Malika Buranova, (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) from Tashkent a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Malika Buranova, (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Malika Buranova, (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)`s photo russian dating scammer Malika Buranova, (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)`s photo
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Malika Buranova, (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
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Malika Buranova, (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)Im a 39-year-old divorced man. I replied to Malikas ad at Absolute Agency - Ad # A1306260. We corresponded for approximately one month. She wrote her letters quite sincerely and followed my letters quite accurately. I asked for her address and phone number on my second letter, but only gave her phone number +(998-712) 676488. When I tried calling her, Id always get a ring with no answer or the line would be busy. I asked about it the next letter and she responded that there was some trouble with her line. I tried calling the following week, but the same story - just rings with no answer or busy signals. Actually I started my suspicion when she didnt give me her address in the beginning. But I continued on because she followed my letters quite accurately. Well red flags started emerging when she mentioned that she used to work for an Internet caf? and printed out translation works. The other is she could not afford expensive Interne costs. She said if we want to continue writing, it would be best to help her with internet expenses because it was expensive for her. (She did not seem to have any trouble writing to me quickly.) Only because I was so curious of how far she would go with her responses, I admitted to her that I would help her out financially. To my surprise, she seemed quite excited in her next letter and this time gave her full name and complete address as Western Union would need the information! And finally the icing on the cake, she wanted $300 to help her pay for Internet services - imagine that. On my next letter, I asked her if $300 was enough for her and that I was willing to give her more if she needed it. She said $300 would be sufficient for one month! Well I played along with her game. I told her that I finally transferred the money at Western Union and for her to go ahead and pick it up. She did and never got the money. She emailed back saying there was no money at the Western Union office and was quite upset. I said that I made a mistake and I mistakenly transposed the Western Union reference number and told her to go ahead and try to pick-up the money again. She emailed back and said she went to Western Office again and the same thing happened. There were no funds and this time wrote a nasty letter and said she felt stupid for going to the Western Union office again. She suspected I was dishonest by not sending the money and asked if there was anything wrong. Well I did. I wrote her back and said I purposely did it to get back at her for wasting my time corresponding with her. End of story. Zo/USA LETTER 1 LETTER 2 LETTER 3 LETTER 4 LETTER 5 LETTER 6 LETTER 7 LETTER 8
Hello Zo! Yesterday was Sunday and I received your letter with right number of your transfer. But western Union doesnt work at weekends. So I had to wait until today Monday, I had to leave my work for some time in the morning to go to the western union office to see if there is a transfer from you. I was upset again as there was no any transfer from you. They could not find any amount of money on my name or your name even with this number. So they asked me to check it carefully from you that for next time. The number you gave me was 3589039517, is it correct? You know Zo if you didnt send any money to me but you didnt want to show yourself in bad way to me, just tell me the truth. Its not comfortable for me either to come to the western union office and take their and my time also for vain. I felt like a stupid little girl coming over and over to receive money with wrong number:) I dont know what to think now because again you said that you transfer this amount of money on my name, and for first time it was a little bit wrong number, and today again the same thing happened. It seems like you didnt send me any transfer but also you didnt want to offend me with your refuse. Am I right? I thought that after receiving this money I can keep communication with you freely, that we could develop better relationship together so before we meet we could become really close. All I need is the family happiness with honest, sincere, loving and kind man. Tell me the truth, if there is something wrong. Sincerely Malika

Dear Zo! Thank you for your reply to my ad. It was nice to get to know with you by the net. You have got really nice and interesting name, I like it very much. Well, let me start with introducing myself to you. You may already know that I am 20 years old, a young Eastern lady. I live in Tashkent capital city of Uzbekistan not Russia. Ive put Russia in my profile because there was no name of my country in the list, so I indicated the country which is the closest one to mine. So if you wanted to get to know with Russian Girls from only Russia, then I am sorry for disappointing you, if you are still interested in getting to know me, then lets go further. I speak English, Russian and my native Uzbek languages fluently. I am an English teacher for children; I love children and enjoy working with them. I am honest, tender, kind, cheerful and sociable person. I love nature; sometimes I like to go to the picnics, or mountains when I have free time. I like to swim and play tennis, although I am not a good player yet:( In my free time I like to go to the theatres, museums, operas and some plays. But my work keeps me quite busy and I spend a lot of time on my work. Anyway I like to enjoy the life as it is. I cant bear a lie, betrayal and treachery. I dont like any kind of cruelness, maybe because I am too feminine and tender inside of my heart. I love flowers, especially roses and ox-eye daisy. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation. What is really important for me in a man is his personality at first; his kind heart and romantic soul can attract me a lot. The age or nationality difference is not a problem for me at all. I am interested in whats inside of his heart, whats on his mind. I just need someone who will be my best friend and faithful partner I will devote my life and love to. I am looking for intelligent, very smart, open and strong minded person who has a kind heart, a loving and romantic soul, and good sense of humor, who is able to protect and support hisbeloved woman and be a faithful partner for her. I want to build strong and loving family. The mutual respect, honesty, understanding and strong love are really important for family happiness, I think. Well, if you are that man who I am looking for, and you are ready to be loved and love passionately your future life partner, and etc, then lets give it a try, and maybe we will both find that magic love and happiness we are looking for now. Dear Zo you seem to be an intelligent and interesting person from your letter so plz tell me more about yourself, your life, your hobbies, interests, expectations, desires. Id like to know more of you. It is really important for me to have an idea of the person I am going to correspond with and build the relationship, so I would like you to send me your photo with your next letter, I will appreciate that very much. Let me wish you a lot of happiness and great healthiness. Look forward to hear from you soon. Sincerely Malika

Dear Zo! What you wrote in letter made me attracted to you as you are an intelligent and very interesting person. You are right that we can write many beautiful letters to each other but if we want to know one another really closer we better meet in person, of course if we decide that we are very interested in each other and really wish to meet in person. I should say that you impressed me being so brave to start your search in other part of the world and willing to come for your love if it is in other country. In your letter you described your favorite season. From your words I can get a sense of what you meant, the way you are in your heart and soul. I feel you love the life, and this is a hint was hidden in your words of describing the summer and spring. By the way I love the summer too. Its my favorite season, although I was born in spring time. I have heard about US a lot, but unfortunately I have never been there yet, but Id love to. Although this country seemed for me to be so far, that I have never thought or planned to find someone from there. You have seen so many countries, I think that you have a rich soul inside that experienced new things, learnt so much about other cultures etc. I think that we share so much in common, first of all is that we are both serious regarding our search, and we both want the same- to find our right partners and soul mates and create family, right? Thank you for sending me your wonderful photo. I liked it, you are handsome man. I hope that your inner beauty will be same good as your outer one. But your inner personality is more interesting for me. Id like to know you better. I have told my family and even shown your pictures to them too, and they liked you as I did. Well, as to my family, I have only my beloved mother and sweet younger sister, unfortunately my father died many years ago. I am really close to my family, because this is all Ive got now. Maybe my family is too small but the relationship between members of my family is really friendly and loving. I try to spend my free time (when Ive got some) with my mom and sister, there are really warm and loving feelings and relationship for each other in my family. My mom was also a teacher but different subject, and her students were more older than mine :) I teach only little children. I mentioned you before in my previous letter that I work as teacher of English for little children. That is really great job I do enjoy very much. It makes me happy to working and communicate with children, because I love and adore children very much, I think that they are the most pure and honest people (yet little one:)) in the world, and it is so easy to communicate with them, because you dont have to tell lie or do something like a betrayal, if you behave yourself like you are indeed and not pretend, and youll gain their love for sure. I like my city Tashkent, I was born and grew up here. Especially I like summer time here, I enjoy swimming very much and the summer is the best time to have fun in the water and with sun shine I love the nature very much, and from time to time I used to go to the mountains with my friends, there are so beautiful and wonderful nature on the mountains, and when you go to the lake which is very clean and deep, the life seems to be wonderful and happy. Unfortunately I dont have much time (who has free time now?) for my hobbies or some outdoors activities, but I spend much time for my work, my family, and also for learning foreign languages, I have some basic knowledge of German, it is a pity that I dont have an opportunity to practice my German, otherwise I would know that language as good as I know English now. My sister is specifying on French, she could not make me involved in that too, because I was never interested in French, although this is love language as people say. Maybe later I will have some inspiring challenge and will start learn French too:). Unfortunately I havent got my own computer at home with internet access, so I have to go to the internet cafe and there I can use the internet to write you my letter and to communicate with you. Actually I used to work in the internet cafes to type and print out translation works (documents etc) but I have never used the internet before. I was very interested in the internet but I didnt have many reasons to use it. One of my friends has found her soul mate through the net and soon she is going to marry to her boyfriend from another part of the world. So I decided to give it a try too. I am very glad that it helped me to meet you, maybe we can find a lot of things in common and maybe, who knows, that happiness and joy for whole life we will enjoy together. Of course first of all we have to become good friends, and develop our friendship into deeper and stronger feeling (if we are fit together). I think that best friends will understand each other and support each other on hard days of their life. It is really important for both partners to be best friend in their relationship. Dont you think so? I do respect the honesty and open communication in the relationship. Mutual respect and understanding are really important in happy relationship. The most important for me in my partner is his kind and caring heart for me, his tender attention to me, his generous and giving personality, I dislike greedy or avid people, because myself I am not stingy or greedy at all. Other things are not really important for me, I am interested only whats inside his heart and soul. His personality or his character are only important for me in our relationship. And the last thing I do too much attention to is his attitude for me, what way he treat me and his respect for me. This is all I require from my partner. You know, I think that our life is dependent on us only, on our efforts we make to be happy, also the happiness is also dependent on us too. So lets try to be happy, maybe we are both that persons, which should be together forever and were meant to be together by the destiny. Who knows maybe we will find that endless love and deep romantic feelings together. I am very optimistic person, and of course I am full of energy to go on, and full of hopes and dreams to find my love for whole my life. Just lets try:) Many warm hugs and hot kisses, Malika. P.S. It will be nice to talk to you on the phone. My phone number at home is : +(998-712)676488 I am not sure about time difference, but you can call me after 8.00 p.m. of my local time.

My dear Zo! Of course I appreciate you being honest and open with me thats really important for me because I cant stand any lie, and its hard for me to forgive the person who lied to me once. I dont care what happened in the past in your life, because everything was before you met me right? But I am so happy to know that youve got daughters, thats wonderful, because you know wonderful feeling of being father right? And I am glad for you, your daughters love you very much as you said that means you are good father and I see that youve got much love for your children. I could see that you are also proud of your daughters, because they do well at school. They must be wonderful kids, I am sure. Its pity that they have their parents separate, I mean divorced, but past is the past and nothing can be changed. You are human being so you also need a family happiness with someone who you love and care and she gives you the same. Well, honestly I didnt expect youve got already children, but now I am glad that youve got them. I feel that you are very caring person and youve got so much love inside to give. I think that woman who you choose will be the luckiest one in the world. By the way what your daughters think about your personal life and finding another woman, I mean soul mate? I think that as you daughters love you very much they want you to be happy again, am I right? You know Zo I want to accept you not for what you did in your past, but for what you are now and what you are doing now. Its really important for me is whats inside of your heart for me and the way you treat me and express your feelings, I mean all this in case we are in love with each other. Sorry for phone line, we had some troubles with telephone station, something was broken there so my phone didnt work at all, I even could not call some one here either. But now its OK, so if you will be so kind to try again then we can talk on the phone. Yes the number is right, can you try again? I will be very glad to talk to you. I am very interested in developing relationship with you. I think we can get on well together and be a beautiful couple, dont you think so? Well, anyway we have to make a lot steps before we come to this stage - being a couple. Zo again I appreciate for being honest with me. Thank you for telling me about yourself and the important thing in your life isthat you have kinds. As I said before thats wonderful. I look forward to your call or letter from you. Kisses and hugs for you dear. Malika

My dear Zo! I was so glad to receive your letter again! Well it seems like your daughters are jealous. Thats essential, because they are girls. I think that they are afraid that you can forget about them and you will give all your love to that new woman youll have in your life soon. Of course later they will grow up and will understand you and also the fact that you are also a human being and want to be happy also. You must be really loving and wonderful father that your daughters are afraid to lose you! Thats good because they love you. I am also glad to read your words that you are thinking about coming here to meet in person, that will be great. I will take vacation that I can spend time with you while you are here. But spring or summer is so far yet. Of course I will be happy to meet you in person, but I think that is really long time for me to wait until spring or summer, because I am afraid that I cannot keep in touch with you through the net so long time. I am just a simple teacher, and the salary is not well paid. After I have my degree at the university I am going to change my profession to more profitable one. Unfortunately when I started my search on the net I have not thought about other details but I was thinking only about finding my right man for the future. Unfortunately the net is really expensive here, so I am afraid that I cant afford myself so much expenses for the net. Well I hope that we can work out other ways to keep in touch if you really want to meet me in person next year. By the way its really strange for me that you cannot get through the line, because at the evening I ask everyone in the house not to use the phone, and so there should not be a busy signal. I think the matter is with international line. Its always hard to get through the line especially from so far. Can you try again tomorrow about 7.00 p.m. of my local time. I will be waiting for your call if itscomfortable for you. Until then Smooches. Malika

My dear Zo! I also have become attached to you very much. You touched me deeply inside, and I also want to keep in touch with you on the internet because its fast way first of all, and I want to keep contact and learning each other until we meet in person. I pray God that we will definitely have an opportunity to meet hopefully next year in spring or summer. I am so happy that I have met you in the net, but unfortunately when I started my search on the net I was thinking only about finding right man for my future, and I have not thought about other details. Well I didnt expect internet would cost so expensive. That friend of mine which was so lucky to find her future husband, and now she is preparing her documents to go to his country (by the way he is from USA) and to get married with him. She made an advice to me to try the net too. I am quite new with internet. If I would have my own computer at home with internet access the net would cost me much cheaper and I would never ask you to help me with internet costs. The internet is kinda luxury yet in my country and people in the internet cafes are trying to make money on users. If you really want to continue our relationship on the net until we meet in person in reality, then can you help me with internet expenses? I have seen western union office in the center of Tashkent recently, I have heard so much on TV that is really fast and comfortable service for money transfer, also I have heard Western Union offices are all over the world. Is it true? I called to that office and they told me that if someone want to send me money then that sender should know my full name and address, and a receiver should know full name of sender and his address too. And the main is reference number. Actually I dont know how it works at all. But if thats not difficult for you to send some money that I can pay for our internet communication, my personal information is following: Uzbekistan, 700170 Tashkent, Abdullaev str., building -71, apartment - 152 Malika Buranova. Zo if that makes you some troubles or you are not willing to help me then you dont have to this. I will understand. Although I have not heard your voice yet or met you in person either, I really like your personality and I look forward to meet you in person in near future, and I hope that we can develop our relationship into really serious deep and strong feeling of love lasting forever. Also we both like spring and summer, so anyway we will have a lot in common and to do together and have fun together. I feel that youve got so much love inside to give to your right lady, and my main wish is to make happy my future life partner and love him with all my heart and be happy with him also. Idont know why but Ive been thinking of you quite often. You know the weather got very cold here and we had a really nice surprise from weather yesterday - it was snowing all day long. And today its still very cold too. And some thoughts came to my mind that if you were with me, it would be so nice and wonderful to sit together in front of fireplace and wed feel warm and we would spend such a wonderful evening together talking about different things. Hope to hear from you soon. Kisses and smooches, Malika

My darling Zo! Although Ive got a small message from you, anyway I was glad to hear from you. I am always happy when I receive a letter from you. I dont want to make difficulties for you with that problems of internet expenses, but if its not difficult for you Id like you to send me 300$. But anyway you can send me as much (or less) as you want and as its comfortable for you dear! Please let me know when you make transfer, if not anyway just let me know. I dont want to make troubles to you sweetie. But anyway I still am attached to you because youve become so special and important person to me in my life. Ive been talking about you so often to my family, that my mom and sister asked me to give their regards and best wishes to you as they already know you and look forward to meet you too. From myself, I send you many tender kisses and hugs. Fondly, Malika

Hi my darling Zo! Thank you darling for sending me money. I checked my mailbox today and got your email and I was in the office of Western Union today in the morning, but I didnt receive any transfer. They could not find that funds you sent by the number which you gave me in your email letter. Even they could not find anything by your name either mine+Pity, but I didnt receive anything either. Could you be so kind to check the reference number again for me? You wrote this number : 3580939517 Is it correct darling? They told me in the bank that there should be a mistake in the number as they could not find any transfer made under this number. Can you confirm the number again for me please? I will appreciate that very much. I missed your letters very much, today I was happy to receive your letter and I thought that I could tell you good news when I would get the transfer. I was planning to write you today also as I was worried about you because youve not written me for long time. I was worried if you were ok my darling. Darling Zo I cant wait to meet you in person. I wish we could meet very soon. I didnt understand the meaning of your words - I cannot wait for next year because I will be traveling again. So when are you going to travel? Its pity that English language is not my mother tongue, as sometimes its hard to catch right meaning of the words which are translated in different way into my language. But anyway I will be happy, no, more than happy to meet you, see you, hold you and kiss you:) as soon as possible, and anytime you can come to me my darling. I hope that you will not disappear again for long time, as I am so worried about you when I dont hear from you at all. Look forward to receive a letter from you soon. Kisses and smooches. Malika
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The same thing happen to me! I called her a couple of times, she is a scammer big time!

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