Marina Tomova/Marina Lopatina ( Murmansk, Russia) from Murmasnk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Tomova/Marina Lopatina ( Murmansk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Tomova/Marina Lopatina ( Murmansk, Russia)
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Marina Tomova/Marina Lopatina ( Murmansk, Russia)I am a single man with no children, white American, 30 years old, working as a computer systems analyst in Pennsylvania. What happened: Pretty much the same as Sean explains on Black List page 30. I got the same letters. "She" first contacted me through and always used the address of The writing went on for nearly a month. It was about bringing her to the U.S. for marriage, and I got scammed further. Even after sending money by Western Union for visa ($260) and airfare ($860), "she" requested money for "insurance to be let out of the country" ($430). I tried to pay that last one, but Western Union said I reached the limit for the month. The money was sent to "Marina Tomova"She also told me she has no phone, and she gave me the same address as Sean got. She said she could call from some type of telephone service, but she never did. After sending the second money, I had an idea to send her a telegram from an internet website,, but it was returned undeliverable. YOUR TELEGRAM TO STREET SOVETSKAYA 65-32 TOMOVA UNDELIVERED NO SUCH HOUSE NUMBER IN THIS STREET= The final story is this: I decided to have her investigated. I found the website of a Russian lawyer, Michael Muinov, who does background checks. The results were as follows: "Something is wrong here. I cant find the person named Marina Tomova, DOB 09/05/1974 in Murmansk (Russia) !! She is UNREAL person. Her home address Sovetskaya 65-32 is NOT real. I KNOW that she is a scam artist.... I have a lot of request about this girl. She uses the various names ans addresses. Ive did the last search for my other client on her as Marina Lopatina, DOB 09/05/1974, Sovetskaya 65-32, Murmansk, Russia.. She (or he) is the professional scammer.. Ive contacted the local police about her, but have no any answer yet.." Note: I made the emphasis on the name "Marina Lopatina". I have attached ALL the photos I received which are not already shown on your website. Here is the important portion of the first contact through Your mailbox number is: [DELETED] Simply hit reply to reply to this message. The message follows: Note that "she" spelled her e-mail address wrong, but the response notification has the correct address. Her initial letter (pre-dated 1/1/2001 12:00am) is the same as what Sean got (Black List page 30), except that my copy is missing the first two sentences. The first money request letter is also the same except the greeting and first sentence with my name. I see at least one change in words that improves the grammar. There may be more. Here is a copy of "her" second request for money: And here is a copy of the third request for money:Joe Foreman

Hi my friend!!! I saw your profile and I like it. If you want to correspondence with me write me.

Hi my great love ! Ill be happy under any circumstances with you. Im very glad that you are my favourite man and the dearest at hole Universe. As soon as I read your letters which you send me to my address, I am very glad that you helped me with the visa. I very much missing you. I asked my uncle to tell us how many there is a ticket for the plane to you and he finds the cheap ticket. He told that it is necessary 880 dollars from Moscow. I understand that this is a very large money but I ask you to help to me with money for the ticket. I am very speed because he telled that this ticket would be sold to those who will be earlier. I am very much indignant of the paper to not to give to be together for two fond people. I to tryed to find some money to pay a part of the ticket and I found 50 dollars which were given me by my mom. Thats her last savings. I ask you to send me 860 dollars today. I the ticket up to Moscow to meet the uncle I already bought. I shall wait for your translation. I love you and I want to be with you very much. I am ready to go for all to arrive to you and to embrace you strong. I hope that you will make for me this great thing!!!! Please send your money to the same address of MENATEP ST. PETERSBURG. When you send money by Western Union dont forget to send me 10 figures of transfer number. I love you and I want to be with you. I shall finish the letter. I hope to receive good news from you!!! I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST !!!!!

Hi my love Joe. I am very glad to see your letter, I now to be in Moscow, I to write to you from the internet-centre. I have not enough of time to write to you much because here to cost very dearly internet. I you understand that you could not to take money, you me to ask where to send of money I you to speak that in Moscow because I now in Moscow, I to hope that you to me to send of money today because I here one, I very much love you to ask that you to me to send of money, I you, I so wait for this moment when I shall be with you, I very much to want you to see, I am very happy that you at me is, me who is necessary except for you, I very much to ask you that you to me to send 430 dollars, without the insurance me to not let out from the country. Remember, I love you also I to you to trust. I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter. Yours forever.
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