Tatyana Zaytseva (Tomsk, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Zaytseva (Tomsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatyana Zaytseva (Tomsk, Russia)
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Tatyana Zaytseva (Tomsk, Russia)I am a single American male 32 years old who recently received a response to a posting I had at trueloves.com. The response came from a woman who called herself Tanya. I corresponded with her daily for three weeks until I found this site. Here are several letters that she sent. It should be noted that the second and third letters are VERY similar to those of a Tatyana (AKA Natalia Kuvshinova) from Irkutsk shown on this site.Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3 After two weeks she started insisting that she come and visit me in America. She said she would pay for her VISA $240 and the trip to Moscow. I was to pay $730 for her trip from Moscow to Seattle. She wanted the money sent to her at:Western Union. adress: 634950 ALPHA BANK TOMSK PLOSHAD KIROVA, 2Thankfully I found this wonderful web site and saved my money and my heart. She was very good about sending photos with every email but never took the time to answer many of my questions.Dan

Greetings Me call Tanya. To me of 28 years, but October, 15 will be 29. I live in Russia in fine city of Tomsk, it(he) to be to Siberia. My growth of 167 centimeters, weight of 50 kg. I work in the company engaged The real estate, I the agent on sales. I do not smoke and I do not drink. It was not married and have no children. I very much like to go in for sports, like to listen to music, To dance to travel, like to have a rest in the company Good friends. I well speak in English, but at me problems with Grammar, therefore for a spelling of letters I shall use The program of translation. I hope that we shall continue acquaintance. I wait from you for the answer, Tanya

Greetings Dan! I am very glad that you have answered me. I liked yours On this site and I have decided to write a structure to you. I search for persons with which I might To lead(carry out) all life. My intentions very serious. I live in Russia in city of Tomsk. It is very far from Moscow. Our city not so big and I have already despaired to search for persons for life. I shall tell to you about myself. My growth of 167 centimeters, weight of 50 kgs. To me of 28 years. I was never married. I have higher education on a speciality the economist. But now I work in office under the real estate, our office is engaged in sale of apartments, we sell apartments on conditions favourable to the client. Our office is in demand small demand as people yet have not got used to address to us, therefore I have small earnings. I very strongly like to play in the summer on a beach in volleyball, and also I like to bathe in ?????? or in lake. I am able to play on the piano and very strongly like to play for the girlfriends. I hope that my photos will like you. I ask you to send me your photos. I think that appearance not the most important, but it is very interesting to me to see your photos. Mine mum and daddy were lost in accident in 1999, they were broke by the machine. From relatives I still had only uncle and the aunt who live very far from me. I visit them 1-2 times per one year. I not so strongly want to speak on a theme of the relatives, therefore I shall ask you to not ask me in this occasion. I think, that we should pass a long way that in the end we shall understand together whether or not. But I think that all will be good. I shall help you to study about me. I speak enough not bad in English, but at me complexity with grammar. To write to you letters I while I shall use the program of translation. I think that you can understand all my letters. If something to you will not be clear, tell me about it. Your letters will help me to teach(learn) your language better. I have no the domestic computer because it is expensive for me. I shall write to you from my workplace. I spend(see off) all free time with girlfriends. We with girlfriends frequently visit(attend) a cinema and we look various films. I very strongly like to go to cinema, and also I like to go to a zoo and park of culture on different attractions. My loved(liked) the American hills. I very much love classical music. Most of all to me to like when to come spring. On streets water flows and kids let ????????????, sing birds, ???????????? shines and heats. The nature anew is born also I feels that new life begins. My girlfriend has advised me to look his(its) only thing in Internet. I did not expect that you will answer me. I thought that it simply a joke. I hope that we with you well learn(find out) each other and the computer may, it is simply impossible, will help us to find each other. I want to know more concerning you. Tell to me about your habits, Friends. Tell to me where you live. That you like. I shall wait for your answer. Your friend from Russia Tanya.......

Hi my liked friend Dan!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. I hope that you may understand my letters. Today At us solar weather and it is very wonderful. I today worked and had The conflict to my boss. It(he) has shouted at me and I was upset, I all day went With bad mood. But it that I have pleasure in life is yours Letters. I love your letters when I read them I feel as we approach. We are Far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue. Though I already thought, that Dialogue through the Internet it is not absolutely enough to understand each other is stronger. What you think of it? I would like to see you not only on a photo. But I not I know as it probably, because we very much far apart. You to me are nice And I think that our attitudes(relations) may be deeper. I do not know as to explain It is in a word. I simply feel it. Your letters do(make) my mood high. To me It becomes joyful on soul. By the way I want to write to you my address Russia, city of Toisk, street Lenina 43-190. But I think that it is not necessary to write to me because may steal The letter, and would not be desirable me that who knew that about that about what we with you we think. I hope you of me you understand. I shall wait your letters and I hope that you will write to me soon. I think that Sometime we shall meet you. I would like to arrive to America to meet With you to look as you you live. I want it because I begin to understand that Between us there is something the greater than the friendship seems to me that this feeling Trust each other, me it seems that it is love, you seem to me that too You feel it. I wait for your answer, it is very important for me to know that you think of that that I have written To you. Your friend Tanya...
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