Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine) `s photo russian dating scammer Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine) `s photo russian dating scammer Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine) `s photo
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Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Mariya Fedorina (Chernigov, Ukraine) Its David. The 27 year old father of 0. I got this one out of nowhere. She said it was in response to my ad on love@aol, though I had taken that down 6 weeks prior, back when I was getting ripped off by Olga Boyko (p.33). Ive attached the pictures that were on the site, should she decide to move the site elsewhere. Length of correspondence is 3 days, and counting (figure Ill have some fun w/ it; if nothing else, its certainly amusing). I would have waited until she quit writing, but I wanted to be sure and get this in before the next update. So, w/o further adieu, Miss Mariya Fedorina:Now, thats real sweet and all, but Im a little smarter (read: more cynical) than I was 2 months ago. I especially thought it was odd that she claimed to be 19, though her pictures seem to show a woman who, at the very youngest is in her 30s. I replied, though I said nothing more than that I had taken my AOL ad down, and that I didnt trust her any farther than I could throw her. I also asked her to say hello to Olga for me (if she knew her, of course). The next morning, I got this: A nice story, to be sure. Anyway, I wrote back again. This time, I put on a line all by itself - I dont trust you. I asked again how she got my address from a personal ad that doesnt exist. I got this that night: WOW! Weve really come a long away considering I havent said anything about myself or showed the slightest amount of warmth or compassion. Whatever. Ill keep this thing going until it stops amusing me. Maybe send her a picture of my bony white butt or something. If anyone has any questions about either of my lady friends, I can be reached at On an interesting side note, in looking at the e-mail headers, I could see that her computers netbios name was JACKOFF4; does jackoff mean something different in Russian? I could also see that she was connecting to dynamic IP addresses in a dial-up modem pool. Do internet caf?s in Ukraine not have dedicated connections w/ static IPs? Additionally, a visual tracert puts her IP just outside of Kiev (about 140KM from Chernigov). Does that not constitute a long-distance call? Ill ask her about these things, but she seems to have a problem responding to specific questions. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Bye.
Darling, I was so impressed by that special travel proposal and how great it came in-time for us that I was hurring to inform you about it. And only after I sent that sponaneous message, Ive realized that you may understand me wrong. In my previous letter was probably too much dedicated to money issue. We both know that love is over the money. And Im ready to go to you across the ocean only in the name of Love. Why do I act like that? Because Love is without logic and rools, my dear. If I had money Ill spend them all for this flight without any thinkings, its clear. But as you know I dont have them. Im waiting impatiently for your step to make our great future possible. I think we know and feel each other enough well already to understand that we really need to meet. Im very impressed that our relationship is going on and developing every minute. You became everything for me and now I can hardly imagine my existance without you. Im attracted very much. Dont you feel the same way. My inner voice tells me that all the walls and obstacles will be destroyed by our will to love.Although thousands miles devide us yet but soon it will be not the case. In my previous letter which was written in such hurry Ive forgotten to mention the several adventages of this promotional travel proposal. The question is not a ticket itself but visa. After what happen in America, people could wait for visa mounthes and mounthes and it cast now $500 atleast. But they do it in a 3 days for $200. Price for the plane ticket is $750. And thats great. The plane will fly to Atlanta, Georgia - it is the safest airport in the States in sense of terrorism in the moment. It will land on Tuesday, 16 of October afternoon local time. Ill call you from Atlanta and will go to you by train or bus. Frankly speaking I am afraid of using your domestic air connections after the tragedy happened in America. I was told by my colleagues to not go to your country in such a dangerous time but Ill do it for you, my love. My visa will be for three mounth, but we could prolongate it for how long we need. And I have my vacation starts from 15 of October. The next vacation Ill have only next year. So, it is exactly the right time. The biggest thing in is that we are able to meet NOW (thanks the travel proposal I mentioned) and ONLY NOW (because of my vacation). So, to order the flight Ill need the money-$950 tomorrow. Im waiting for the pin-code of Western Union and on Tuesday afternoon Ill be in America. The more exact information Im not able to give you now, before Ive order the flight. Im looking forward to our meeting. Your loving youMariya Fedorina.

Dear lonely heart, As you, Im also trying to run away from solitude with the help of Internet. And what do you think? Browsing personals Ive seen many advertisements of men. Who could imagine that so many... But most of them are so primitive. But when I found your description - I was surprised: I felt that you are clever and honest like a man of my dreams. My intuition told me that this man is able to love, to respect and to appreciate a real woman. I dont play games myself and Im sure that you dont as well. As you are searching for the righ person, thats what Im doing too, so lets try to communicate. We are loosing nothing at least, but we may win something. Who knows? Some words about me. My name is Mariya Fedorina. I live in the city of Chernigov - the beautifull Ukrainian city with over 1500-year-history. Im working as book-keeper on the textile factory. I love my job. This time Im very busy because of reorganization of the factory. But soon Ill have vacation and Ill have a chance to write you often, because the Internet cafe where I am writing from is in my neighborhood. Im 163cm tall 45 kg of weight. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Im attractive, slim and fit. My photos are at geocitiesdotcom/e53445 I was born on the 3 of June 1982. My sign is Gemini that is Im joyfull, lovefull and optimistic. Im very friendly and open-minded and have good sense of humour. I like skiing, cooking and out-doors. I play piano enough good. Specially Im inspired when its raining or snowing outside. Im very romantic and thats why it is difficult for me to find right person, who would share my stand of mind. Now Im experienseing a period of confussion in my life. The matter is that my boyfriend left me after 2 years of relationship. He changed me for ugly woman with money. I was shocked the way he betraied me, because I know the most valued thing in life is not money. My grandmother of old Russian noble family teached me that happiness cant be bought for money. If you have had simular situation youll surely understand me. My ex-boyfriend made me dissapointed with local men. Six month long I was helpless and desperate. But maybe the time for new beginning came? Now the hope was born in my soul. Because I see that you are also trying to run away from solitude. And both of us have the hope. But perhaps, its a last hope... Even if at the moment you are not sure that we were done for each other, please, dont leave me now because any of your reply means a lot for me. Hopefully your friend Mariya

My dearest new friend, I havent told so many things I should to say. I feel the necessarity to do that now. Well, I live alone in small but cozy flat in the city center. It is on the second floor of fine old building with the wonderful view from the window. The only shortages of my house are lack of hot water and the telephone. But so is everywhere in the city center. Ive inherited this apartment from my grandma - assigned Countess of Novgorod-Seversky. Her family was forcibly displaced to Siberia when communists came to power. And only after Stalins death shes got right to come back to Ukraine. Thats why I inherited not as much as it could be. But it doesnt matter for me, because my greatest heritage is spirituality, decency, aristocratic honour and dignity. My parents live also in Chernigov with my older brother and his wife who care for them. I love to visit them very often, to play with their funny dog Dina, to help them with their little garden. There are many jasmine bushes with sweet-scented flowers of my favorite white colors. We like to have dinner all together and my mamma tells us about old traditions of our family which is going from generation to generation. My great-great-grandmother felt in love with disgraced officer from the first look and they get married next day. Shes got the Tsars anger but was happy in her marriage till the end of life. My mother has done the same thing - she met a commoner (my father) and felt in love with him. After finishing high school Ive finished a book-keepers courses and went to work at the factory where Im working till now. This job is very interesting and responsible. All my job colleagues are women and our collective is friendly very much. We are also comarades after work. We like to trade clothing patterns, cooking recipes, to discuss movies and books. My favorite movie is "Blowing With The Wind". Sometimes I feel like Scarlett OHarra - Im ready to do any feats in the name of Love. Most of time I spend at work - I dont need to hurry home. Nothing waits for me there except solitude. But week-ends I can spend with my parents. During the week they are also busy at work. My father is driver and my mother is the teacher of English at the secondary school. I learned my English from her. But to play piano I learned from my grandmother. I like classic music more than modern one. The same thing I could say about dancing. I am very good in Vienna waltzes. Its easy, I could teach you. By the way, my greatest dream of childhood was to dance waltz with real Tsar. And what about your biggest child dream? So I hope to hear from you really soon. And I am waiting for your letter impatiently because it is important very much for me. I want to send you my kiss, dear. Touched and attracted by you, Mariya

his is my third letter to you, darling. You know, the amazing thing is that the more I write you the more I need you. After I sent you a message yesterday, Ive felt such a positive energy coming just from thinking of you! All the time I was not able to stop dreaming. And I want to share my dreams with you now. Please, imagine. Evening. Total darkness outside. Raining. The noise of wind. Im playing piano. The soft candle light is spreading over room. There are two of us. Nobody around. No one exists except us in the moment. Just you and me. It seems to last for ever. The music became dramatic. You are coming closer to me... It was a dream. A wonderfull romantic dream. But it leaded me to thinking about us and our acquaintance with the open eyes. When Im asking myself why do I feel so special to you, I cant find an answer. I assume here could not be any answer. Love doesnt need any reasons - otherwise it isnt love. I feel that we are already in love. In Ukraine we say: "Two loving hearts could turn any reality to the magic fairy-tale". As for the real life Ill be so happy to stay on your side for good and bad, to share with you your joys and sorrows. I want to follow you wherever you go. Let me care of you, serve you, be your Lady. I will cook for you my traditional meal, that I do perfect. You will enjoy pampushky, borsh, solyanka, bliny, pelmeny, ukha, rastegay, karavay, etc... Its so testy, like it was invented specially for us. The life teached me to be a good house-keeper. As you understand in this poor country the people have to survive with limited resourses. But Im happy with this. The only thing I missed is Love till I met you. You are a personification of my lofty dreams. My greatest wish is to be with you. And Im ready to fight for it and to give everything I have to reach my aim. Your loving you Mariya
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