Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest, Belarus) from Brest a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest, Belarus) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest, Belarus)
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Oxana Curdiucova - Bel Tour (Brest, Belarus)I live in the US. the day after if not the day of the World Trade Center terrorist attack, I was once again contacted by "her" (the first attached letter) I replied saying thank you for your support but since you almost burned me then didnt reply to me at all once I pointed out the black list condition, that I didnt want to hear from "her" again. I received the second letter today (9/13/01). The local Better Business Office has warned the People of the US about scammers claiming realistic names of "aid agencies" So my suspicions are up. I again told her I dont want to hear from her and that I can see where the string of letters was building to. No pictures have been sent at this time.WarrenSeptember 12, 2001September 13, 2001
My dear good morning!!!! My dear may be Ive chosen not very good time for my letter, but I really need to write you, cause I want you know that I am thinking and worry about you. The day passed after this catastrophic, but I think that such tragedy will remember us, that our life is so unexpected and dangerous for a long time. And you know that today Ive thought in this tragedy young people died, who even doesnt how free got love and wont know whenever. Our people as people all over the world share the sorrow and regret of your country. Dear, unfortunately, I cant help with something, but believe that this attack shocked me greatly, and I can only pray that in future we wont have such violence. Politicos flight against each other, but terrorists kill peaceful humans. Im sure that citizens of New York and Washington, and in general all over the world are not responsible for politicos games of their governments. And we faced with t5he treat number one the world, of the and this is called terrorist. So, dear and our country is also undertakes measures to escape tragedy. So from the 14 the September till the 1st of October practically all the doctors of different hospital should special training. Some of them will go to America to help a person whos suffered from collapses. Dear, these two weeks I wont write to you, because Im going to Moscow to take these courses of special trainings, but Ill come back home on the 1st of October, and my very dream is to get a letter from you. Dear, please take care and dont have any risqu?. Itll be very hard for me to love without messages from you, but Ill think about you and pray for you and for your family. And, please, undertake all the measures safety of, because you know its not cleared now who is responsible for this attack, so you should always be ready to safe yourself and your family. But, I hope with the whole straight of my heart that this of terrorist attack will not repeat again. But nobody knows what we should expect. As a doctor I advise you to pack all the necessary things, I mean cloths, documents, medicine into one suitcase and put it at the door, in case of aloud. All of this I want to say you because I worry about you and I hope that all danger will pass and we can be together. Youre always in my heart. I love you.Forever yours Oxana. P.S. I returned at home only 1st October please doesnt worry. Please write me a letter 1 October.

Oh, my dear, Ive just seen news by BBC and CNN. Its terrible!!!! Oh, my God!!! How could human arrange such violence against another? Of, course, dear Im so far away but dear my family, our people and me share sorrow and regent of your country. My dear, please send me a note how do you feel and how is yours family. I worry very much Im very excited, dear, unimaginable terrorist attack. Dear, now I can only watch TV news. Im thinking about you Dear, write me as soon as possible.My heart is with you. Im praying for you and yours family. Dear, Im shocked my hands tremble, sorry that my thoughts are in mess, but its a huge tragedy of the whole world. Love you very much. Please take care. I wont survive if something happens with you. We are very sorry about there accident.I love you, my heart with yours. Yours Oxana.
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