Ekaterina Tselisheva from Yoshkar-Ola, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Tselisheva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekaterina Tselisheva
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Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
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Ekaterina Tselisheva or Celischeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mari-El, Russia) My name is Michael from Melbourne Australia, I met 26 year old Ekatarina or "kitty11134" at Friendfinder - shes still on there as we speak. It was just over a month ago in mid September when I first received an Email from Kitty with a return address kitty111@mail.ru I received about 15 Emails all up, One thing you begin to notice is how quickly this women falls in love with your Emails, there not bad but not as good as she tends to suggest, "Im no Shakespeare" Secondly: you notice a lot of your questions regarding her or anything else for that matter seem to never hardly get answered and is replaced by her dribbling love talk...Originally at the start I set out to find out more about this womans home town Until I stumbled on this Blacklist site by accident, she wasnt listed here in the early stages but I kept a daily check until Oct 26, when she graduated on the list, So initially I was thinking that my luck had changed for the better but how wrong it turned out to be.... I always hoped that she would never turn up here but in the back of my mind I was a little suspicious so when I finally seen her pics here, I had mixed emotions, partly shocked but also felt it was expected as well....From then I kept playing along with her until the 3rd of Nov, it didnt take her long to suggest we meet and then told me she had $450.00 US. but wasnt enough for the return trip, I suggested I would pay her half the airfare once she arrived so she could return, I also was going to suggest that I pay a non refundable one way ticket but didnt bother suggesting it because I knew that it wouldnt be how she would want it to happen...She quickly forgot about the first suggestion and prompted me in the last Email to pay $830.00 US. into Western Union Bank, "Sound familiar" I knew for sure what her motives where and have since told her what to expect regarding her receiving money under false pretences....Her address:Russia, republic Marii-El, Yoshkar-Ola city, Lenin street 32-240I am one of the lucky ones because I was made aware of the situation and didnt get ripped off, most disappointing thing was the time wasted on her or him ? ....Im sure I am not the only one shes spinning these yarns to, so I have also lodged a report to the F.B.I using John Elendos story and my own to make them aware of the situation...All Thanks goes to this site and John Elendo from Bulgaria for being brave enough to put his story here, without his input things might have turned out worse for me and Im sure others as well.... All I can say is John dont give up, imagine if you married her, and down the track you lost half your house in a divorce settlement or maybe something even worse, you are lucky when you really think about it - keep looking ....First Letter - Was exactly like Johns except with these added pics:Second Letter:Third Letter:Fourth Letter:No 15: The final Email asking for money..Michael, Melbourne, Australia...

Hello Michael. I like your letter. And now, time has come to tell you something more about me. Im 170 cm tall, and weight 58 kg. As you noticed Im athletic, because since my childhood I like sport, most of all fitness and tennis, also I like over kinds of sport like swimming, running. As for other hobbies of mine, I can say that I like dancing greatly, me and friends like to visit dance clubs and take good portion of dancing. I think you want to know if I visited other countries before, must admit that I have never been farther than our capital Moscow city. And I have no experience of writing mails to unknown man from the over country, so you are my first friend from Internet and you must excuse my mistakes and shy. I live in Yoshkar-Ola with my Mother and Father, I have younger sister, she is 17. I love them very much. I have few friends and we like spending time together, visiting theatres, seeing each over, watching movies and so on. You may notice, that my English is not perfect yet, but Im trying to do my best to improve my writing English, in speaking Im doing much better. I was studying English in school for 6 years and at the University for 5 years, but the real knowledge will come when Ill use it every day. You know that Im looking for a man to marry him, and it seemed for me that you could be good candidate to take my hand, but we must know more about each over, so dont be shy to write to me everything you want. In my dreams I see a friendly family with couple of kids walking on the beach and holding each over hand in hand. Yours Ekaterina mailto:Kitty111@mail.ru

Hello Michael. Each time Im reading your letters, I understand that you could be the man I was looking for hole my life. Hope, that developing of our relationships will not make me think the over way. As you notice, I cant write you every day, cause I dont have computer at home and I have to visit Internet cafe to receive your letters and write mines to you. But its not a problem for me, and Im ready to sit there all day long writing letters to my friend. Also you must excuse little size of my letters to you, English is not my native language and I cant find such a beautiful words as you write me. I have a good news, yesterday, representative of Mari Fashion House contacted me and invite me to take part in Fashion show devoted to sports wear. Ill do my best to send you my photo, after this show. Im sending you another photo. As you noticed, its small. I asked computer operator at I-Cafe to make it bigger, but he made it in this way, may be he is not professional enough or they have some problems with scanner, I dont know. Im not good at computer science. I think Ill be happy to live in Australia, but only with my favorite man. Still waiting your letters everyday, they are warming my heart. Always yours, Ekaterina mailto:Kitty111@mail.ru

Hello Michael. Im steel little bit busy, because we have a show now and I need to work at my main job as Office-Manager, but I found little time to write a little letter to you. Because I so excited about development of our relationships, that I cant wait to write another letter to you. As I told I live in Mari-El. Our republic is very beautiful, its one of the most beautiful in Russia. We dont have heavy industry here, we even dont have medium industry. Everything that was working few ears ago now stopped after financial crisis at Russia, but at least our nature become better day after day. In the winter we have a lot of snow, this year we had 1,5 meter of snow cover at the land outside our town. We like to spend our free time with my friend skiing, playing with snow. But it could be cold in here couple years ago we have -42C, but now nature become more soft, and this winter was worm enough. Do I tell you about my family. My Mom is working as a teacher at School, she is 47 years old, she is very kind and love me greatly, I used to tell her everything about me and of course I told her about you, she dont mind about our e-mails to each over. My Dad is 52 and he working as an engineer at the factory named Salut, they are making bikes there. My sister is 1st year student of the University, she still young and love parties, dance clubs, young boys. Im working as an Office-Manager at firm named "Oriflame", we are selling cosmetics, beauty soaps, shampoos, perfume, household chemical goods and many other things. I like my job, I like meeting with people, they say Im very communicative. OK, my time break is over and I need to go, work will not wait for me, so take care and dont forget to write me. I told my mother a little about you. Yours, Katerina. mailto:Kitty111@mail.ru

Hello Michael. Excuse me I was very busy at work. I have one of the most beautiful sleeps and my dreams were all of you....Ninety percent of my days my thoughts are of you. I need 830 USD and 3 weeks of waiting, then we will meet eachother. We will be happy. Maybe for money transfer you can use Western Union. Western Union is one of the biggest and reliable company. On our TV we have a big advertising company devoted to Western Union. They say that itll take 1 minutes to transfer money all over the world. It would be better to use some kind of bank account, but I dont have one. In our poor country only rich people and organizations have their own bank accounts. Also I heard that Western Union use very complicated and serious system of people identification, so no one beside me could receive that money. I will take my passport visit them and receive your money. Yours Katya mailto:Kitty111@mail.ru
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Date: 2012-10-08 | Name: payul | Email: hidden
Women in yoshaar ola are many scammers. Oled who is the owner of Oriflame cosmetic in city centre has many girl working for him and he train thewm to date mewn and get money and gift from men who do not or will not travel to Yoshakr Ola. Send your complain to the russina min istry in Yoswhkar ola and talk to Andrev special K division about this person. Oleg also has Natalia Sokolova who mshe said he is just a friewnd but is seen every day with him and started businedd together. The policew need peaple to report this action Ministry of Yoshkar ola Special K diovision

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