Ina Adamova from Minsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ina Adamova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ina Adamova
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Ina is back! I want to inform you about her new email-address Also she sent fotos I did not see before. I attach this fotos. Regards Michael (Germany)
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Date: 2016-11-16 | Name: Tony | Email: hidden
Here is a update for a scammer. Ina Adamova Minsk Belarus. current email: Please update her information on your database. She contacted me through Matchdoctordotcom I will be notifing them also. Regards Tony

Date: 2016-11-16 | Name: Roadrunner | Email: hidden
I met Ina Adamova about three months ago. At first she sent me mails which I answered again and again and which got more and more loving with time. I have saved all of these mails. This is good because now I can use them as evidence for the deceitful intentions which Miss Adamova had. I envited her to come to Germany and she was completely enthusiastic and informed me that what will cost the visa would her find out at once. She informed me that the visa and the insurance will cost $ 175.As a simple pediatrician, she informed me so she cannot afford the amount, what I absolutely understood. I considered this amount acceptable and referred her euros on January 14th, 203. This was the last day I heard of Mrs Adamova of it, too. I have sent her two e-mails since then and she hasnt answered either. I sent a third and it came back as undeliverable. I only found out now through the internet that I have been scammed. I will today write to the Belorussian embassy in Berlin and contact Interpol as well as FBI. My great efforts are only to see Ina Adamova in front of court and hope that I create this. My money which I have sent to Mrs Adamova isnt aching. It only hurts to have been deceived in such a disgraceful way. I only can hope that the Belorussian government as well as all states of former USSR concerned get a grip on it and cooperate here with all states. Greetings Roadrunner2000

Date: 2016-11-16 | Name: Charles | Email: hidden
The Famous Ina Adamova rides again...After initiating an email through the ABC Lana (A Blessing Cupid Lana) site at visitkyrgyzstan. I received this message and checked your site...after that I dropped correspondance ... this may help prevent others from going too far. Same phoptograph...sweet (like a shark) with red roses in hand...form type response laced with destiny and dreams. Regards, Charles Isaac Anderson...USALetter

Date: 2016-11-16 | Name: J v Haaster | Email: hidden
Because I live in Europe, have been in Russia twice, know a lot of Eastern-Europe I proposed a meeting during my vacation in Poland (she then could simply take a cheap bus and would not need any visa); and guess what: I then got an email that her father had suddenly died and so she had to go with her mother to their home-town; and exactly during the 22 days of my vacation..... I later didnt feel comfortable anymore so stopped all contacts; happily she could not even ask me for money as it was not needed yet.I am a Dutch man, 38, divorced, no children, was contact originated from 2 different free advertisements of her, 1 address I cant remember anymore, the other: sols4solsdotcom; it lasted about 2,5 months; seemed to be very serious but the fact that her "out-of-town because fathers death"; exactly in the period we could meet easily made ring a bell in my head. Also the fact that later when I tried to phone the number was inoperative didnt improve my thinking positive. Finally the fact that she claimed some emails didnt came. I wrote a letter about the not-so-positive image of her country and esp. her president on which came a short email; I think she realized I wasnt going to be fooled: an American is easier to fool because of the long distance, and because most of them never been before in FSU; I on the contrary have been there, now a lot and have enough bells in my head that ring on time; although I must confess that if she had been more "normal" I maybe would have been fooled also. But I have a simple policy: when someone (that is an agency or a person) ask for money all contacts are terminated: its the only 100% way to be sure not to loose any money. To any agency I simply reply that Im happy to pay for example USD 150 but only after any marriage. Any scams are this way eliminated as they just want money, no marriage. The final of the story was my silence: I just have thrown away all emails, photos etc. I havent have any photos anymore but 1 was the same as in 1 of your stories: black dress. Simple way to get some photos: go to, search, and give some search-terms: woman, age 26-28, Minsk, Belarus, Ina.Lesson 1: NEVER send money; Lesson 2: NEVER believe a girl is coming: any true interested girl should first want you to come...! Lesson 3: ask always for a phone-number; a real address. And please advertise more about this site which I just found: its great! J v Haaster Holland

Date: 2016-11-16 | Name: Lawren | Email: hidden
She used to be single and did not have any children just a few months ago, now she is " divirced" and "has a wonderful son"! I never knew those things with kids could happen so quickly. At least, she is still a Doctor and still enjoys playing tennis, piano and singing. She was very happy that I exist in the World! I think she is a very happy person. By the way, I never mentioned anything about German to her! Watch out for this one. Lawren Letter

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