Elena Mnushko (St Petersburg, Russia) from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Mnushko (St Petersburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Mnushko (St Petersburg, Russia)
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Elena Mnushko (St Petersburg, Russia)Gentlemen Heres another one to watch out for. She goes by then name of Elena Mnushko, or at least thats what she called herself with me. She gave me an address of RUSSIA,St.Petersburg,194100,1-Murinski pr.15-16 and a phone # 07 812 2456704. Without including all the lengthy emails I got, Ill just list the typical visa/travel scam red flags: Has a phone but doesnt work - "out of order due to repairs" Moved very quickly in progress of her letters Each email had pictures attached, whether I asked for them or not The money request mail had 2 rather spicy photos attached Claimed to be poor, but could send professional photos because her "father" is a photographer Said her family lost all money in some Russian bank crash a few years ago Her "mother" works at a travel agency and get get visas and incredible air fares Urgency - I have to send money quick because she is about to have her vacation from work Sending money on my part would be a sign of "trust" Luckily, I balked and refused to send money. I even offered to pay her for her ticket, once she got here to Barclona, but of course, that was refused by her, at which time she sent me a rather terse email saying she doesnt want "penpals" and cant wait for me anymore.. Not much different than the other scams Ive read about.. SRP Barcelona Emails that she have sent me. If you take as look at them you will see all the red flags I mentioned in my previous letter to you. If you want more pictures of her (last time I only sent 4 for an example) I have all the 22 pics she sent over the course of these 7 emails. Yep - 22!! Also note that the last email (#7) is from her "mom" so actually I got 22 pics ove 6 emails over a span of just 1 week!! Email #1 (8/3/2001) Email #2 (8/4/2001) Email #3 (8/5/2001) Email #4 (8/6/2001) Email #5 (8/7/2001) Email #6 (8/8/2001) Email # 7 (8/9/2001) (This one is from her "mom") Email #8 (Next day, I believe) - I didnt save this one, but it was a terse reply saying she cant wait and doesnt want ot be "penpals"

Hello,Steve! My name is Elena,but my nickname on site-elenabest. I was glad to receive your answer to my add. Im single,without children yet,but I hope to find my future by net...I try to believe in net,cause one of my best friends just found by this way her husband,it was about 2 years ago,and she lives now in Italy and really happy. And now I decided to try,I dont like to know man on disco,bar or street and in my around mostly girls,but internet can give me big possobility to choise person,who is really ideal for me.May be is it you? Now I tell some general information about me,so if you continue interest I wait your big letter and,of course,scan picture of you too,Im not looking for penpals,so prefer answer with your photo. Im 25y.o.,my birthday 21 of September,enouth tall-170cm and athletic girl.Im from Russia,one of the biggest city-Saint-Petersburg.I live together with my parents yet.And I have not brothers or sisters. Were very closed with my parents and they take care about me and help me always.I have University degree,art design education,I finished my University 1 year ago,my job is a designer.I work by my specialisation in a privat fabrice,which produce fashion clothers.And also in my free time I paint ,even take part in some excibitions of young painters-designers here and try to sell my models of dress like artist.I like sport and like to visit gym in my free time. Also I like traveling,for me interesting new countries,cultures,people.Im honest,sincere,kind,intelligent,pretty and sweet,with sense of humor.I like art,sport,walks,nature,music,reading,cooking of a different countries. Id like to meet honest,sincere,open-minded,easy-going,intelligent,like travelling and have own opinion always.Also I not believe in long post for nothing and sure what only our meeting show us about our future.I began this new experience for me by net now,cause soon,in August Ill have some holidays by my work and have possibility to meet my destiny in reallity,so write me only if this is interest and possible for you too...Im interest only in serious family-oriented man,not penpals and adventure!!! I hope Ive peaked your interest and youll write me back! You could send me letter by my email

Hi,dear Steve! I was very glad to receive your letter,today I have more time and will be glad to send you long answer! I looked your pictures also(wow-good portret!) and I think you could be really intelligent,smart and interesting man for me! I guess about your interest to my life,dreams and opinions,so Ill tell you some about me .I try open some my soul for you.I am an optimist with common sense and the feeling of reality. I try to keep a hope for the better in all life situations. I am cheerful, faithful, honest but still a little bit ingenuous. I think even I dont have bad habits. I like stability and hate uncertaintly. I will reckon with the views and freedom of my partner. I am a social active person, thats why I have a lot of friends and like to meet the new people. I like to spend my free time in the company of my friends or close to the beauty: it can be nature, art, music, etc. Sometimes I like to stay alone to "dive" into my soul and think about the Being. I cant imagine myself without art & music or without a book. If I have an inspiration I cook some delicious dishes.From time to time I like to expiriment with the dishes of other nations. One of my oldest hobbies as a well as drawing is dancing. Its my weakness, there areonly a few things more beautiful than dances. As for the goals in life, I can say that I want myself and want to realize myself as a personality. I want to be a good friend, good wife, good mother . The most important thing about relations between a man and woman is that they must have equal rights. It means that there mustnt be any reasons to say "I am a man and you are a woman". At the same time this relations must have some signs of romance. To my mind the last depends on both partners. If it is love it must be based on trust and respect. Without respect love means nothing. I think the reason to build a family is that two people feel better together than alone. Certainly they must be convinced that they love not only good qualities of the character of their partner, but also understand the weaknesses. They must share happy and unhappy life moments. They must love each other, respect, appreciate, understand, trust and support each other. Its a pity theres too little space to tell everything I want to. So you can try to read my life book to the end. I was born 21 of September,1975,my astrological sighn is virgo.My job is a fashion designer for clothers. Now tell you exactly about my work,cause you right this is very important to know in advance! I have a high University art education(I studied 6 years,we finish our school here in 16 y.o.,so since 16,5 I was in University),specialize in fashion design. About 1 year I work on privat fabrice,one of the famous in our city and design some new models of womens clothers,my work not far away from my home.And I love my job for creativity! But also I love art and paint.I like paint models of dress and if mood some nature or people even! I like reading,espessially classic and science books and magazins. I like movies ,espessially films with good quality. I like sport too -swimming and diving,tennis,camping,fishing,biking. I very like music( classic and modern too),theatre,art(more classic painting),dancing,nature,astrology,travelling-I try travel a lot.After big economic crises of our country our family lost most of capital and now we limit our expensivses for trips,but even now we continue too,especially cause in forces of my mom to book enouth economic trips,I spent with my family nice time in some europian countries,USA,some arabic countries and some hot islands.I more like for rest countries with interesting history or hot islands with beautiful beaches. About my family.My father is journalist for one of famous newspaper and in free time he enjoy of photography(all my pics,which is a mine portfolion too, made by him!) .My mother is a main economist for a big travelling company and she is very busy always.We have also a dog by name Dollar,I love pets! What about me... Im single yet ,but now I begin to think about my own family. And Id like really good life for my future family,but unfortunatly this is impossible in Russia now,if you are not crimenal person,we have very stranch sistem and politic. So I wouldnt like stay here.I have good looking,perfect education and international profession,dream to have happy family and big heart,so Id like to find second half of my heart abroad. And agensy is a good opportunity for search right person. I hope you will share my opinion and understand me. I could love person easy and this feeling independ from country or account,this is depend only from my heart. I prefer to find a person special for me, to share with him our moods,interests and soul .Id like to meet person who is romantic,kind,loving,caring,generous,honest,sensual,understanding,who want have child in future.So adaptation in new country-its not problem.I only would like to meet my really love! Im from strong good family and Im serious ,so Im not looking for adventure Im looking for love and ideal partner for marriage.May be is it you?What are you looking for in internet?What do you think about opportunity of our meeting to know each others?I have not experience in internet ,but my girlfriend before found husband just tryed experience to long internet exchange of letters and after time a meeting show her how some man have not interest in love and long relation but only one way single opinion..... long illusion of love finished in nothing ..... and so difficult to start again and remake all new feelings. Of course,who come in Russia can see many beautiful girls and have idea to keep 1 per day in a week but this is not my expectation. Know all this I prefer to understand immediately if man can be serious and able to value me in a serious relation and expecially I dont accept competition with other russian girls.Write me soon. PS: shall we meet?sorry for hurry,but I can have my summer vacation only now( August) and untill next one long time untill winter,so I wouldnt like lost a time only for penpals!Will you have some free time during next weeks? Can you invite me in your place to know each other(this is could show me how you are serious about too)?Let me know about you. Bye. Elena I wait your answer by this email, I have not my own computer,but fortunatly for wriiting letters to you I use mothers computer-notebook,which she takes at home from work enouth often,so we could keep in touch with you!

Dear Steve! I was very glad to receive your answer to me again.Today Im lucky,cause I have possibility to use computer of mother enouth long time.Even I use not mine computer, and internet connections are enouth expensive here,but anyway I try to communicate with you enouth quik and often and tell as more as possible about my personality in letters,but I think we should decide to meet ,so we will have more time for speaking and deciding finally about us!When Im writting to you I not use some translator sistem and I think I have enouth good English,so I can also give you my phone number for communication -07 812 2456704-but unfortunatly our phone not works perfect just now,cause we have one problem this period - govermant now remake telephone lines in our district,so phone not works well yet.Also I could give you my post address if you are interesting: RUSSIA,St.Petersburg,194100,1-Murinski pr.15-16, Mnushko Elena. But about our life conversation,if we decide seriously about our meeting Ill try to call you myself from mothers office(probably it could be free for me even) ,so you should sent me your phone number,ok?For me even enouth stranch what we know each other through cyberspace,but I believe in this sistem anyway,because I have positive example-my best girlfriend found her desteny throw internet and now happy married and lives in Italy,Milan.I could be really happy if we too have possobility of our meeting!Are you agree? And just before this I always glad to tell more about me for you what you could decide would you like meet me or not.I live in Russian Federation,big city-St.Petersburg,our climat not so good,cause always claudy,ofter rain or wet weather,also enouth cold often,but same time one good thing-during all summer we have white nights,this mean during nights so light like this is during day!My job is designer, like creativity of my job! But also main part of my life-some painting in free time.I even take part in some ecsibitions of young fashion designers here and some of my works possible to book in our fabrick"New generation".I paint mostly models of dress,it is very interesting for me-to express my feeling or mood throw real subjects...But when I have vacations or free time my passion is traveling,yes,it interesting for me to see other countries and culture.Ive travelled with mother and father,like tourist inside a group and it was special tours, mostly by Europe and some hot places-Spain,Tenerife,Egipet,Greece- for see and beach.But also 2 years ago my mother was a winner like"best touroperator" and she win a tour for 2 person to USA for 1 week like a present. So she was so kind and took me,we have been in USA together,in New York and Chicago.I liked this country,because I think very cosmopolitan.Also I know Italy very well,my best girlfriend married there and she took me in Pisa,Roma,Padova,Verona,Venice,Milano,Florance,Bolonia. And this country is very interesting for me too.Last vacation ,during this summer it was tour with group and my parents -Spain, Andorra and South of France. I simply loved it! Fantastic Barcelona...with its Antonio Gaudis modernistic buildings and the Sagrada Familia Cathedral - so amazingly, astonishingly beautiful, so unlike anything Ive ever seen before... France - Middle Ages, castles, tiny villages, toy houses, coffee and croissants... Andorra - the amazing, lost in the mountains place, a fairy tale, with people in the streets looking like actors in some play and the feeling that youre a part of it, too... And those Spanish nights - some Joaquin Cortez look-alikes doing the flamenco, fantastic guitar players, music so filled with romance and tenderness it just carries you away to some strange and exciting adventures...And this april me and my family have been in Sharm el Sheih,Egypt,for 1 week,I liked very much too all those arabic exotic...Yes,travelling is one of my passion,fortunatly I had this possibility in my life and hope we will travell with my husband too! ...Try to explaine you some very important aspects of my life,soul,and more...Im also could tell you about my privacy,may be this is helps you understand my personality better.Im enouth femine,I think I more strong or oldtraditional than Europian or US girls,this is nice for happy family,but bad for adventure.I prefer honest relations and share all only with my husband.In my life I had only one boyfriend and I was engaged since 18 y.o.here with him,we were going to marriage after we full finished our education,but,unfortunatly my boyfriend was not faith with me,so I took decision and we separeted about one year ago,I was very sad long time and would not like even meet nobody,but life is life and I hope to meet my destiny again. I believe what happy marriage must basic on love,friendship,respect and faith,of course.Im very egoistic person in my relations,so very faithful person and when I found my love I wouldnt like to share him with somebody elso too... Are you agree with me?What about me also-I was interest in my study,work,some carier and sucsess before,and now I think this is time for looking for love,but not only love -serious relations and marriage too.I believe what you understood my position in those question and tell me your position in next letter. I hope as soon as Ill receive your next letter we will be able take some decision about our meeting soonest time(I mean not later than in this mounth- August),I wont wait untill next vacation in winter-so long time!,I know how complicated trip to Russia and I even happy what you invited me to your place in Spain and even be happy if you a little bit help me too,so I can come to you in this case,why not ... Wish you all the best,untill next letter, Elena*** PS:this red dress on my pics-I imagined myself and this dress took a first place on competitions of young designers last spring here,in my city!And another one my white model of dress for marriage by my opinion very nice too.Do you like?

Good morning,dear Steve! All week will be hard working days with design of new fashion show and very tired....but your letter like a present for me again...So long time I had not vacation and so hard work...so now I try think only about best and imagine my vacation soon and probably even our meeting...I hope you just took your decision about?About me-YES,I not joke-I like you,I even could visit you in Spain nearest time,I mean in some week of August, for 1 week if you could invite me,help me and serous about me too...Writte me soon about ! And I must tell you regarding your letter-always in my mind some thouths about my future too... I dream about big love that will rush into my heart like a hurricane and burn there forever.Ill go anywhere to meet my big love if I find it... As any woman I want to create a family. I also want to have children if this is what will want my husband too. I grew up in a happy and a kind family. My parents spent every spare moment with each other. I can still see that they are in love with each other and didnt get tired of each other My parents made me presents and cared about me, so i want my kids to grow in a family like this. I believe that every child in a family should be wanted and cared for. I also want my husband to love me forever and to accept me the way i am with all my drawbacks. In my turn i promise to share all his interests even his possible love for lets say football. I would like to spend candle light dinners with my husband, to give each other warm looks and tender kisses, to enjoy watching the star night and holding hands and dreaming... Ive learned in life that nothing can be taken for granted, I want to make the most out of my life. I want someone who will see that love is not just a word but an action. The smallest moments have the most lasting memories...and monetary objects are just that. Im not seeking perfection, Im seeking understanding. Passion and romance doesnt have to die, its what you make of the other, I want someone who will love me, mistakes, imperfections and all...I hope to find someone who has very similar (but deverse enough) interests as myself. Believe this can be you...I believe myself to be intelligent, great sense of humor, spontaneous, HONEST, trustworthy, responsible...and all around crazy at times. I believe relationships are the joining of two people, each had their own life before the other, and that is still acceptable...but a relationship is work, and Im willing to put forth the effort. I am a person that strives to make everyone happy--well, most of the time. I will go well out of my way to help someone feel better and smile. One of my favorite quotes is... "Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day." I also believe I am a very good listener. I have shaped myself through the years to be this way. I realized at a very young age that problems cant even begin to be solved until you sit back, listen, and think for a few minutes. I have a hard time dealing with people that dont think before they speak. My parents instilled that quality in me at a very young age, and I thank them for that! It helps me to sort through lifes problems. Whether they be mine or others...This quality is very important for family life too by my opinion.We choised each other by attractive and also,because were looking for a partner with some necessary qualities. I match most of them all maybe except understanding. Maybe it is also good that there are some "mystery" left in a relationship. I think that many marriages breaks up because everything becomes a routine. Sometimes the unexpected things should happen, like some sighn of romance in normal working day without being anniversary or such, making love in the middle of the day. Routine is the "killer" of a relationship...And what you think about?Are you agree with me or you have some another opinion about?Tell me...Im going to meet you...I try show myself for you and Im interest to know all about you same time... Now finish my letter,because my limit of time by computer just ended,mother needs work too.I hope to hear from you soon and even if you feel, that lazy to write, please write as much as you can. Im happy to receive your emails! Wish you all best,untill next letter,Elena *** PS:sorry I couldnt communicate with you very often probably,cause use not my personal computer and mother connect with internet by her working mobile phone(our not works now) and this is expencive so...But Ill try writte you as soon as possible anyway,ok?Also,yes,Id like to hear your voice and speak by phone...but...you just know my situation-my phone not works yet,they promised repair in end of next week only-then you should call me...so even collect call difficult to make now...but anyway Ill try call you myself from mothers travell office in nearest days,cause this is free for her and she allowed me too...but yet lets communicate by emails,ok? I love yor pic!And send you also some from my casual photos...

Hi,dear Steve! Like I promised to you I try use any possibility of every free minute of mothers notebook and so writte you again soon,even now time before work.Thanks for your great honest letters and share my point of view,like you see we have many common things between us,I mean even our personalities,thats really great! I must tell you I was thinking and thinking about...but now think I just took my final desision and would like to meet you.I want to try be woman of your life and I would like to share the rest of life with you if we fall in love. And,of course,I want to be loved, endlessly, unconditionally, for the rest of my life!!! Im glad you understood what Im looking for my future partner,not some adventure or penpals in net,so I even didnt ask you many questions in my emails,because I believe in real meeting.More easy to receive answer face by face,when you could see eyers of each other.Letters are very important part of knowledges too,but more important-meeting.I really like our quik connection! Ill be glad if you agree with me what our meeting is a best way to know real person,good and bad sides. We could know habits,interests and dreamsof each other. I am in search of true love. To me it is not just about finding a boyfriend (I am not short of offers); its more romantic and significant. These days most people dont know what true love is any more.People love each other for the wrong reasons, and I think thats why so many relationships fail and so many people end up divorced. Also most people cant be trusted anymore because they are dishonest and insincere. In a good relationship,I think people should be completely honest with each other,never hide things from each other and never lie to each other, share everything with each other: their laughter and tears, have complete trust in each other and be faithful to each other, feel free to talk to each other, always be there for each other, love each other unconditionally, be understanding, forgiving and considerate, be best friends as well and make each other happy, be each others main priority, respect each other, be committed to each other and love the other person for what he/she is, not for what we want them to be. I know its quite a list(!), but I think a true relationship should really be based on these things. It doesnt matter for me that were from different countries,because I believe that true love can overcome anything ... even distance and if we both want a relationship to work and we are willing to give it our everything, it will work! Since Im looking for a future husband, and a permanent, monogamous, loving relationship only (not a pen-friend, not just a very good friend), and because Im very realistic and serious as well as romantic and having a great sense of intuition, I want to meet you in your real life. I liked your photo and I decided to choise you and who knows,probably it will be main and last meeting before my marriage....Im going to begin my family life abroad and Id like to see all details in reallity. Would we be happy together,nobody know by letters I think. Even my parents agree and believe me by this situation. Do you agree with me? Unfortunatly Im very busy in my job now,crazy period by my work!But I have free time ,which I could use for our meeting -is my summer vacation,which just will begin nearest time,so we could meet in this time if you like,I can visit you in your place...I think better even what we could meet in your country,cause possibile for me with mothers helping to have visa and arrange flight qiuk,yes? Or may be you have another variants?Lets me know...Tell me suitable time(some week,since...to...) for you in August,please... Like I told you my mother works in travelling company here,so if you decide invite me her colleages could helps me to arrange visa and airticket with travelling sale. Im going to check all details from her after your answer,if you decide to meet. But if so- I have some practical questions to you: -Which exactly airoport better choise for flight,closer to you?Barcelona? -Could you meet me in airoport and how we recognize each other? -Where can I live,I mean what I need at least separeted room? -Will you so kind to help me to pay for this trip?Very Sorry what I ask you so delicate question-this is not in my rules,but my finansial situation not a best,my salory enouth only for food and everybody around in same situation-so I even cant take some loan in advance of my trip,so this is important for me too. Probably I hurry by post,but please answer to me soon,cause my vacation begin very soon and next only in winter,I should decide right now about my future plans,if you have not opportunity to meet me now,we could stay just friends by net or may be wait untill winter if I still to be single,but you should understand me clear Im enouth busy by my work,not many vacations or free time and same way Im enouth hurry to build my future just now,so I wouldnt like lost my opportunity to meet somebody soon,who could be my husband in future,if you answer will positive and quik- you have real possibility to meet me,cause you are most interesting and attractive person for me by your pic and mail now! I wait your answer. Sincerely,Elena. PS:this time I decided to send you some of my privat pics,I hate vulgarity,but I like real art of womans body... And more...I told you how difficult to use phone for me right now,also I cant give my working phone,cause have not privat...so sorry what we didnt speak yet...but we change emails,this is ok,yes? If I see you are really serious about meeting and want help me too,soIll call you from mothers office soon...

Dear Steve! Here not so hot and also enouth windy today,maybe cause early morning, and everybody try not walk too much,me too,before my work Im in mothers travelling office,we speaking and taking some hot tee with great cake,which we just bought for us by the road to her... I checked my post from her computer and wow... received your great letter,I like very much what you choised for our meeting your country! Im happy what we have possobility to meet and will see each other so soon,this is really positive news! I have been in Spain once I told you,but only like a tourist,so now with you all this so exiting!We could visit even some interesting places,mom told me all this should be unbelievable great!!! Now I continue to work,but ...yes I have more free time amd will take my vacation soon! So by my plans I could come to you in days hope suitable for you too- since 18 to 25 of August,so we stay 1 week together ! Now I was speaking with colleages of mom,they works in turism many years,in travelling company "Neva"here(I told you!), so everybody so kind and will help me to organize our meeting. Im so hurry always-this is bad point of me,but I so exiting to come to you you cant imagine,or may be can-cause you too? Now we just checked all details of this trip.At first I need shengen visa to cross spain border,mom just asked one of her college Katerina and she was so kind to help us too.She will give my documents to consulat here like me inside travell group(this is more easy way and I not need special invetation from you),fortunatly it will be not long procedure,but anyway-for reciving this visa necessary wait around 1 week! Travel visa with special medical insurens,which they ask in consulat cost - 130 USD. Now mom also checked possible flights to you and price of my airticket ,you know all looks so expensive compare with my salory,really! But she choised and booked for me this like she told chip around airtisket ,which she could receive with a big travelling sale and discount -so it cost - 360USD(this is ok?-Im not big specialist in all those prices!),this is around tarif with 1 connection even... I send you details: __________________________________________________ 1. Flight: KLM Airlines flight 1396 Depart: St Petersburg,Russia (LED) - Sat., Aug 18 at 4:50pm Arrive: Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) - Sat., Aug 18 at 5:55pm Flight: KLM Airlines flight 1677 Depart: Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) - Sat., Aug 18 at 7:40pm Arrive: Barcelona, Spain (BCN) - Sat., Aug 18 at 9:55pm 2. Flight: British Airways flight 2485 Depart: Barcelona, Spain (BCN) - Sat., Aug 25 at 7:50am Arrive: London Gatwick, UK (LGW) - Sat., Aug 25 at 9:15am Flight: British Airways flight 2878 on a Boeing 737 Jet - non-stop Depart: London Gatwick, UK (LGW) - Sat., Aug 25 at 10:05am Arrive: St Petersburg,Russia (LED) - Sat., Aug 25 at 4:25pm __________________________________________________ But now the worst part. mom tried to account expenses for this trip. It will be totally-490 USD included visa and flight. I appreciate if you take care about,espessialy because I only finished to design many new models for new show and spent a lot of money for matterials.But anyway I can pay something too,unfortunatly-only 50 USD (so what you should pay is 440USD), hope you not smile but here 80USD is a normal salary so difficult to accumulate big money. I even understand your situation so feel free to decide what is possible for you; if this is not in your forces than we shall find any other solution, my dear. Now, if you decide to help me,about paymant,mom like a good economist reccomend us -"WESTERN UNION"sistem,I never use it ,but her travelling-company use always for quik and not dangerous connections nearest time,cause credit card and bank account paymant from abroad enouth dangerous and often not use now in Russia. Also one thing -my national passport now in police,cause fortunatly I just few days ago began remake my new international passport,cause old one finished by dates of using,but new one necessary for any trip abroad, and now passport will there also few days and I could not go to bank for this transfer... So mother will help me at all,also she has now more free time and bank just in same building with her office...You should transfer money by this sistem to her name: SVETLANA MNUSHKO (my mom). Take care to surname must be exact. RUSSIA,ST.PETERSBURG ONLY HAVE TO SPECIFY HER DETAILS AND EXACT AMOUNT IN USD. After sent you should send me CODE NR of transfer and your full data (NAME+SURNAME+ADDRESS),or you could send this details directly to mothers email to work - NEVATOUR@yandex.ru (for Mnushko Svetlana) ...After she will receive here in bank and pay for my visa and airtisket.So I need now 440USD for those expensives and better if you could transfer nearest days,what we have enouth time for visa! I hope this is not difficult for you! What about my living,yes I agree even live with you,but of course necessary different rooms at least in beggining(cause Im going share my bad only with my future husband...),but after ...we will see our relations,if serious....may be even one room.... I wait your news asap! About transfer and our travell plans you could also write directly to my mom,she will check your emails since now! So, let me know as soon as you receive this letter. You can write me even today cause later after work Im going to check email from time to time.Hope all will be okay..... I am so emotioned and really wish all okay. Please write me back soon, kisses Elena *** PS: What about discos in your place,can we go?cause I love dance,especially latino! About our close communication I will wait your call in next week,cause they promised to finish this crazy repair of our phone line at last,or could call you even on this week from mothers office,give me time and phone siuitable for this call,if you cant wait...

Dear Mr.Steve, thanks for taking care to Elena. Hope the best for her happiness and same time I am sure she is enough responsable and will not create problem for you; anyway I will do my best to try help both you. Elena asked me to writte you about her trip to you and so-paymant and transfer. We understood your position,but trust is only way for this meeting.About visa you should not worry too,cause this point she will receive 100% with helping my colleage here.Unfortunatly I cant help and give or even loan in advance some money for dauther,cause have not now,but I think even my helping in travelling sales,not so bad,yes?So if you finally decide to trust and have this meeting,so she will need this transfer asap to prepair her visit to you. After 98 many banks took all our deposits,we close all our accounts (famous financial crisis in our country).I lost a lot and we also lost the faith in private bank system that, unfortunately, must accept local laws. Bank account is only for our agency but better not use this coordinate for something private.Also situation here so what possible to lost money when you use sistem of account or creditcard paymant. I think best system is just "Western Union",cause this sistem use all a world many years,I use this sistem of cash transfer for my work,clients enouth often in last time too. Do you have problems for using this systems?Hope not. But Ill explain you,you should go to "Western Union" office and send personal transfer $ for my data. This is my data: SVETLANA MNUSHKO RUSSIA,ST.PETERSBURG(sometimes they could ask you follow information too,so I send you- address- RUSSIA,ST.PETERSBURG 194100,1Murinski pr.15-16) About time of transfer,my opinion as soon as better,cause we have enouth time for visa and this chip airflight . This is email of my office,so, please, do not hesitate to contact me again for any questions.And for Elena better use her email,which she uses from my notebook (I begin have some problems with my internet line by mobile phone right now,cause our home number not works yet too,but after I will repair,not more 1 day anyway,Elena will send you letters again...now about all communicate with me by this my working email...) Wishing you both the best hope to know you personally later in St Petersburg(you are wellcome). Best Regards,Svetlana Mnushko.
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