Larisa Romanova (Murmansk, Russia) from Murmasnk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Larisa Romanova (Murmansk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Larisa Romanova (Murmansk, Russia)
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Larisa Romanova (Murmansk, Russia) I am a 32 year old single man, white American, no children. I work in IT and I have dated foreign women on many occasions in the past. Over the past year or so, I signed up for various on-line introduction services, but never pursued Russian women over the internet. On 9/23/01 I received an email from Larisa through, asking me to write her at her email if I liked. Since it is at least $30.00 to use the service, I wondered how a Russian woman had a credit card to pay and why she would want to talk to me. But I replied and started a conversation that has lasted about a month. She "rapidly fell in love with me" and her 1st and last letter were identical to many I have seen on this list. Surprisingly, she answered many of my questions, but most of her letters and pictures have been repeated on this blacklist so I know the difference. She gave me her address and asked me not to send mail because it could be stolen. She asked for my phone number( which I gave whoever it is) and my address. I gave her my post office box. She has not asked me for money yet, but reached the I love you stage. I am going to confront her with an email and hopefully end the contact. Larisas address: Street Sovetskaya 65-32, City of Murmansk 183054 I also intend to report her or whoever it is to Interpol, the FBI, and I just want to say how thankful I am for this site, and what a valuable lesson I have learned. I will be doing much research here and perhaps using your services. Letter 1 Letter 2 Letter 3 Letter 4 Letter 5 She has never called me and her pictures are numbered and numerous. Thanks so much and watch out for her/him/it guys! Dave

Hi my friend Dave. I am glad that you have answered to me. I did not think that it will be so soon. But believe me I am so glad to this fact. I want to tell to you about myself. My growth is 168 centimeter, weight is about 57 kgs. I was born on September 5, 1974, in a very good family of two loving each other people: my father and my mother. I live in city of Murmansk. I like my city. Ill give you some information about my city: Murmansk stands in 300 kilometers to the north of a Polar circle and in 30 miles from open sea: its geographical coordinates - 68 58 northern breadthes and 33 03 east longitudes. The city was stretched more than 20-kilometer strip along not freezing the Kola gulf. Murmansk is administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural centre. Almost half of all population of the Kola peninsula lives here. The population of Murmansk today is more than 400 thousand people. The area of city is more than 15 thousand hectares. The city is located main by image on east coast of the Kola gulf - most brisk bay of coast Murman. On globe in the same breadthes there is no other city, which could be compared to Murmansk on scales. Murmansk houses as if grow from rocky hills environmental the Kola gulf. It is summer here now. There are a lot of green here now, this is the most perfect season here in our territory. But as the summer is hot here the winter is really cold. My favourite season is spring, when the nature again wakes up after winter dream, and everything begin to blossom. I studied in Murmansk state technical university, also has received high education on a speciality marketing. But unfortunately I did not need my education yet, because here in our country it is very difficult to find job on a speciality. Now I work as the waiter in small restaurant. Id love to learn more about you. Besides I would like to see your photos. I like to be in good health every time.Thats why each day I rise arly in morning and I carry out morning jog. I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. On the summer I like very much swim in the sea, and on winters I go to the pool. So in general I like to support a healthy image of life. It helps in life very much, and supports my figure. Though I live in this city I didnt meet my half yet. When I read the newspaper I have seen the announcement that it is possible to meet the man through the Internet and I has decided to try to find someone for me through Internet. Fortunately here is the computer at directors cabinet, and I have asked the him to let me to use it. And he has permitted me to use it no more than one hour per day. I liked your profile and I have decided to write to you. When I wrote you I did not think at all that you will answer me. I am very glad to receive your letter. Write me about yourself. Ill wait for your next letter. Your friend from RussiaLarisa.

Hi my friend Dave! I am very glad to receive your letter. It is very interesting for me to read your letters, from them I have learned more about you and began know ore about you. You ask questions and it is well, I think that if you ask questions you are interested in me. I would like to tell you about my family. My mother Olga and my father Petr live together 32 years. For this long time of their joint life they have given rise me. Unfortunately I have no brothers and sisters - I do not know why, but my parents have decided this. So I am one child of my parents - the unique daughter. As I already spoke I work the waiter in small restaurant. AIt is perfect nd cosy restaurant. My work is very pleasant for me, people in our city are kind and visitors of the restaurant are not roughness to us, certainly there are cases when the visitors are not correct with us and spoil mood, but it happens very seldom. I am very interested to learn about your work and what do you do in free from work time. During my day offs we with girlfriends go for a walk to the city, and when the weather is good we leave our city and also we bathe in the sea. I like very much the sea, I love to look at the sunrise when the sun concerns the sea and on its surface the solar road runs from you to the same sun. I consider that this is the most perfect that it is possible to see at Earth I think tat you will agree with me. The sea at us does not freeze even in the winter. I hope that we shall continue to correspond with you and you will tell me much more about yourselve and I shall try to tell about myself as more as possible in future letters. I want to ask you about much and I hope that you will understand my questions and will answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country, whether you love it, as you treat to it. It is interesting to me to learn about your family, about your parents, about your friends. How do you spend your free time. I hope to see your letter soon. Your friend Larisa.

Hi my friend Dave! I am glad again to read your letters, it is pleasant to me to see your letter in mine post box. Today here is cloudy cool weather and my mood is not very good - only one pleasure - this is your letter. I want to tell to you about the schedule of my day. I rise in 7 in the morning, then I do my morning walk, jog, I like to do it on mornings because jog gives me vivacity and I become well and my mood rises. By 10 hours I go to job, usually I go on feet, but sometimes I go by the bus because I do not have machine. The job, as I already spoke, is very pleasant - it gives me dialogue with the people. I like when people concern with gratitude to your job. My job comes to an end late in 11 in the evening, and we with the girlfriends, colleagues when go home discuss our past day. When I come home, I have no forces no more and I lie down to sleep. My days offs are Sundays and Mondays are remarkable days when it is possible to have a rest, to have a sleep on longer. Usually in days off I go for a walk to coast of the sea, I like very much when an easy wind from the sea irons my hair, it is possible to think of life, to dream of the future. I am not sure that you understand me but I want to find the man which would understand me, with which I would be happy also whom I could bring great happiness. I have several questionsfor you and I think it is possible for you to answer them. What your favourite colour, mine liked colour is colour of sunrise by the sea when the colour of the sun varies from yellow up to orange and red. Do you like to look movies at cinemas? We with the girlfriends do not pass any film, recently we looked very beautiful film about friendship, by love and fidelity it was called " Pearl Harbor ", did you seen it? This is film about the tragical moment in your history when the Japanese have attacked your fleet, but as in him is shown as the American pilots have revenged the Japanese having put them impact in the heart of Japan city of Tokyo having destroyed the basic factories. This film tells about that what heroic people are the Americans. It is interesting for me also to learn what is you hobby? I like in free time, is especial when in the street coldly and there is a winter I like to read the books, like me most of all adventure novels and novels about love, what books do you like to read? Probably you can not understand some of my words, but do not become angry with me, I use the translation program sometimes, I studied English language at the university, but it is easier to me so to translate because I have not enough of time to use the Internet, and when I use by the program I can write more that it was more interesting to you to read my letters. I feel that our letters pull together us also I would like to hear your voice, unfortunately I have no the telephone and at job I can not use it, if you want to hear my voice and simply to talk with me please send me your phone number I and shall try to call to you from the telegraph, for me it is not very expensive. Probably you ask why I has decided to meet with the man who is more older than me, I consider that older people are more skilled in life and more concern to life than young, more seriously. I hope that you will not complicate to answer my questions. I wait for your letters. Yours Larisa

Hi my friend Dave. How are you doing. I am glad again to read your letter.I love hot chocolate and I love to be rolled on skates, it is amusing. Unfortunately I am very rare it I do(make) because to have to work and work takes away a lot of time and forces. I think that with each letter we learn about each other more and more. Looking at my pics you you can ask question if really I have no man I loved and Which would love me. Yes I had such man both we loved each other and we were happy together. It was 4 years back. We wanted to get married, he was not more older than me and he was offered a good job in other country - in Africa. He Wanted to take me with himself but there was a condition in the contract about work that he should go there one. I persuaded him to remain, but..... he has chosen career and has left. He has broken my heart. I long could not get in myself after such impact. After that many boys tried to achieve my heart, but I was indifferent to all, and now I have decided to find the man in other country. I already spoke that I has read in one Russian magazine clause about that is possible to get acquainted with people through Internet and I began to search. I could not find suitable man for me a lot of time, but when I completely casually have gone on a site I has seen your profile also has thought that you are that man whom I can entrust the life, that you are that about which I all this time thought in the dreams. I think that it probably will seem to you loudly is told, but it is valid so. And I have decided to write to you the letter. And now we are writing with you. We are tring to learn about each other more and more. I think that it will be interesting for you to learn what kind of music I like. I love to listen various music - it depends on mood. When I have perfect mood I love to listen to cheerful music, besides it is pleasant to me Bon Jovi and group Queen. As I love to listen to the Russian music, did you heard sometime Russian singers? I am vey interested in learning if you like me - may be it will not modestly but I think that you will answer this question. Else I want to tell to you about the house. I live with the parents in standard for our city of nine floors the house. We have spacious three-room apartment, the large kitchen. In my room it is very cosy. I always keep the order in it. Unfortunately I do not have photo of my room. I like our apartment. On this I want to finish the letter, I hope that you will answer me as soon as possible, because your letters for me became a part my life and I am pleased with them. Your friend Larisa.

Hi my friend Dave.At me maximum formation(education), but at us in Russia very difficultly to find work on a trade and it is necessary to work not there where it would be desirable, and there where it is necessary. I want to be happy and to make the man, which will be near to me happy. I want to have family and children to care and to store(keep) the family center. Today at us cloudy and rainy weather, therefore at me bad mood, besides today I had to serve very bad the client in our restaurant. It(he) was strongly had a drink and all time prevented me to work. It was expressed in that that it(he) tried me to embrace and all time spoke to me various abusive words. Eventually our service of protection has expelled it(him) from restaurant, but my mood was awfully bad. When I have come to the computer also has seen your letter to me on it became much better. Know I want to you to tell, me so it become seems that our attitudes(relations) than that large than simply friendship, you agree with me? When I work or simply I have a rest constantly I think of that the moment when I shall come to the computer and I shall see your letter, and that I can to write to you that I feel, of what I think. I yet did not speak you that I has told to the mum about that that we with you are copied, and she(it) firstly spoke that is all not seriously and at it is not present future, but later when she(it) has seen as I to to this I treat she(it) has told me " Do(make) that want, but do not take a great interest in all by it because you again can break the heart. " She(it) cares of me. I so Is frank with you because I think that I can to you trust and that you will understand all about what I speak to you. I want to give you the post address that you knew where I live, but I ask you do not write me letter and the more so do not send that by mail, because at us in the mail works very bad and can steal by mail of the letter or parcel(sending). Mine address: Street Sovetskaya 65-32 City of Murmansk Russia, 183054 I hope that you too will give me the address, I think that I can write to you the letter. On it I shall finish the letter, I hope that you soon to me will answer. I wait for your letter. Yours Larisa. Letter 6 Hi my friend Dave. I thought of you all past time very much. I very much waited this moment when I can read your letter.I have the cat, it(him) call Felep. I never travelled and was not abroad. My favourite city St.-Petersburg. As to my dream, she(it) very simple. I want to be happy and to make the man, which will be near to me happy. I want to have family and children to care and to store(keep) the family center. I can think of you, because you for me something greater than simply letters by an e-mail. I do not know as it to say but I can not already hide feeling and simply I do not want it to do(make) I want to say to you that I is in love. Yes I am in love and object of my love is such perfect man, he is simply charming, is clever and is strong, only to to regret he is very much far from me and I can not say to him it looking in eyes. I think that you understand that this perfect man in which I could fall in love it you, yes it you because, as you seem to me that man about which I dreamed and thought all this time. I think that I can with you be frank and I can say to you about the personal life, is about my sexual experience. Remember I told to you about that ia?ia which me has thrown. At me with it(him) there was a sex, but it not so was pleasant to me, it was as unpleasantly. Business in that that he took pleasure and more that, he not so that and wanted that it was good. I speak you all this because I can trust to you and consequently that I know that you would like it to know. Probably you will say that we know a little each other, but I do not know as all this to explain, love this such the feeling which comes and if it will come, you can not any more that to make with it. I hope that you understand me and I as I hope that you will answer to me with reciprocity. I love you yours and only yours Larisa.
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