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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 25

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Svetlana Druzhkova
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I am a divorced 58 year old white male. I work in the investment services industry.I had accepted an invitation to visit Ekaterinburg,Russia after receiving e-mails from a woman at the FamilyPlus Marriage Agency. The principals were Svetlana Druzhkova and her sister Natasha Zaykova. I had a two week visit and the agency put a great deal of pressure on my lady and I to get married. We finally agreed and the Agency charged $1,200.00 to arrange the wedding, $700.00 for the dinner and another $500 for incidentals. I returned to the U.S.A. and submitted the paper work to obtain a Spousal Visa for my bride and her son. After 8 months the INS finally approved the request. When I informed my wife she refused to come to the U.S.A. After much correspondence we decided the only way to settle this was to divorce. Svetlana found out about the possible divorce and contacted my wife and myself. She sent documents showing her expertise in handling these matters and she stated she was a lawyer (not true) and a psychologist (also not true). She told me my wife was suffering mental problems and I should not have any contact with her. She told my wife I was a crazy old American and she should not contact me. Svetlana quoted me a price of $2,000.00 for the divorce. I paid the $2,000.00. Svetlana informed me she had submitted the paper work to the Judge in the home city of my wife. She also informed me my wife was making demands for $7,000.00 as she was unemployed because of her marriage to me. Svetlana said the " Judge was very sympathetic to my my wife and I should seriously consider paying the $7,000.00 and be done with this mess." I explained I did not have this amount of cash right now. Svetlanan said she would try to reason with my wife and see if she would accept a lesser amount. Another e-mail claimed my wife visited the agency and raise the roof. She was going to demand even more money. MY BEST RECOURSE WAS TO PAY THE $7,000.00. I managed to sell some investments and covered $3,000.00. Svetlana insisted I send the money to her bank account as she would have to show the Judge I had paid the money to my soon to be ex-wife. Two weeks later I borrowed the remaining $4,000.00. When I asked Svetlana what the exact amount I owed was she e-mailed me that it was actually $4,420.00 because the bank charged a fee to withdraw the money. I sent the entire amount. Six days later I received my divorce certificate as an e-mail attachment. I happened to call my ex-wife three weeks later and discovered the following. She had been told by Svetlana that I was being a mean bastard and refused to send any money for her. She had asked for $500.00 but had received nothing. When I asked Svetlana about the money I was told she had promised me a divorce certificate and I had it. She had lived up to her end of the bargain. This woman and her sister Natasha are in this together. Natash speaks fluent English and has made several trips to the U.S.A. visiting men she had met through the FamilyPlus agency. I also found that FamilyPlus made all women listed by their agency sign a contract that gave the agency any money sent by men to the women, until the man and woman were married. I later found out the agency spiced up some of the e-mails to me to get me to send my future wife money to help pay for her sons summer vacation. The agency wrote a "thank you". I later learned my wife had paid for the excursion herself and she never received a dime of the money I sent. I figure the FamilyPlus dent in my wallet is over $14,000.00. When you throw in the engagement ring and short excursions it is even more. The most painful is the last $7,420.00. Svetlana and Natasha just robbed me. I have reported them to the FBI, the American Consulate in Ekaterinburg and a package is in the mail to the Russian Embassy requesting their criminal prosecution. I have sent copies of all e-mails exchanged between Svetlana Druzhkova and myself, copies of all wire transfers and the necessary supporting documents to my ex-wife who has engaged an attorney (Legitimate) to sue Svetlana and Natasha in court. The FamilyPlus office has been closed in Ekaterinburg for the past two weeks. I have no doubt these people will only resurface in another form. I will welcome any supporting information from other victims of this tag-team. Richard
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