Julia Alipatova from Novodvinsk, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Julia Alipatova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Julia Alipatova`s photo russian dating scammer Julia Alipatova`s photo
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Julia Alipatova
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Novodvinsk, Russia
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Julia Alipatova (Novodvinsk, Russia) and Ludmila Domasneva of Archangel (Russia) Hello, I am 45 years old and live in the United States. This scam started after a chain of events. It started when I wrote a lady, Natalia Pantya, with her own email address. Weeks later I was contacted by her through and agency run by Maria Dorina in Chenovtsy, Ukraine. "Natalia" gave a lengthy explanation to justify why she was now a client in Maria Dorinas agency. The agency name was the International Dating/Marriage Agency. Natalia Pantya (or Maria Dorina herself) kept asking for more information and photos in every letter after I had previously sent plenty. I suspected a profile was being built on me. When I aknowledged being suspicious Natalia had "picked" someone else and more profiles were sent by Maria Dorina in two sets. I dropped contact when I saw two different names and photos had the same profile. Later someone else who had been writing to one of Maria Dorinas ladies supplied me with copies of letters sent to him. One of them was almost identical to one "written" to me by Natalia Pantya - his of course was written by someone else. Weeks later I was contacted by a now known new scammer - Julia Alipatrova from Novodvinsk, RU. I suspected a scammer and she was posted on your blacklist on 15 November. She contacted me through information I previously released to Maria Dorina and the International Marriage Agency. Julia mentioned this is where she obtained my information. Julia also asked for photos and I wondered who was behind the scam. I responded in a innocent manner to gather information. Soon there was a request for money and after I responded again the scammer supplied her identity with an array of payment options. It was the well known scammer Ludmila Domashneva complete with addresses and multinational bank accounts. Email address: office2001@bk.ruLetter 1 Letter 2 (after my response) Letter 3 (this is my response) Letter 4 Letter 5 (after no response from me) End of Letters to Date, two photos attached.

Dear Jim, how do you do? Let me introduce myself. My name is Julia. Perhaps you will be surprised when you receive my letter. Ive known about you from the International marriage agency in our town. I want to meet a man from other country for friendship and may be for marriage in future. I think its time to start telling the story about myself. My birthday is on November 30. I am 24 y.o. I live in city Novodvinsk. I know English language and German a little. Im attractive young lady with fair hair and green eyes. Im single, without children. My height is 169 cm, weight is 50 kg. I graduated from State Medical University and now I am working as a doctor in childrens hospital. I love my profession very much, and I want to continue my career abroad. Im an intelligent Russian woman. As to my character people consider me to be kind and caring, understanding and balanced.. I am a very romantic and sensual person, extremely feminine and tender, a bit of shy too.. I have a great sense of humor and love to have fun..I love life and adventures, enjoy energy level in people.. I like reading, step-aerobics, can do sewing and embroidering, everything that is new is the field for me to explore. I also adore nature, sun and beach lover, interested in fashion, good dressing and flowers etc. I also like music, quiet days at home, a pleasant conversation....Most of all, I love traveling and discovering new horizons though have never been abroad yet.. At this stage of life, I am looking for a intelligent, generous person, full of life, for a possible future together...one who is caring, giving and affectionate, who has somehow old world values, so to say.....desires being loved and love faithfully....I value friendship and respect for each other very much, it is the real treasure of life: something that lasts, and something in which we invest the best part of ourselves. And this is very important. It seems simple words, but it is not in real life often. And yet I think the secret of happiness is there, having interests in common, sharing joy, sadness, feelings.. If you are interested in my person. Write me back to address: office2001@bk.ru (for Julia Alipatova). Ill call there and ask whether there is a letter for me. They will give your letter to me immediately. I hope to hear answer from you soon. And please send me some your photos. Julia

Welcome Jim Its a message from International Introduction service - Club Alina. Today we have received letter for you from Julia Alipatova (ID: 4599). We are forwarding her photo with this message. She does not have the access to Internet and uses the services of our agency. To continue correspondence with this lady, we offer take services of our Club: to correspond with she by Email. Some words about our Club. We present marriage - minded ladies from City Novodvinsk and all North Russia. Our ladies wish to get acquainted with the men - foreigners for friendship and it is possible for marriage. Within three months we worked free of charge. The girl could freely write to men. But since 1 November we have begun to offer paid service for ours clients. Here is how this service works. Letter / Email Forwarding service. Most women cannot afford to pay the email forwarding cost but if you want to pay them for her you may do. We will deliver a letter to your girl within 24 hours. We will print your letter and photo. Girl will take away a letter herself or we will deliver it to her home. The total cost to you is $5 for one letter with or without photo. We will translate a letter if required. If you decide that you would like to use this service now here is all you have to do. Send us some money to place in a account for you, the amount can be anything that you want, but we recommend a minimum of $50. In this case you will receive postal address, phone number of the lady also and your lady will correspond with you free of charge. If at any time you wish to close the account we will return your payment. Most men find that this is well worth the cost especially when you consider the time savings and the poor mail service that most of the Russian postal services have to offer. In 20 days we shall have site in Internet. Please, report us, if you agree to use our Letter / Email Forwarding service. In case you doubt, we shall send you the second letter from lady. As soon as you inform us, that you have made a payment, well receive an individual Email address for Julia and inform you about this. After that you can send another letter for Julia to her individual address. It will be more convenient and confidentially. Now she hasnt email address for the present as come to us recently. Well send Julias letter immediately. We personally communicated with Julia to be sure of the sincerity of her intentions. Please, excuse us that message about paid services was not sent to you earlier. It was the result of changes of rules of our work. As to Julia Alipatova (ID: 4599) - she is most attractive and educated girl in our agency. Have a nice day Club Alina

Dear Club Alina, Thank you for your information and taking the time to explain the practical situation of economics in your city and country. Although I am a little nervous about sending money right away Julia certainly is attractive and seems eager to know me. I have no idea how to send money or where to even send it. Thank you, Jim

Hello Jim We precisely know, that Julia Alipatova is really interested in correspondence with you. Probably it will be interesting to you: Julia has written the letters only to three men. She has received the answer only from two men, but we know, that she was more is interested in your letter. You can be sure, that Julia is very beautiful and good girl. Unfortunately in this moment ours site is in the development stage and you can not be visited. You can find out more in detail about the services of our agency and to look at all our ladies on our new site in about two weeks, we shall send you the invitation. Frequently our clients make a payment one time: after some letters man and girl agree about meeting or prefer to communicate on the phone or girl finds a place in our city, where it is possible to correspond per Email free of charge. After you made payment you will receive the postal address, phone number of the girl. Unfortunately while we not accept payments Visa or any other via Internet. Can be only in month. Method 1: You can make the payment using telegraphic transfer: If you will send money in USD (in USA dollars). The bank essential elements: Bank of New York, NY, USA SWIFT: IRVT US 3N Account #890-0086-009 of Moscow Industrial Bank In favour of North-West Regional Branch, Arkhangelsk, Russia SWIFT: MINNRUMM748 For further credit of Domashneva Ludmila Account #42301840200320000811 If you will send money in GBP (in English pounds). The bank essential elements: National Westminster Bank PLC, London, UK SWIFT: NWBK GB 2L Account #440/0/04462343 of Moscow Industrial Bank In favour of North-West Regional Branch, Arkhangelsk, Russia SWIFT: MINNRUMM748 For further credit of Domashneva Ludmila Account #42301840200320000811 If you will send money in EUR. The bank essential elements: Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Swift : DRES DE FF Account # 499/08 127 694 11 of Moscow Industrial Bank In favour of North - West Regional Branch, Arkhangelsk, Russia SWIFT : MINNRUMM748 For further credit of Domashneva Ludmila Account # 42301840200320000811 Method 2: We offer to send the small sums of money - we prefer cash in US dollars for one reason: we can receive money by the check only through 3 months here - in envelope(by Express mail: about 3 days or by Register mail: about 7 days). It will be better and more favourable, if you will send payment in an envelope with letter for Julia to address of our agency (you will receive Julias address and phone number also): 163061, Russia Arkhangelsk, P.O. Box 282 Ludmila Domashneva Method 3: Our agency accepts payments through the worldwide Western Union system. In order to send payment for the service, you have to go to the Western Union office nearest to your place, and send money on the name of the Chief manager of our agency. Name: Ludmila Domashneva. City of reception: Arkhangelsk. You should fill her name in the field of recipient, and you have to point the location you send money to. Fill everything in correctly, and dont forget to get the control number of your money transfer. Then send us the message with your full name, address (country), the amount of money youve transferred and the control number(3612512920-for example). Well forward Julias letter to you as soon as you inform us, that have made payment. Best Wishes Club Alina

Hello Jim We must inform you, that Julia Alipatova (ID: 4599) called today in our agency and was interested about continuation of correspondence with you and about you. We have assured her, that your correspondence will be soon continued, as soon as you will make payment. Best Wishes Club Alina
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