Nastya (Yoskar-Ola, Mari-el, Russia) from Yoshkar-Ola a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nastya (Yoskar-Ola, Mari-el, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nastya (Yoskar-Ola, Mari-el, Russia)
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Nastya (Yoskar-Ola, Mari-el, Russia)Beware of this new one, in Yoskar-Ola Im a white male, small business owner, American, 35 y/o, average looking. I received in early November an out-of-the-blue letter from an ad I place on back in July. Started innocently enough, and the few pictures were demure but attractive. Because of her, I found this site - I was searching for information about Yoshkar - Ola. Read Elenas information and scanned the Blacklist, but proceeded with her because she was not on it. Within 3 emails, she started talking about being in love with me - all the usual signs (as I can gather from this list), not responding to direct questions, vague about family and friends, living arrangements and daily life. Broke pattern by occasionally responding in beginning or end of letter directly to some things I was talking about. Emailed daily from Internet Cafe. Claims to be 23y/o, a student, studying psychology (but declined to discuss the subject in depth, despite my openings on the topic). Most of the letters were merely repackaged versions of the letter below. Often uses computer translation (which I cant fault, since I use it for Russian myself!) but there is a definite variance between her using her own English, and when she runs it through the translator. Email address used: . Name used: Nastya, no last name given. No address or telephone number offered, despite repeated requests. Also mentioned growing up with family in Kosmendiansk (sp?) a city near Yoshkar-Ola...but when I visited the Kosmendiansk website (they have some rafting tourism, evidently) and saw some beautiful architecture (my personal passion) she did not know these buildings at all (one was the town hall, the other a theater). Did NOT ask for money yet - probably because I wrote in Russian, have friends there, and know enough about the drill that she couldnt find my weak spot - Elenas excellent advice about how to phrase letters to questionable ladies probably headed her off at the pass...but I would caution gentlemen to be aware of this young lady, and treat her with caution if she approaches you! I almost didnt write about her (because I didnt drag it out long enough to wait for her to drop the money request), but I fear that someone less careful than myself might get scammed by her. Because I have had tremendous success with Elenas service, and now am in correspondence with several ladies I know are REAL, I simply dropped this one a nice Sorry, I found a wonderful lady letter, to save myself the time and energy of writing more, since I know the shoe would drop there sooner or later! Surprisingly, she did reply with a short Thanks for letting me know. I already spend hours each day declining REAL ladies who honestly write me, politely replying that I am already engaged in correspondence (I have already received over 300 letters in less than 3 weeks, and had to ask Elena to suspend me from her listing!). Why waste time on a dishonest and ungenuine girl? Gentlemen, Elenas service is definitely successful beyond my WILDEST imaginations, and this blacklist and her other information is invaluable! Below is Nastyas 3rd letter to me - I didnt save the first one, nor any pictures, unfortunately. If anyone needs more info on this lady, my email is below. Regards to everyone, Donald Berger

Hello my beloved Don How are you? I cant wait a day of your trip to Russia. When I receive your letter, in my heart goes a light, in my soul a heat, in my thoughts the most good and pleasing dreams. My feelings are overfill with each your letter more and more. I want to fly for happiness skyward so high and I am ready to fly to you on wings love, to say you several words, which mean only all the most clean and sincere sense, this words small but their value largest on the Land, these words sound only from the heart and soul, these words I FALL IN LOVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready presently to go to you Through the whole planet to say these words and stay with you forever, feel touch of your mild hands, feel touch of your gentile lips and sink in this ocean a love and sea flowers. If person has a love, signifies he having live, signifies he lives in the world, signifies in this world be a person, which also has these sincere feelings, signifies these people will live for each other and have an ocean a love together. I always want to go sooner in internet cafe to get your sweet letter, to get one more part a love, which much needed me. I very serious with you. I never break your heart, hope you too never break my heart. I sincerely want be with you. Hope day our meet will very soon. The most gentile kisses only for you, hope soon to see you. thoughts face to face. Sincerely Your Nastya
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