Olga Boyko (Odessa, Ukraine) from Odessa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Boyko (Odessa, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Boyko (Odessa, Ukraine)
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Olga Boyko (Odessa, Ukraine)Hello. Im David, 27, American, single father of zero. I was contacted through love@aol and correspondence lasted about 2 weeks. Im including all her letters, because its her words that will expose her to anyone looking at this site. She apparently doesnt use the same pictures, and even changes her address and city, so sorry in advance for the length of this.Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3Hi, dearest, thanks for such a nice reply. I hope its not a last letter of you. Im sorry Ive forgot to describe myself. Well, my heigh is 163cm and Im not very big - 48kg. I have a red hier and my beauty is a real Russian. Any how, I have sent you my picture and you could see it yourself. My nationality is Russian but my country is Ukraine. Before it was one very big and very powerfull country USSR. Now there is lots of small and poor countries. But they are still beautiful and I love my wonderful Ukraine. I hope youll have one time a possibility to see it with your own eyes. Please tell me about nature and everything you want in your country. Hope to hear from you soon. Olga.My address: Olga Boyko Pushkina str. 24, app.156 Odessa UkraineP.S. I dont have too many scanned photos but if you like I could send you some via regular post.Letter 4Hi, my wonderful Prince, nice to hear from you again. I guess weve started a relations. But you know, I must say you something important. Im 19, that is Im not too old for unmerried woman. But I dont have any desier to try a lots of time. Im looking for a serious and only serious relations. I decided to get married and Id like to do that ones. I dont want to experiment. That is if you are serious I need a guarantee of that. Hope, youll understand me correct. Hope to hear from you. OlgaLetter 5Hi, my dear Prince! Well, you are enough serious. Youd like to have something really serious with me. But first of all we should meet. We must know each other better, we must learn each other. Im thinking that we feel each other already. Lets deside how could we do that. Im waiting for your concrete propositions. OlgaLetter 6Letter 7Letter 8First, I thought it was odd that I got two similar requests for cash within minutes. Kind of like she has forms set up and just forgot that she had already asked me. Second, I suspected a scam from the beginning, so I thought now would be a pretty good time to check on her. I found her here on page 14, but the picture and address were different, so after some internal debate I chose to ignore the eerily similar wording, and I sent the money anyway. From this point on, I started dropping subtle hints that I didnt quite trust her. To continue...Letter 9Letter 10Letter 11Letter 12Letter 13Letter 14She finally got the hint. I sent the link to page 14 and asked for an explanation.Letter 15Big shock, she didnt even try to explain how she got listed here. And I still dont have $1400 to just give away.Letter 16Wow, how convenient. I didnt have $200 to send immediately, and wouldnt get it until the end of the week. I explained this, but havent heard from her since. This is fine by me, because I probably would have sent it. I wrote back later, explaining that Texas to New York is not a drive that I wanted to have to make, so would need arrival and departure times to get flights in and out of Dallas, but she would have already been on a plane (supposedly), so I didnt really expect a response from her whether she was lying or not. According to the guy on page 30, she was still very much in Ukraine. Oh well. Another valuable lesson learned. Thanks for a great site, and keep up the good work.David

Hello, Ive found your advertisement at love.com page and decided to write you. Your ad doesnt shows you like a serious person. But I feel that you are serious. Im almost sure in that. And you are searching for a partner. Im also looking for my second half. I didnt write you immediatelly after Ive seen your ad because the problem is that Im Ukrainian. And you are American. That is thousands kilometers between us. But Im sure that everything is possible in this life. And you never know before you try. Thats why I decided to get a try. Im 19. And you are a bit more. The age difference between us is perfect I guess. If you think that Im wrong or even not polite, Im sorry. Just do not reply to me. Ill understand. But if you believe in fate, and if you dont affraid of the difficulties and distances, and if you didnt found your special match yet, of course, - lets try. May be?................ Olga

Hi, dear David, Thank you very much for reply. You want to know more about me......... Well, Im Olga 19 years old. Im a writer. Im writing a fantastic stories. And this is not only my hobby. Im studying in the Technical University and Im working in the newspaper " Orion ". Im a private correspondent there. My society life is full enough but I cant say the same about my private life. I live alone in my own appartments in the centrum of my beautiful city Odessa. And I have a wonderfull dog. His name is Bublick. My parents are farmers and they are living in the village 80 km near my city. I have an older brother Alexander. He is 27. He is married with a nice girl Irina and they are living together with parents. I like to visit them as often as I could . Its so nice to be at the real nature, to feel fresh air, to sweem in the lake and to walk in the forest. Ukrainian nature is too wonderful to be described with the words. But to feel it with all body and spirit it is nessersary to be together with some very close person. Two persons could feel together much much more than one even very romantic.... Hope youll understand me. Olga. P.S. I was never in America or any another country. But Im interesting in everything new. Please tell me more about your country and your travel esperiens . P.S.S. Im sendidng you my foto and I hope youll like it.

Hi, dear. Thanks for a letter with your concrete view to our relations. Should we discuss that a bit later? We must decide now something less important but more current. The matter is that Im not able to pay for the Internet in a moment because yesterday Ive lost my second job, which gaves me a possibility to have an Internet . Could you help me in this difficult time? An Internet here in the Ukraine is casts 50 US$ a mounth. Please, send me th money via Western Union Money Transfer. You may get an information about them at westernunion.com Ive call them today and they told me that to send money you have to go to any of their offices. You have to know an exact name and address (as written in the passport) of the person you are sending money to. You know all that data of me. But Ill remaind you. Olga Boyko Pushkina str. 24, app.156 65078 Odessa UkraineIm so sorry that Im asking you about that but I have nobody else to ask about this...... By chance it would be that guarantee I was asked you about. I meen that if you are really need me youll help me with my problems. And this is very normal. If you are really serious to me, please send me in your next e-mail a transmission number from the Western Union. And we will have still a fast way (Internet) to talk. Hope to hear from you. Olga P.S. And I really hope that one day Ill have a chance to do something for us as well.

My dearest, the matter is that at this time Ive lost my second job which gives me usseally a possibility to have an Internet. There is not exist Internet gratis here, in the Ukraine. The bread or vodka, for example here is much cheaper than anywhere, but such a modern things like computer or Internet are much much more expancive. Ive written an e-mail to my provider office and ask them about a possibility to pay direcktly to them. And they replyied that its not possible for them to accept payment from abroad. I thought it would be easier for you morally to pay directly to provider then to send money to me persanly. But it is no way. Also the Western Union is the very one available way for me to get the money because I dont have any bank account. And I dont know if such a things as credit card exist in my country. Ukraine is a very poor and wild country. But also very exotic.......... Well, what could I say........... If youll find material and also moral possibility to send the money to me for the Internet, we will still have the fastest way to talk. If not, please, write me via regular post. Yours Olga My tel is 0038 048223547

Darling, please send me a confirmation number from the money transfer youve done for me. The matter is that I cant get your prasant without it. I love you. Yours Olga.

Hello, my wonderful, wonderful Gentleman!!!!!!!! Everything is solved thanks you. Ive got the money. I could have an Internet again. And we are able to continue .......... Im really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The matter is that I was too too much affraid to lose you. I trust you very much, and Im sure in you, but I was not sure that youll be in time. You have done a great thing for us!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again. Now we have a possibility to learn each other more and more, my dearest Prince. Please, tell me something.............. something special........................ something very special......................... What do you think about us? Id like to give you the biggest kiss in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im waiting for your sweet reply. Please, write as soon as you could, my wonderful Prince............. Yours Olga

My wonderfulllllllllllll My very very one prince!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!! I want to be with you!!!!!!!!!!! But this will be in the future, I hope.................. But I want something now....... I want to be each day closer and closer to you, my biggest love............. Please, tell me everything about yourself I dont know yet. And Ill do the same. Im soo in love........... And this feelings are growing up ........... I hope it will be like that for ever........ Im not nly hope...........Im almost sure in that............. Im dreaming of you........... Yours and only yours Olga

My wonderful, my unbelievable Prince............. First of all Ill tell you everything i promissed you to tell. As you know already Im very much romantic and this is the main and biggest thing in me. But in the same time Im enough good house-keeper. I like to cook and Im dooing that preety well. Specially Ukrainian national meals. I hope youll have a chance to test what Im coocking and I believe youll be not dissapointed. Most of my time Im busy with my work. What I like to do in my free-time? Some times when the wether is bad I like to set near the window and knit or sew. Im usseally doing all my dresses with my own hands. All the cloth you see me i on the fotos i did myself. Im sending you a new foto with my new dress. In the very childhood i was dreaming to be a fashion designer but now its over and this is just my hobby now. My favourite colors are blue, black and white. But when the wether is fine I like to walk outside in the nature - in forest, field etc. I like nature and everything natural. Of course most of all I like summer and sunny wether. My music testes are not very modern. I like folk and classic music, like Mozart, Bach, Chaykovsky. But I love to dance very much and when it comes to disco its doesnt matter for me a kind of music to dance. About sport Im serious only in one - mountain skying. We have a forest very close to my city with enough good hills in. Im useally skying there. I like pets and specially my dog of course. He is funny too much, so lovely. Well, what else? I dont know what to say more except that Im in love now with one wonderfull Prince from misterious land........... And Im happy very much of that.......... Talk to you soon, my dearest, yours Olga. Big kiss from your Princess.

My dearest, my wonderful Prince !!!!!!!! I had some problems with the server that I was not able to write for some while. Was it little time or not in reality I cant say. It was a terrible millenium of a trying to get in touch with you, my dearest. I missed you so much, my love. Now Im all the time busy with a trying to get any information of all the possible and impossible way for our meeting. How romantic it could be.......... Im dreaming all the time about that!!!!! We should meet!!!! I need you, darling! I cant live without you. For me its clear now. I understood it very well during this time without you. I need to see you, darling. And Im really hope that you need it also. Im waiting now for a last telefoon call from the tourist agent and Ill let you know immediately what did I figure out about the all possibilities we have in a moment. I love you, my very one Prince. Yours Olga.

My dearest, my wonderful Prince, Ive got finally an exact and full information about the possibilities we have. Im tired. And my fellings now are double and strange in the same time....... From one side Im sad very much because its sounds too expancive,in my oppinion. But from another side its excited.....in a two weeks we may see each other in person!!!!!!!! As for me its even sounds unbelievable, like in farry-tale. Well, the matter is that to go abroad any Ukrainian citizen should have a second - foreign passport. I was never been abroad thats why I dont have it. To prepare it will take 3-6 mounhtes officially and its cast near 80US$. It is a possibility to do that in express-turn during 3 days for 500US$. To get a visa in USA I have to go in Kiev to your ambasy and apply for that and it will cast near 50US$ and I dont know how long it ll takes. But the matter is that your country doesnt like to give a visa to unmarried woman . That is Ill never get it. There are some organizations which prepares during 3 mounth a fiances visa in America and it is cast 500-750 US$. About ticket. It is necessary to take only two-ways ticket for the Ukrainian citizens by law. The prises are between 750-1450US$ to New York. There are only flyes Kiev-New York. Ive heared something about the Washington also but its seems like they are flying only from Moscow (Russia). I was very much upset seeing all of this prises and terms. And I was continue to look for any another possibilities. And Ive found one tourist organization, which is able to prepare all of that we need - passport, three-mounth visa and ticket during two weeks and for 1460 US$ total. But such a prise will be only until the middle of September. After September the price should be higher again because during summer not too much people visiting America. Comparing to the other prises and terms their conditions are perfect. Also it is very old and trustable organization. But...............it is still .........1460 dollars, which is even sounds for me like a something crazy. My dearest, I did all what I could.......... I dont think we could find something better. Im waiting very much for your reply and I hope to see you, darling.......... I love you, yours Olga. P.S. Is it possible that my farry-tale dream becomes true? What can I say? I dont have $1400. Without letting anything slip about what Id found out about her, I explained that I had been checking on these things as well. K1s cost less than $50 and I can get cheap internatl flights through a friend of mine who works for an airline, so Id really like to know what the rest of that money goes toward. Moving on...

Hello, my wondeful Prince, Its me, your poor Princess. I didnt have a server problems this time. And I dint have any another problems that I didnt write you for such a long time, except the one but the main problem I have now. I was reading your last letters to me again and again. And I was thinking, thinking and thinking ......... I felt something wrong, not correct but I couldnt understand what it is. And finally I understood - you dont trust me. All your behavior, some of your words shows that............ But is it possible love without trust?????????? How could we continue in the such way???????? How pity........... I felt myself too much in love that I was ready to run to you through the ocean.............. I was ready to fly to the opposite continent, to the so much difference country than mine.......... Stranger-country.......... Because I trust you and love you. I did everything I could to make it possible......... And what Ive hear from you........... The reason you showed me is not a real, I believe. May be you dont understand that even yourself. Im very much temperamental and direct person. If I feel some faulth Ill never hide it. Not from you and not from myself. Please, look inside of yourself and listen what your heart will tell you. If youll tell me the same or another reason why we cant meet now, Ill take it that Im right - you are not sure in me. But if you are really my fate - youll make our dream comes true......... I trust you , my love.......... and I believe in you.......... Yours Olga

My dear Prince! I miseed you too. Could you answer me one very simple but important question? Would you like to meet? Actually my English is not perfect and I do not understand everything in your letters. Thats why I ask you to write me as clear as you could. And if you dont like to meet, please, tell me why. But if you do, please, tell me how could we start to deside this question. I wish I have the money to fly to you........... Even if it will be my last money........ But you know.........thats impossible for me.......... Im too poor. Everything is up to you, darling......... Why dont you send me the money I mentioned for the tourist agency that we could start the preparation process immediatelly. Dont you want that ? Please, reply......... This price will be only untill the end of August. This is a big chance for us, I believe........... I hope........ I love you........... Yours Ukrainian Princess.

My dearest Prince!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you didnt forget me............. And you steel need me as I need you, my love? I understood that you are not able to pay for my trip to you......... But I want to see you very much....... I want to be with you and Im sure still that we were made for each other....... Im a very goal-seeking person........ And its impossible for me to give up on you for a such reason like a money or distance........ I love you! During all this time I was looking for the way to get to you, my dearest. And Ive found a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a surprise for us, my Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive got a foreign passport and a visa to US MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Ill get a ticket to New York in a coming week. Ive made a contrakt with the one newspaper to write for them a series of the articles about cultural life in America. You see - love is a big power! Ill arrive to New York on the 6th of September morning. An exact time Ill tell you later. And I should leave on the 18th of Sptember. That is our fairy tale will comes true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, my wonderful Prince! And we will see each other really soon......... Unbelieveble!!!!!!!! Until then...... Yours Olga Boyko. P.S. Darling, please, send me some cash money for my trip expences if you could because Im totally empty now morally and materially........200$ would be the best to make my trip totally comfortable. Im sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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