Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo
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Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)Hi, my name is Brian, I am a single man of 40, divorced, well educated and enjoy above average employment. I am well traveled, enjoy a variety of activities, but still searching for that someone. I visited the Ukraine and felt that a marriage with a Ukrainian woman would be the right thing to do. Well.... I want to warn everyone about a woman named Marina Goldovanskaya ( and the translation service known as Questway by Ludmilla Bondar ( out of Lugansk, Ukraine. Marina Goldonovskya is listed with Absolute Agency as A1357376 on Oct 13. Earlier as A836540. I have attached a couple a dynamite photos as well. Its a scam in which they only want money. Over a four month period I sent $300 for translation and communication services to Marina via Western Union (July thru October 2001). Western Union notified me immediately that Marinas account had received complaints in the past and that she was receiving money from other foreign men. Thank you very much Western Union. Well, I kept going thinking there may be a reasonable explanation. I never confronted Marina about this. I did not want to start an email argument at my financial expense. As for the full story I will make it short and I wont publish a lot of back and forth letters.... The first few letters were "boiler plate". There was little or no personal interaction and they could of been written to anyone. Also I received a letter from Marina by mistake. It was addressed to a German man. The letter was similar to the one I received except one or two sentences were changed. Go figure, I still kept on and did not mention this letter. By the fourth letter Marina was asking for $450 for 3 months of English lessons... "Yes, this course of English study is very expensive for me. It costs 450$ (with three months duration). But they give the permission to divide the payment of this amount in two times." I politely refused. Four Hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of money for the yearly income of most Ukrainians. I have been to Ukraine and there is a Ukrainian price and there is a Foreign price on things (thats just how it is...). I met a dentist who made $15 a month and department head for a university that made $30 a month. Prices for Ukrainians are in accordance with their incomes. These people had no reason to lie to me and both talked to me separately. I met very "poor" students that graduated from high school, but were taking university courses in computers. They were not paying $450 for 3 months. Four Hundred and fifty dollars is an American price for a semester at an American community college. Maybe I am just a skeptic, but its a lot of money for someone you have not even met.... Anyway, Marina kept asking for money in subsequent letters... She gave me a phone number and I called 8 times. She was never at home. I talked to an older woman claiming to be her mother. A younger woman claiming to be a sister. Marina was always "just left, out visiting, etc...". On my last call Marina had moved out to another apartment and had a new phone number. In all of our letters she never mentioned this major change in her life. I asked for her new address and number (never got an acknowledgement), I mentioned that her sister and mother were pleasant to talk to (never got an acknowledgement), also asked for a good time to call her (never got an acknowldegement). One day Marina sent me an email saying she had to go from Lugansk to Kharkov for 5 days to pick up her diploma. No warning just an e-mail that she would not answer my letters for a while. Well 5 days turned into 10 days. I only got a responce because I noticed a new advertisement by Marina on Absolute Agency A1357376. I sent a letter through this new advertisement and she finally responded to me. Well she claimed that she did a new add because I did not respond to her for 5 days at one point and she got worried. My excuse that I did not want to reveal to her was that Western Union would only make monetary transfers to Marina after getting personal verification (not computer verification) from me. Hooking up with Western Union was difficult that week. I once tried to have a Ukrainian friend in Kherson, Ukraine contact Marina. Marina was outraged at this attempt. She wrote that she did not want to talk to a man from Kherson, did not see the necessity, etc. The final episode.... Undaunted, I made arrangments to visit Marina in the Ukraine. We settled on Kiev and again she needed travel money, she wanted to bring her translator, she wanted separate accomodations, she wanted money to buy an outfit for our meeting and.... oops.... someone broke into her apartment and stole her winter coat and her two best pairs of shoes, now whats a girl to do! Of course, the American can send money to buy her clothes and shoes pay for the translator and everything. Of course she accused me of not being serious about marriage and loving her in this same letter. If I did love her I would send the money, cause she really needed it now. And then of course I was unfaithful for not writing 5 days in a past episode. So,... how did she finance her trip to Kharkov from Lugansk without my help? I put all of this off and said that I would go directly to Lugansk and I would take her shopping. I finally breached the truth about Western Union, but I was not accusing, I merely explain this was one of the difficulties I was continuing to encounter, but that I was sincere in continuing and enhancing our relationship. Furthermore I had airline tickets in hand. Marinas response was outrage. How could I lie about Western Union. I was not sincere or I would be taking care of her monitarily. Guys, I tell you, I never got to meet this woman and seriously doubt I was writing to a credible person. I suspect there were "persons" on the receiving end. As I reflect, it was all a scam for money. Since this time I wrote to many of the Absolute Agency women. There are a lot of "boiler plate" letters out there and most of them come from Lugansk. Also I must state that just about all want correspondence money and eventually English lessons and the like. The services are not "registered" there is no way of verifying that they are legitimate. In Odessa I visited an Internet cafe full of highschool kids. The computers were full of game playing addicts. The cost was 5 hrivna for one hour or $1. A lady in Kherson wanted money for correspondence, and she gave me her phone number. I called and we talked. I told her it was easy for me to go to Odessa if she wanted to meet me. She said she needed $60 to go from Kherson to Odessa. Well Gentlemen, I have been to Kherson and Odessa. A bus trip is 4 hours and it cost $3 (15 hrivna). A shared cab takes 4 hours and cost $4 (20 hrivna). If you want a private Mercedes Benze to take you one way, its $60 and it still takes 4 hours. I told her my price experience and immediately she stated that there were problems with travel by bus and etc. Gentlemen there are no problems. I offered to reimburse her for her traveling once we met. She bailed. Its okay for me to send money blindly, but for her to trust that I will travel to meet her...? Arrangements and assurances could of be a made.... If you want to send money to someone without ever seeing them or without ever getting a sense of true commitment, go right ahead. My advice is to deny any payment until you feel there is honest dialogue with honest intentions. If one is always giving in a ralationship, both will be dissatisfied with the relationship. Your choice, your money, your time, your heart. Brian,
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Date: 2012-07-17 | Name: Nara | Email: hidden
I will add some tidbits to sedinng money via wire transfer by Western Union, which these scammers desire you to do. The fastest way to lose money is by wire transfer for the money you send can never be recovered once it is paid out for the receiver is rarely caught.No matter if it is a lottery sweepstake, a rare item at a cheap price, or a Nigerian or some other official looking email from any foreign land once you wire transfer money, It is Gone. Once you give out your bank account information you just might lose all the money in your account as well. There is no money from a foreign country just a shyster trying to mine your bank account. In my book Scammers Among Us Beware', which you can view on, there are over there are over 10 questions you Must ask yourself first before you send any money. If you do not get a satisfying answer to your concerns, then walk away. Do not send there scammers money.It will be gone and you will be out your bankroll, remember that. Thank you.

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