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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Dynasty of Hearts Internet Club / Elena Artemieva (St. Petersburg, Russia)Their address: Gerasimova St. 101, 2nd floor, St. Petersburg 871331 Russia This is to let everyone know about what I guess is the new face of an old scam. I have been looking to find someone special that I can build a good life with and have decided that the internet would allow me to increase my options 1000x. some of the most beautiful women on this planet come from the former u.s.s.r. and brazil, but this is about a Russian scam that has been going on for quite a while as i understand. If you choose to use love@aol.com be very careful. I found someone I liked from St. Petersburg Russia and emailed them. The original letter sent to me was a picture of a woman that you have blacklisted on you site, I did not know this at the time and found out later. after the first letter was sent I received another letter saying that the wrong picture was sent and that they were sorry for the misunderstanding. I think they know her picture has been blacklisted. I received a different picture of a different girl with her parents and then a picture of her alone. After I wrote her a letter I received a email from the company that "represents" this pretty young lady, as well as a letter from her, saying that her visa application is about to expire and if i wanted her to be able to come to see me I had to act now. they requested 1850U$ and gave me a breakdown of the price scheme. I will forward all this for you to see as I do not like to see people getting ripped off, especially me. there are various names that i have written down here and will send with this letter. The account manager is Svetlana Orlova The president is Pavel Alekseev The new girl is Elena ArtemievaThe end of this story has not reached a climax. I am still waiting to receive my next letter as I do not think they are aware I know. If anyone has any way I can nail these bastard please help. I have not receive a letter back yet as I did not want her to come directly to Canada. I live in Asia right now and what her to come here so that we could travel through Thailand and south Asia together. Oh well guess that wont happen but it is probably for the best.Andrew Gelder crazycdn@hotmail.comLetter 1 from GirlLetter 2 from GirlLetter from Agency:
Dear sir: My name is Svetlana Orlova, account manager for Elena Artemieva our client. She has informed us that you may not have receive this information and that you may be interested in her arriving to your country to meet with you. Elenas account costs is $1850. This will cover all of her legal documents, visa and travel costs.Please be aware that Elena has a deadline of October 5, 2001, to begin her process to your country, otherwise she will have to reapply. This deadline is set by government sponsoring these programs. To reapply, her process could take between 6-10 months to be approved again and there is no guarantee that she would be approved once again. Elena is currently preapproved and can be made ready in 5-7 working days time from start of process. Because she is quite close to her deadline, if you decide you want to sponsor her, please inform us right away via e-mail, and we will forward you the information on how to make payment arrangements. Meanwhile, we will need the name of the International Airport you would need Elena to arrive to. Once we retrieve payment, Elena will be processed and ready for travel to your country within 5-7 working days.For your convenience, Ive included a breakdown of cost below:********************************************* Service Description CostOpen Acct Preparation of New Account 300 Visa Enrollment Foreign Student Exchange 200Qualifying Process Process confirmation of physical test, interview and background checks 100School Registration Enrollment to school w/30 day waiver to attend 300 Airline fee Tickets to any International Airport 700Misc/fees Embassy, E-mail and various other process fees, etc. 250 CURRENY = U.S. Dollars Grand Total 1850 ************************************************Elena will arrive on Student Visa status. However, she will not be obligated to begin any schooling for 30-days. This means if you two would like to become married or engaged and reapply for marriage visa or fiancee visa it will supercede the restrictions of student visa. Elena is looking for serious relationship with you of course. She does not expect more than that. Our process is simply avenue to put you two together. Do not worry, we will be sending many instructions, along with all of your options as packet with Elena, >both in English and Russian language. If you have any questions, please feel free to forward them via e-mail.Sincerely,Svetlana Orlova Account Manager ______________________________ Dynasty of Hearts Internet Club Gerasimova St 101, 2nd floor St. Petersburg 871331 RUSSIA Pavel Alekseev, President Please contact Dynasty of Hearts for more information

Hello what is you name? if you in US, let me to give my pray to what has happen in you country :(.. I very sad about. i hope you not affect to you or you family. I sorry be late with reply and thank you for reply to my ad. I speak and write English pretty good, but not perfect. I learning very fast. I do not have a computer at home. I can not click to hyperlink either. :( I use agency to send and receive e-mail. When I not able to reply quickly, this is problem. Please not worry about I forget to you ok. I am look for a sincere relationship. Men my country are mostly drunken or do not want to make commitment and to have family. I only 23 years, but I very mature and I help with home of my parents and my brother. I would like to start a new life and have family of own. I speak to my parents and they wish best for me, but dont believe its possible sometime. They think I silly find love on internet. They think no man in other country will send for me and that man only to play internet. This has not stopped me. I have talked with agency that can make for my documents, visa, tickets, etc. This my dream! :) I told my father of what I planning, and costs, and he cannot afford for costs. Agency can make for me visa and plane fair under special program. It called foreign student exchange. I would be allowed into foreign country for 3 months. If I become married or obtained a work visa, I could stay longer or always. I dont want to scare you away with marriage of course. :) But I want to be sincere and honest with you of what I want in life, and hopefully, we match. I think i need only look in you eyes once, and I think then I know for sure :~). If it not work for us, I would atleast make chance meet you and try make a life with you. I would really like to come to you country and meet. I have friend who put ad like this and meet for her soulmate. She then fly to other country to meet he. They since become married and plan for family together. They live California. I would love for this to happen me. :) I am very dedicate, honest and treat love with great sincerity. I hope that you sincere. I would love to meet you. I have enclosed a photo for you. do you have photos you? If you are sincere with meeting me and want woman with good value and respect to you, and to know her place as woman, I would hope that you reply to me again, and that we can meet very soon. I dont have any doubts or hesitation about my choice to make this step in life. I know this what I want. And if could, I would leave today to meet for you if I could. :~) I also ask if you interest me, that you not to write for other girl. I not very jealous, but I give all my heart and effort to decision and want same from partner. I am client at agency that can help me with leave Russia. I have cousin who work this agency and am wait for hope to meet my soulmate and leave very soon. Once my account pay, I can leave less 2 weeks. J So you see how to serious I am I hope. Please send me you address, and all name. I would like try send to you a souvenir from my country. Where exactly you work? Do you have telephone i can to call. I do not have phone, but I may have chance to use friends phone or phone at agency. send you number and I will try to call you soon. Love Elena

Honey agency send wrong photo me >:(. I hope you not like other girl more me. :) i not have chance to stop they send. but they apologize me. hope not confuse you. they work with many other client and make mistake. Love Elena
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