Marina Konstantinova (Kherson, Ukraine) from Kherson a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Konstantinova (Kherson, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Konstantinova (Kherson, Ukraine)
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Marina Konstantinova (Kherson, Ukraine)Thank goodness I found your web site and found this lady, Marina Konstantinova, her photo is beautiful and I was writing to her when I read her scam, so I was prepared for what was to come. I never send money to women in fear of scams, maybe I am cold hearted, I dont know. But I was waiting for Marinas letter for asking for money and like clock work it came. Please if you see this woman, she is a scam artist, and run. Her email address is: ..... Here it is:

I hope that you remember me... I think that you no need to read this letter but anyway i write it now... You cant imagine how i feel myself now... That is very hard to write it but i dont have other way. And dont be angry of me please. I write this letter to you because i dont know who can help me. I hope, that you forgive me that I wasting your time, but I am in a trap now. Here is nobody can help me.. My life now is like a hell. Sometimes i think why i was born?... WHY? Maybe that is my destiny. Maybe i was very bad in my past life and God is give me that way. It is very shame to me... Maybe you the one who can help me.. And if you say NO to my ask i will understand you... I know what you think now... And i understand you... Now I work on three works: the secretary and the bookkeeper in the trading company and the cleaner in a kindergarten (I love children very much). My monthly income is $90 per one month. That is very small and not enough for normal life... But i dont even get paid that money for past five months... My boss on whom I work in the trading company, constantly solicited sexual contact to me, but I always refused him, and he has threatened me, that will remind me of my refusal, that I make a mistake. Now i didnt get paid for past five months... I am even was been at the court but my boss is give them documents to prove that he is dont have money to pay my salary... And court is decline my report... He is just laugh of me and ask to have sex with him for resolving all my financial troubles... I hate him... I dont even have something to sell.. My friend Nastya have very much helped me too. Nastya is let me live with her but just till 3th of Oktober but after 3th of Oktober i will leave her apartment because her sister with husband are back from the trip... and i dont know where to live after that date... I sleep now about three hours per day (all other time I work). And I have decided to try through internet. My girlfriends dissuaded me from it, spoke, that peoples from another countries are greedy and to them the destiny of young girl is indifferent, but I do not believe them, they are mistaken...because i have you and you told me that you need me... i believe you and i want to be with you..... All my life Im dreaming about my future happy family life... I am very tired to be alone in this cruel and brutal world and I want to share my life with a honest, good and reliable man, to take care of him, help him and make every day of his life happy. Maybe you will ask me - why she cant find a man in her town or country - I will try to explain it to you: I had a boyfriend but we broke up near 10 month ago and since that time I am alone. I am a frank, tender and kind girl and he knew that... and he abuse that every time... after all our long relationship i understood that he used me and just played with my feelings ...but it is in the past and I dont want to remember that I hope that Ill meet one day the man who will understand and love me... I forgive my ex-boyfriend all he did to me...and i dont think that we will meet again. from this experience I understood that men in my country cant respect women and just hurt them that is why in our country so many lonely women. So... this is my story in some words... I have a friend - Irina - she is going to get marry soon with a good man and she move to his country. They met though the Internet and now they love each other very much. She is very happy and advice me to looking for my soulmate there to. I am was thinking some time but I decided to try to do it. So Ive started to do it and I met you, ... I am very interested in you and if you are too - please email me soon. But only if you have a serious intentions - dont play with me please, my life and feelings!!! I dont want to make a mistakes and hurt myself or somebody..... understand that please!!! It is very important for me! I will wait your answer very much. I dont have my own PC at home and Im using a computer from my friend Nastya work. I am sure, that you will understand my position, that it is more the good peoples in the world than bad. HELP ME PLEASE. I ask to help me. I promise to pay back as soon as shall earn them. If you can help me that send me money through Western Union. My father was send me money by Western Union many times and i know how it work....but he do not want to send me more.... but i think you cant help me because i need too much money... i have to pay my rent $210 for past five months... Nastya is can let me live with her just till 5th of Oktober and i dont know where to live after that date... but if i pay even for past 3 months then anyway i have to prepay for next one month... i am in a trap... what will i do? for what to live??? If i dont back my room then i dont know what to do... i want to die... i am even know how to die with no hurt... i am tired of my life... Sure, you can think "Why I should help her? Let it will make someone another." I have very little of time and all my hopes only on you. I understand, that all people are different. All peoples are have problems, but my problem is can change my life... or stop my life... I count only on you...You cant imagine how thankful i can be... You can save my life... I am even afraid of your reaction to my letter... sorry... Your Marina September, 30, 2001 Marina Konstantinova Komsomolskaya 35, apt.28. 73003 Kherson Ukraine Europe P.S. please, dont be mad at me... I just dont have another solution... I am sure if i live somewhere else in a good country then i will have a good life... i am well educated but to find a job is very difficult here...
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