me, and I want to tell you a little about myself now. My fullname is Galina Kislitsina. I was born September 15, 1974 in Vorkuta, Russia. Vorkuta is very far from Moscow. When I was 2,5 years old, my mum has led me to the kindergarten. I went to it till 7 years old. When I have reached (achieve) 7 years old, I have gone to school. My mums name is Elena Kislitsina. She is 52 years old now. My fathers name is Alexander Kislitsin. My father has thrown mom and me when I was 6 years old. I did not see him since. Unfortunately, I havent the brothers and sisters. In 1990 I have finished school and has entered a university. I work now as the accountant in small firm. I havent phone and computer at home and I enter to Internet from my job. But I cant use Internet often. And my level of use the computer very bad (Im very badly able to use the computer). My height is 168 cm and my weight is 51 kg. I like to do an aerobics. I love dance-music. And when Im unhappy, I listen to music such as Bryan Adams, Steve Wonder for example. I never drink and I never smoke in my life. I love children very much. Now I visit lessons of studing English language. I never was outside my country. Unfortunately, I have no enough time and money for travels, but I would like to visit USA in future maybe. If you will ask: "Why you have not been able to find a partner in Russia???" My answer: "I could not find the good man in Russia. Therefore I search for the friend through Internet". I do not have boyfriend lately. If you till now are interested in me, next time I shall write about myself else. Much more warm today in our town. The weather is more better. I like it. We have the village called Nikolaevka near our town. Its about 79 kilometers from here. I have a grandmother there. She is 77 years old and her name is Polina. Sometimes I go to village to visit my grandmother. My grandfather died 1,5 years ago and I still miss him. There are many trees in forest near village and there is a river Chernushka. Its very beautiful. I like clear air and nature. I talked with my mum today again. I said that I have received the new letter from one man from USA. She was surprised. But she think that its not seriously. I dont know about it but I think that its maybe seriously. I like to go in for the sport. My favourite kinds is volleyball, gymnastics and aerobics. I think that we must know about each other more and we must to trust, because its hasnt interest if its virtual joke. I hope you think in the same way. With next letter we continue to study each other more and more. With each letter the size of ignorance will become is less. It is very a pity that we far apart. But I think that maybe we can meet in future. But now its only dream and not more. Its would be very interesting to have meeting with the American man. Today Im visited by my grandmother from village. She has brought the jam. She prepares it very delicious and I take her recipes. I would like that you tried it. You seem to me as the very good man. I want to write to you the letters further. I received the answers of other people, but I like you more. I dont know why but I think that its the right way. I hope to receive your letters again. You can ask me about my life more. Ill send you my answers and continue learn you. I shall ask you too. What do you do in free time? What is your hobby? What do you like? I shall wait your answer. I wait your new words.Galya.

Hi my dear Kary! I am sorry that I could not write you during two days. I have a small problems at work. But it is not serious. You dont care about it. Im so happy to see your letter again! With each your letter I feel that I know about you more and more and Im very glad. I feel that youre very interesting for me and I like you. I want to know more about you. Today I have visited my grandmother. We had talk. She said that she want to see me happy and its real because I write to very interesting person and receive letters from him. Its you Kary. Then I went to the pool. I like to swim there. I like water and sun. I like beach too. Today I think about visit USA. Its interesting and I want too see you in real life. We can talk with you because I believe that we understand each other. How my English??? I write it myself. Please tell me about you more. Im waiting for your letters. It makes me happy. I have some questions to you: 1) Do you want to find love? 2) How am I looking in pictures? 3) Do you want to learn me more? 4) How hard your life in US? 5) What you think about me? Have a nice day!Your Galya.

Dear Kary! I love your letters, it makes me crazy and my interest to you is increased. With each next your letter I feel that we can have future with you. Is it real? I dont know, but I want to hope for it. But we must know each other more and more and I think that personal contact is more better than virtual letters. I want to tell you more about me and I hope you too. I think maybe in the future our relations will more seriously. We must have complete trust with you, its very important. I hate when people deceive each other. And I think that you not such. I hope for it. Maybe at the one moment my feelings to you can be more than friendly. YOU MUST THINK THAT IM A SERIOUS WOMAN AND I DONT WANT TO DO MISTAKE IN MY CHOICE OF HUSBAND!!! It is possible, that my feelings to you already now are more than friendly. I see that your words are written by the man with soul. Its warm for me. My soul and heart are warm now and opened for our relations but you must inform me about your feelings because I must know your thoughts about us. I want to say to you thanks for your letters. I really enjoy it and I want to see more your photos. I want to receive more information about your life because I like you and your thoughts now. When I read your letters I thought that you the honour man. It is very wonderful that I am not indifferent to you. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Write me about your favorite meal more. I very much like to prepare meal. Write me more what you do at a free time. Write to me about your most secretdream. Please write me all, what you want to say. I sure, that I understand your words well. Today I went to the church and has put a candle for you! I very much want, that you will all right. My character very soft

I very much am upset, if I do something badly. I very much would like to speak with you personally and I hope that sometime it will be so! I think, that if people begin to like each other, then they should be compatible. I think that the love is eternal. And love will win all evil in this world. I shall wait your answer.Your Galya. P.S. You know I want to talk with you. May be you take me a telephone number? Ok?

Kary!!! I was very glad to receive from you the letter!!! When I read your letter, the tears of pleasure have appeared on my eyes. I see that we are necessary each other. How you there without me? All last time you fill all my thoughts. You show very strong interest to me. It very pleasantly for me to feel. I began very much think about you and me. What waits for us ahead? Now you the second person in this world, which is most of all necessary to me. The first person is my mom. I am very grateful to you that you trust me. I think, that the dialogue through Internet its not naturally. We should hand in hand each to other, look to eyes each other and speak, speak, speak. We should speak about you and me. We should speak about all in the world. I have very good mood now. I want to know all about you. You are very important for me. With each next your letter I begin to understand more and more, that I have found the man, who is the most necessary for me. I want to embrace you by caress and tenderness. I consider, that the creation of the spiritual and emotional basis of the people is sense and purpose of creation of family. I want to tell you, that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely. And I always understood that we put a lot of trust to create our union. Now I am sure on all 100 that I can trust you. And you are that man, which is necessary for me. When I read your letters, I had seen there your sincerity and fidelity to me. Reading your last letter, I have understood something.I have made for myself the large conclusion, which is possible to express in three words "I LOVE YOU". Today I felt myself very excellently! All my work was turned out very easily, because all my thoughts were directed to you. I as though knew, when you think about me and I think about you too. And these thoughts has warmed my soul and body. I understand, that our mutual relation is under construction on trust. But we should trust each other. Without it our union simply cant exist. Today, when I went to my job, I thought, how much I should tell to you. I could not find words. But when I have read your message, the words have appeared by themselves. How I already spoke, that between us there should be a absolute trust, and we should know all about each other. Well... I do not know how to inform you... Im the virgin. You probably think, that I such not modern, but I consider that I should have intimate relation with the favorite man. Now I have the large liking to you. I dont know why, but its the truth. Sometimes I am visited by dreams, but I still am ashamed speak to you about it. But we have agreed to be honest with each other... well... I shall tell you... This dream has visited me today night. "You and I have supper with candles in your home. And then we go to your bedroom and we begin to love each other." But in life I know very little about sex. Only from movies. Excuse me that I speak with you so frankly, but I think that you should know all about me. I would be happy to meet you. Its a limit of my desires. My feelings to you are expressed by this poem. My love is like a burning flame Dying out until I know your name In my heart Im crying out for you Unwrap my love, this you can only do Give me all your love and Ill give you mine And forever the two of us will combine I want to please your mind, body, and soul I want to be the only love you know I may be young, but my love is pure We both have lonely hearts, Together were the cure I hold so many secrets I can only tell you But where is my soulmate, God just give me a clue For love we both know just what it takes We have to love, honor, trust, and communicate With you I must be united My mind will be at ease, My heart will be delighted When I find you, into one we will be grown But remember, We all enter and leave this world alone. I shall wait for your answer. With love your Galya. P.S. You know I have found an opportunity to write down. Listen it. I am sorry that here there are some discrepancies is because I have written down the speech earlier than have received your letter.
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