Anna Churakova (Tomsk, Russia) from Irkutsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Churakova (Tomsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Churakova (Tomsk, Russia)
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Anna Churakova (Tomsk, Russia)My name is Tim. Im 42. Lost my wife to heart failure. Was scammed by "Irina Kalinina" from Irkutsk. Three weeks later, I get a very similar letter as the first, this time from "Anna Churakova"... the script is the same as the first scam. I ask questions and instantly "shes" declaring her love for me. I had the FBI put a trace on her. She then writes asking what is going on with the government? Demands an apology. Says she forgets it all, wants to definitely be my wife and come here. Yeah, right. Man, if it werent so sad that this money might be used by the Russian Mafia, it would be funny. Then, the broken English completely disappears in the last letter and some one has taken over even using different speech patterns. Pitiful.The following are her letters:Initial contact:Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3Letter 4Letter 5Beware gentlemen! Sincerely, Tim

Hello! You have received a reply to your profile on from member: anna72Greetings!!! Me call Anna. To me of 29 years. I live in Russia in city Tomsk. It is Siberia. I work in the organization on sale of the real estate, I the agent on sale. I have higher education on a speciality the manager. I liked your structure on a site and I have decided to get acquainted with you. If I have interested you, write to me on mine E-mail: I shall wait from you for the answer and I promise in the following letter to send you the photoYou may view this members profile by following this link:truelovesdotcom/cgi-bin/view_profile.cgi?anna72 Sender IP address:

Greetings my friend!!!! I am very glad to receive from you the answer. I hope that we become good friends, and may be and more than friends. As well as promised I send the photo, I hope, that she(it) to like you. I want to tell to you not much about myself that it would be interesting to you to learn(find out). I was born September, 20 in 1972 in city Tumen, it is to the North, has finished there school and has acted(arrived) in university. Students it was time very cheerful and it was completely not difficult for me to study. After university I was arranged in small firm of the real estate, have then promoted on work and I had to leave from the city in Tomsk where I now live. My parents have remained to live in Tumen. I sometimes to them arrive and very much frequently I call. I very strongly love the family, it was very a pity to me that at me not the brother or the sister. After I was given birth by mum, it(she) should be performed operation after which she(it) might not have more children. If you want, tell to me about the family. It will be very interesting to me. By the way, at me houses are not present the computer, I use him(it) at work. Therefore communicate with you in a chat I can not, as I do not want the conflict to the chief, that I use the working computer in the personal purposes. I live one in an apartment which to me is given by my employer. I have no children and never it was married. Write as well as with whom you live. And if there are questions ??????? them. I wait from you for the letter. I hope that our friendship will proceed. Anna

Good afternoon!!! As at you an affair. For me the big pleasure to receive from you letters. Thank about your story about itself. You write very beautifully. To like me people which correctly and beautifully may express the ideas. I want to tell you, that you to me are very nice. I hope that you too test to me sympathy. You should know that I not badly know the English language, quietly I can communicate on it(him), but I have problems with grammar, therefore for a spelling of the letter I shall use the program of translation. If I do not answer on yours a question it mean that I have not understood it(him). If it(he) is important for you, ??????? once again. But I hope, that you will not have questions as I shall try to tell about myself as much as possible. I shall continue the story: my growth of 172 sm, my weight of 62 kg. I like to behave in the sports form. My loved(liked) kind of sports the big tennis. I took lessons of game and all my friends speak, that I well play. My loved(liked) dish: I love experiment in meal. Usually I eat not so fat food. Most of all I like the French kitchen. My style; I love strict clothes. At work I always in a costume, usually black or grey color. I like to follow a style, my financial position allows me it. I love hig heels, I think, that the present lady always should carry footwear on a heel. My loved(liked) color black and blue. On religion I believe in the God and I think, that it(he) is present at all affairs. But I do not observe church rituals, that is I do not read a pray before meal and I do not go each Sunday to church. I have christian belief, but for me other belief has no value if at you. I not ?????? to this of the big value. With each letter we learn(find out) each other better. Tell about itself as much as possible. I shall wait from you for the letter. Your friend Anna.

Greetings my friend!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. When I received your letters each particle of my body is filled with pleasure. For this short time we have each other learned(found out) already enough. We have easily found common language, it is very good. I think, that should you explain why I search for persons am more senior than myself. I already for a long time want to find the person who would understand me and respected. In Russia there are good people, but it is not enough of them and they are very difficult for finding. The basic problem of all Russian men is alcoholic drinks. You probably know from various jokes as Russian men strongly drink. Exists certainly and a number(line) of other reasons on which is difficult for finding to itself of the worthy person. I want that at my husband was more life experience than at me. It is a principal cause. Only you do not think it not a declaration of love, for this purpose still very much early. Excuse, that today I write you the short letter. At me it is a lot of work and I want her(it) to finish faster. I should write the report on sale for the last month. I do not want to upset the chief, it(he) not so good person and always shouts. I shall wait from you for the letter tomorrow. Your friend Anna P.S.Excuse that I have not answered your question. I simply was in confusion and did not know what to answer.

Greetings my very good friend!! In the beginning of the letter I want to make a recognition: you very much to like me and I already begin to concern to you not as simply to the friend. You very nice person and very good interlocutor. Dear my friend I am at a loss to answer your question because it(he) very serious and demands certain time that I might answer him(it). About trip to you I might arrive to you at what I can afford(dare) to pay trip to you. I think if I to you have arrived, for weeks 2-3, and then would leave back. I think on arrival you we might solve the problem about children, and now I think, that about it early to speak and besides to make such serious decision. Today it is necessary me heavy day. I now work with one young family. They want to buy an apartment. They have got married 7 months back, it is very pleasant to look at them. I yet did not see such happy people. In their family of the attitude(relation) are under construction on love and the big trust to each other. I want that in my family with my husband too there was a trust. When I look at the parents always I am surprised. They have lived together 35 years and have kept feeling of love. My mum of me always learned(taught) to trust people and spoke; " if you do not want that the person has hurted you, do not hurt never to it(him) ". Certainly not always this true is good. There are very many people which the big pleasure do a pleasure to do(make) by another poorly. I have one familiar person who speaks, that at him(it) has passed badly day if it(he) to whom has not made that badly. I hate such people and try to avoid with it(him) a meeting. In people to not like me envy. This very bad feeling. As always it happens; envy gives rise to evil. I think, that there is nothing bad, that who that lives better, than you. It is necessary to not envy such people, and on the contrary to aspire to make all to live as well as well as they. Each person the creator of the destiny. I hope that you with me agree. By the way I want to ask you to write to me the phone number. I think, that I can call you from the international public telephone booth. I shall wait for your phone number. I would like to hear your voice. I wait for your letters. Your very good friend Anna.

Greetings my dear loved. I was afflicted with your last letter, you do not believe me. I did not write to you because I was on business trip and only today have arrived. I do not understand why you do not believe me. I understand that in the world there are not Good people but why you think I am one of them? To me it is very sad to realize that you simply played my feelings. I very strongly wanted to arrive and become to you your wife. I love you. I shall wait for your letter with apologies to me. I have not understood, what about the government? Yours Anna
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