Ukrainian Tours (Odessa, Ukraine) from Odessa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ukrainian Tours (Odessa, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ukrainian Tours (Odessa, Ukraine)
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Ukrainian Tours (Odessa, Ukraine)I was a single white American male looking for a possible love connection outside of the United States. I turned my attention to the ex-Soviet Union to perhaps start up a correspondence with a woman and see if because of their culture, we could have a future relationship. As I surfed all of the websites(not all of course) I happened to see an ad for a woman in Odessa Ukraine. This link was a sublink through, which has since dropped all links to the former Soviet Union. At the time, the companys address was Ukrainian Tours was It is now as of 9/01. I struck up a relationship with a woman there for 3 months and we agreed that I travel there so we could meet. During these three months, I paid this company for translation service, at first they charged me .15 per character. After I bought a 3 month package for 160.00 which was unlimited letters. I sent candy and flowers to her, toys to her 4 year old son. When I arrived in Odessa, I stayed in an apartment that Ukrainian tours rented for me. Yaroslav was my contact from the agency and it was run by a man named Andrew Margarit. After writing Marina for months, I found that I had very much in common with her, so I thought. At the end of our stay we were very much in love and were talking of marriage and life in America together. Yaroslav was very happy to help with visa applications (for a price), and I agreed. I learned Russian well enough that we talked on the telephone when I was back in Colorado. And the more I talked with Marina, the more I learned about this company and how they "provided" assistance. There were many things I talked to Marina about that she said in her letters that confused her. As it turned out Marina did not write any letters to me, and that it was Yaroslav that was taking "creative control" of what I was told. Basically 80-85% of what I was told were lies. I also found out that all the gifts except for some wildflowers were not given to her. I discovered that she did not receive any photographs that I emailed her, and when he was suppose to help her with the visa applications, he knew less than I did. This company is not credible and Iam concerned for any men from other countries that use their service. They will use you. They will tell you what you want to hear, and then they will offer things that they never had any intention of delivering on. I am happy to say even with all of this, Marina and I are happily married and living in Colorado. But even before my second trip to Odessa, Yaroslav was trying to convince Marina to "write" to other men. He only purpose was to bilk more money from men wanting to meet Marina. When she refused he got very angry. I promised I would not do anything because she was afraid that he could somehow hurt her family. Last week she told me it would be alright if I attempted to put them out of business. I do not want to see other men, only looking to be happy, have to be subjected to grifting from these two. I hope that any man looking for love or happiness the best of luck, but after spending time there and understanding the philosophies of Ukrainian men, I must warn anyone using these types of services to be very careful. These companies are all run by men and they care nothing about you. They see our searches to be happy as a weakness and are looking to do nothing more than to exploit it for their own financial gain. Because in our eyes we are nothing more than stupid, pathetic losers. Bert Wolfson (Colorado, USA)
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Date: 2013-10-17 | Name: Mike | Email: hidden
Now my main reason for writing to you is because I am very concerned and upset about one of the woman on your web site. She does not have a nice reputation as an honest woman with good intentions. This woman is ZhannC936 #313192 I had been in communications with her for many years on and off. She is on your "H.R.B / Russian Love Match" site. She contacted me on the site. I first told her I was not interested in writing to women that wanted children, which she had posted on her profile. She changed her profile to suit my criteria search and comensed communicating with me. I am sure all our communications are still on your records. I talked about possibly seeing coming to Odessa to see her in Dec. of 2012. I couldn't due to work. She was upset. I said I would work on coming out in spring of 2013. Letters continued. She was all hugs and kisses in the letters. When spring came I asked her when woould work best for her, April or May? She said she couldn't wait till May and wanted me to come see her a.s.a.p. She set me up with Slava at the agency. He picked me up at the airport in Odessa. It was quite late Sat night April 13th 2013. Agency contacted Zhanna to let her kow I had arrived. She said she would let me rest a day, (Sunday) and we could meet Monday. Agency let me know Monday that we would meet at a restaurant for lunch. Interpreter came with me. We picked out 11 white roses. We went to restaurant and waited for Zhanna. She arrived. She looked great. She liked the flowers and small gift I brought her from Canada. (little beaver in R.C.M.P. clothes) She had mentioned about renting a car so she could show me Odessa and the surrouding area. I thought that would be great. We talked. She had to leave to go back to work. I paid her cab fare. Seemed high.. We met again Tuesday fo lunch. she said she had rental car coming and will meet us infront of restaurant. it came, she did paper work. Interpreter was with us. Zhanna wanted $1200.00 for the car rental for 7 days. I questioned the rental cost and wanted explanation. via interpreter. Zhanna was having a melt down. She said she was getting embarrassed I told her that $1200.00 was almost all I brought for spending money for the week. She got worse. I paid the $1200.00. We went back inside and it was somewhat uncomfortable. I tried to explain my situation. 1) she never talked to me prior of car rental on how long and how much. The date continued. She now said she had some arrands to run as we drove away from restaurant. We spent maybe 10 minutes infront of Opera house for 2 quick pictures. Then we left. She ran arrands with us and then dropped myself and the interpreter off infront of the agency. I was also staying in an apartment directly accross lane of agency. Did not see her Wednesday. Thursday we went for lunch at pier. Odessa water front. I mentioned to her about the length of car rental. I was leaving early Monday. 5:00am. Her car rental went past Monday. I wanted to make sure I got the supposed $500.00 damage deposit back before I went home. She had another melt down. She made the enterpreter cry. again she dropped us off and went. I talked to Slava about what was happening. The agency contacted Zhanna to make sure I got the $500.00 back before I left. We met again, just for lunch. She was not happy I had talked to agency. It was embarrassing her infront of the agency. (other women) Rest of lunch went well. I should her pictures of my city and some family. She said she might try to do something later that night with me. I did not see her till Sunday at lunch. We met, She gave me a Odessa sailor hat and a plate and basically told me I didn't do anything to show an interest in her. I told her it is hard to show interest in someone when they aren't around to see. During the week sha also mentioned I should see others from the agency. I found that odd due to her wanting me to come and see her. I told her I came all this way to see her. It didn't faze her. She gave me $500.00 in cash and left thr restaurant. The enterpreter and I stood there quite stund. The enterpreter had left her own fathers birthday party to do this enterpretation lunch. I found it odd though that if the car was rented and she gave me the damage deposit back, how come she was still driving it. I talked to Slava again. Well, this is where the fun starts. Since I have been home I have been in contact with someone else that had seen Zhanna, (Janetta Chekerskya) In Odessa before me. he read my email story to him and said she did the exact same thing. The car rental line. How he didn't show effection or interest. Even got him a sailor hat and plate just as I had received. I have also learned that the car she was supposedly rented is actually her car! A silver Mercedes Benz. So now I had wasted all that money flying to the Ukraine to see a woman from your site and then she scams me on a car rental that isn't a rental. She has taken me for $700.00 I am hoping you can do something about this. First off I am very dissappointed she is allowed on your site. I have met some nice people on it, but everutime I see her on line I no she is scamming someone else. She doesn't want the agency to know what or how she is doing it. From the information I received fromt this gentleman who was also scammed by her. Zhanna/Janetta is well known in Odessa and is a dating machine and well off. I would love to come to Odessa again but feel I will be taken for more money. $700.00 US is alot to lose. Please remove her from your site. People like Janetta C are giving your company and business a bad name. I would love to get a reply from the head of your cpmplaint department on this matter. Thank you for your time & patience

Date: 2014-07-03 | Name: Fred Flintstone | Email: hidden
this woman is a lying, cheating, sub human who prays on men, she does not care or need to care, the agency's make a lot of money of her, they think men like me are not important or they just do not care, agency's, listen, this woman is a scammer, a worthless piece of trash that makes you look very bad, she has no morals, she only wants money, she is the lowest form of life and she had better hope we never meet again, she is not worth spitting on, I hope that her punishment is to stay in Odessa for the rest of her life and never see the world outside

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