Diana (Sevastopol, Ukraine) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Diana (Sevastopol, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Diana (Sevastopol, Ukraine)
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Diana (Sevastopol, Ukraine)Hi to all and thanks 1000 times to the people which are having this site ! I came to this site and saw the following page written by a person called called "TK" along with his comments : So, there is my story : This girl is called Diana, its her real name. Im French, loner, high income. Ive had a terrible childhood, living as a slum at 16 but I succeeded, always being honest, to make my own way. I speak 11 languages (8 fluently and wrote this message myself). I do not attach importance to money. Money is only a "tool", it comes and it goes. Im not going to be buried with it. This my oriental part. I am the service manager in a big company manufacturing high-end movie-tv broadcast studio equipments. I really had a crazy life, Im now 48 and I thought "why not ? Lets give it a chance !" Its being a long time without a weird adventure, so lets go to it ! I must say that when I saw all these pages on this site of guys been crooked", I must say that some of the guys are really "nuts" because these girls really look like top-models and they certainly have no problem to find a guy. But "Diana" is much smarter, preferring to have a "classy" touch. . We have corresponded by e-mails and I dont think its necessary to duplicate them here, just read the others, it will be sufficient. I went to Sevastopol, Ukraine, and I must say it worth the trip. Crazy country, crazy people. She says she has a child and this is true. Irina, a sweet little piece of cake, 6 years now. Bought her a lot of toys which I brought there. It xxxxx me off for her, to have such a mother. And I met Diana. I pretended to have quite a modest income, just to see. We went around and finally went to my place and had a really close relationship. Ive never been in my life with a prostitute and I felt how it could feel like. This is weird, I think its instinct. I must be one of the "lucky" guys ... I must also say it worth the trip to Sevastopol, a devil in bed "scratch in me till my bones are bare" .. (Al Jarreau). ;-) Ive sent her money, paid her the trip to come to Paris for a visit, she didnt come, having different lousy reasons. Ive sent her money but you know, its only money ... People who has been caught like me must take it as a good lesson, salutary lesson. Come on guys ! Be fair-play ! These girls are just really so poor, and well, they are a bit stupid, but less than us, since they have caught us ! . If she had came, she would have had a really wonderful life over here, instead of getting xxxxx around. Thats her destiny. When I was younger, I would have "fought" but now, Im getting wise like an old cat and prefer to laugh about myself. She pretends to be a nurse but she isnt. She pretends to be actually working in Moscow to pass her international degree in nursing but its just nonsense. I had this picture on November 08th 2001. I know she is not a nurse. My mother is retired now but she was a nurse in emergency dept in hospital for 20 years and her guy is a retired legal surgeon. So I could figure out quite fast ... I am not angry at all against her. I "lost" about 5000 dollars in this story but finally, I find it funny. Its a little slam on my "ugly" nose and a good lesson. This is why I have taken away the name on her passport as well as its number and issue date. I just cant do this to her even thought she has crooked me. The worse is that I still dont know she could have been a little bit "honest", but trapped. Take care. For the ones who want to get in touch : mailto:medvedski@noos.frBye

womenrussiadotcom/blackpage25.htm#Dana1There is picture of "Dana / Maria - Stella Maris Agency (Sevastopol, Ukraine)" (see page) Just noticed on Adultsingles.com that Dana Sevastopol, D238962 has posted her profile under another alias, Maria, D393403 person. Maria Sevastopol. She is one and the same, and quite good at her game. Who knows what her age and real name is, and works out of Stella Maris agency with no website. I doubt if she really exists. Beware. TK
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