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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 150

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Sveta Popovich
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Absolute Agency/Svetlana "Mila" Popovich (Ukraine) I first contacted Svetlana "Mila" Popovich on the internet through the Absolute Agency in June 2006. She was highlighted by the Absolute Agency as one of their top girls of the week. I wrote to Mila and in her first letter she said that my letter had "touched her heart and she has been looking for her soulmate for a couple years". Quickly Mila directed me to the website. She said she didnt know very much English and through the agency we could correspond. Amour-of-Ukraine has a registered domain in the USA under the direction of Natali Romanovskaya who lives in Odessa, Ukraine. The webmaster is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. Mila was highlighted as a "New Girl" under the Amour-of-Ukraine but she wasnt new to the site and in an email from Romanovskaya she admits she has known Mila for over a year. Mila asked for money the first time when she wrote me and said that writing letters through the internet is the "fastest way to get to know each other but it is pretty expensive for me to pay for letters and translations." She also insisted that I Western Union the money directly to Romanovskaya and not her. I noticed that Milas letters initially looked like form letters but after I complained and sent a copy of a letter on black listed Russian women that indicated that she was not writing personal letters and she was part of a scam operation she began personalizing her letters. Romanovskaya again supported the legitimacy of Mila and wrote me and said "Mila is definitely real. You dont have to worry about that. She said that when sometimes when someone is to good to be true, they maybe true." Within two months of regular correspondences, Mila told me she was in love with me and the "only" way she could see me is if I would pay $2100 for a university tour from Odessa to the United States for thirty days. She stressed the urgency of the matter and that if we didnt sign up soon and pay the fee she couldnt go. I told her I thought about it and decided I would go over and see her. She reacted negatively and angrily. Mila said if I didnt pay for the trip to the USA it was "goodbye forever". My girlfriend had died of an illness in June. After not writing for a week, I broke down and told her I would send the money to the university directly. Mila said that this would not be possible because the university doesnt want foreigners paying for Ukrainian girls to come over on tours. She claimed that she had permission to break away from the tour in New York and spend the rest of the time with me. She said they would fax me the itinerary I had requested after the trip was paid for. Using Western Union, I sent the $2100 to Svetlana "Mila" Popovich in Odessa, Ukraine. Western Union assured me that she would have to show her ID to pick up the money. The money was picked up and a few days later Mila wrote to me ecstatic about the opportunity to see me. The home address that Mila gave me was Svetlana Popovich, 40 Shilova Apartment 17, Odessa, Ukraine 65000.A week before Mila was to leave I received an email from Kristina Novak who claimed to be one of Milas good friends from Kiev. Novak explained that Mila was so sorry but she would not be able to see me in the USA. Mila didnt know she was pregnant and on the train to Kiev to get her passport, visa, and fly out of Kiev Mila had a miscarriage. Novak said Mila would be in the hospital for two months and Mila was sorry that "our beautiful story had to end". Novak wouldnt return any further emails from me. The next day I made up a fake email address and name, Jareb Jansen. The following day Mila was sending the same form letters she had sent me when she started the scam. I wrote Romanovskaya using Jansens name and Romanovskaya wrote and said that "Mila is honest and sincere." I also wrote Romanovskaya and she wrote back stating that she knew Mila was going on the train to fly to New York to visit me. She also said that "she cannot be responsible for every action of her 350 girls." She also made it clear that her agency wasnt responsible for the loss of my money and she wouldnt refund it. As a consolation, Romanovskaya did say she would talk to Milas mother.Please review the photos of the so called Svetlana "Mila" Popovich. I am requesting that Natali Romanovskaya, Svetlana "Mila" Popovich, and the Amour-of-Ukranian agency be removed from the Internet. I am also pursuing criminal charges against Romanovskaya and Svetlana "Mila" Popovich if she exists. I am also seeking the reimbursement of my $2100. I urge everyone who reads this story to send their comments to Romanovskaya and Svetlana "Mila" Popovich at Respectfully, Brad Arndt,
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