Olesya Plesko (Belaya Cerkov, Ukraine) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olesya Plesko (Belaya Cerkov, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olesya Plesko (Belaya Cerkov, Ukraine)
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Olesya Plesko (Belaya Cerkov, Ukraine)Im 51, father of two and I own my own business. I was in search of my dream girl and wrote this woman, Olesya, who had an advertisement on ABSOLUTE AGENCY (which I finally realized has about 20-50% scammers or women from other bad news agencies). DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO GET SCAMMED BAD!!!!! The first letter she signs her name as Olesya but the address is from Alesya Plesko. Im not sure if these are the same but assume they are. She welcomed my letter ... hers being very generic ... then the 2nd letter she was asking for money already ... did NOT send me any photos which I requested and did NOT send me her phone number which I also requested. She wanted $20 per letter. I do not have photos since she did not send me any so Im inserting her AD on ABSOLUTE AGENCY and submitting her letters below. I THINK IVE NOW SEEN THIS WOMAN ADVERTISE A LONG TIME AGO UNDER A POSSIBLE DIFFERENT NAME AND DIFFERENT CITY, A1406216 The AGENCY is a SCAM also ... she has an AD on AMOURANGELdotcom out of EKATERINBURG. Shes one of only two Ukrainians on this site. The site is VERY QUESTIONABLE. It didnt take long to SPOT this one. sincerely, JACK Letter 1 Hello, Jack, Thank you very much for your wonderful letter in which you told me a little about yourself. Now I am looking forward to seeing your picture attached to your next missive. I cant say that appearance plays such an important role in my life, but your eyes will tell more than any words. I have a feeling that you are a very easy-going and open-hearted man. I hope I am not wrong in my assumptions. Now let me tell you a little about myself. I have graduated from Teachers Training Institute and am now working as elementary school teacher. I raise a seven-year-old son Bogdan born in my first marriage. My interests and hobbies are varied and believe it or not, they all look very much like the ones you listed in your letter. I almost immediately felt a kindred spirit in you when I received your letter. Please write soon. Sincerely, Olesya This next letter is very interesting ... I WROTE HER IN RUSSIAN, and she STILL ASKS FOR $20 for TRANSLATION FEES AND SUCH !!!!! NOTICE how she sells the AGENCY and how she forgets about the telephone number and photos. Letter Dear Jack, I could understand your written Russian, but not at once. I did enjoy your letter filled with warmth and interest. Please forgive me for certain harshness in my second message, but I earnestly thought it was a standard letter that you wrote to every woman. I know that it is a habit many men have. Now I am certain that you are only interested in me and am very happy to begin our correspondence. Do you speak Russian? How fluent is your Russian? My English is very far from perfection, and it would be wonderful to communicate in Russian without interpreter. I understand that once I meet my man, I should start learning his native language to be able to communicate. So, I am likely to start attending English language courses some time soon. At least this is what I thought today when I received your letter?- Our city is really beautiful and you will find many clandestine secrets and cultural and historic monuments there. There are many parks and squares in Kiev, where we could wander for hours and enjoy closeness to nature. I love long walks in the parks. Last weekend we paid a visit to my parents with my son Bogdan and then took a nice walk in the beautiful old park. It used to be a family estate of the countess Bronitskaya ???? a spectacular place located right along the river Ros, that gave birth to the whole town (many of the towns of our region were originally founded along the river banks). People enjoy walking there in any season ???? but what can compare to the fall? It is such a bright carpet of colors when the leaves are falling rustling as if they were whispering something to you, or wishing to reveal some old secretes. The sound of falling leaves gave name to my personal email account ???? but unfortunately, a mistake was made during the registration and one letter was missed. Too bad, such a wonderful thought was no realized. I love to listen tot the trees ???? I always stop in my shoes to listen to the trees whispering to each other. Some of the trees in this park are 200-300 years old, I bet they have a lot to tell people ???? but sometimes we are so inattentive to the objects that surround us. I will definitely send you my pictures, but a bit later. I do not have a computer at home and thus have to use translating and email services of the agency that placed my profile on their web site. So, please be patient if I can????t respond to you at once. In this connection, you may be aware of the miserable economic situation in Ukraine ??C prices are constantly increasing, whereas salaries remain pitiful. I have to work extra time to be able to afford the luxury of using the service of the agency. That is why I would like to come forth with a bold request ??C could you please be so kind as to pay half of what I have to pay for our correspondence? One letter exchange costs me around $20 (email, typing and interpreting services included). It is quite expensive as you understand ??C so I would like to ask you to pay for your own letters, thus relieving part of my burden. You can contact my agency for details of payment and see my profile at angelamourdotcom I hope you can understand and forgive me for such a request. I will be looking forward to hearing from you very soon. With tenderness and best wishes for a successful weekend, Your OlesyaP.S. I have completely forgotten about a telephone call. Of course you can call me, we just need to schedule our conversation - I would hate to miss such a precious telephone call. Olesya are from Belaya Cerkov, but was not sure of her last name since her email address was Alesya Plesko. The LAST name of this SCAMMER (see report on Olesya Plesko) may also be Bogayets. I notified the AGENCY which displays her photo and ad (AmourAngeldotcom out of Ekaterinburg and Massachussetts, USA) and they threatened to sue me saying it was not their responsibility to manage the women at their site. I think it is. I think this AGENCY also ought to be BlackListed ... sincerely JACK SLADKY
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